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Great Works are performed not by strength, But by Perseverance 


 Victor Villasenor Born in the barrio of Carlsbad, California in 1940, Victor Villaseñor was raised on a ranch four miles north in Oceanside. Victor Villasenor remained illiterate until adulthood because of dyslexia. Then a woman in his native country of Mexico taught him to read. Ironically, Victor decided he wanted to become a great writer and asked god to help him fulfill his dream.

For ten years, Victor worked hard at manual labor, digging ditches and cleaning houses. As he worked, he thought of interesting characters and plots. At night, he read voraciously – devouring more than five thousand books, memorizing favorite opening lines, and analyzing literary styles. Then he started writing: nine novels, sixty –five short stories, and ten plays. He sent them all to publishers – and all were rejected. One publisher sent a two – word response: “You’re kidding.”

Instead of being discouraged. Victor was happy that the publisher had read his work! In 1972, after 260 rejections. Victor sold his first novel, Macho. He then published a nonfiction book and an award – winning screenplay. He is best known for his saga about his own family, Rain of Gold, which took twelve years to write.

Be encouraged to dream big! You can turn those dreams into reality!’

Perseverance Is A Great Element Of Success. If You Only Knock Long Enough And Loud Enough At The Gate, You Are Sure To Wake Up Somebody.