Prexam Guide

The unique feature that distinguishes PREXAM from other similar websites is that PREXAM is not based on fixed tests. PREXAM has a huge database of questions from where students can study. Student can decide the test criteria like subject, chapter, marks and difficulty level and the web-based software will randomly select questions based on given criteria and present a test to the students. In this if a student selects same criteria he/she might still get a different question paper everytime. Practicing more and more tests helps students gain line by line command over the topic. Further we have "Error corrction Test" which helps students to re-appear the questions they incorrectly answered in previous papers. All this helps students attain perfection.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you believe in PREXAM's way of helping students prepare for their exams, you can be a PREXAM guide.

Role of PREXAM Guides
1) Brand promotion for PREXAM amongst students.
2) Help new student groups to know and understand about PREXAM, its usage and benifits.
3) Use social media to promote prexam activites.
If you wish to join the team, fill up a short application and our representative will contact you shortly.