TYBCom Syllabus

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Syllabus for TYBCom Financial Accounting

Buy Back of Shares-SEM V
Amalgamation of Companies-SEM VI
Internal Reconstruction-SEM V
Company Final Account-SEM V
Personal Investment Accounting-SEM V
Foreign Currency Transaction-SEM VI

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Syllabus for TYBCom Economics

Commercial Banking ( Not in MU)
Central Banking (Not in MU)
Public Revenue (sem V)
Public Expenditure and Public Debt (Sem V)
Financial Markets (Sem V)
Public Finance (Sem V)
International Trade (Sem VI)
Foreign Exchange Market (Sem VI)
Balance of Payments and WTO (Sem VI)
Exchange Rate Management (Sem VI)

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Syllabus for TYBCom Direct Tax

Basic Concept (Sem V)
Residential Status (Sem V)
Scope of Income (Sem V)
Income from Salary (Sem V)
Income from House Property (Sem V)
Income from Business Profession (Sem V)
Income from Capital Gains (Sem V)
Income from Other Sources (Sem V)
Total Income (Sem V)

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Syllabus for TYBCom MHRM

Introduction to Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Marketing Mix
Recent Trends in Marketing
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Development
Human Relations
Current issues in HRM

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Syllabus for TYBCom Cost Accounting

Labour costing
Material costing
Overheads Costing
Cost sheet
Contract Costing
Cost Control Accounts
Process Costing
Marginal Costing
Standard Costing

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Syllabus for TYBCom Computers

Data Communication and Networking

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