Never Jump into Conclusion with Half knowledge


Two Children got into a train with their father. They sat opposite to each other.  They were mischievous & grew restless. This disturbed their co-passengers who asked their father to control them. Father said in a sad voice, “I’m thinking what shall I tell them. Their mother, who was serious & admitted in the hospital passed away. 

I don’t know how shall I tell this to them. How are their innocent hearts going to take it?” By hearing this everyone started looking at the children through the eyes of sympathy. Their attitude towards them had changed.

There are situations in our life where we see only one side of the matter & jump into wrong conclusions. It’s said “Half knowledge is dangerous”, so it is always better to have complete knowledge.  By knowing the whole situation we will be able to a take a good decision. We can wait for a while and try to understand the complete situation & make better decisions instead of making decisions before knowing everything & then regretting on it.

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