TYBCom Syllabus

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  • Introduction to Audit

  • Planning Procedures and Documentation

  • Audit Techniques and Internal Audit

  • Vouching of Income and Expenditure

  • Verification of Assets and Liabilities

  • Introduction to Company Audit

Financial Accounting 

  • Share-Issue and Forfeiture

  • Issue of Debentures

  • Redemption of Preference Shares

  • Redemption of Debenture and Own Debentures

  • Buy Back of Shares-SEM V

  • Amalgamation of Companies-SEM VI

  • Internal Reconstruction-SEM V

  • Profit Prior to Incorporation

  • Company Final Account-SEM V

  • Personal Investment Accounting-SEM V

  • Foreign Currency Transaction-SEM VI

  • Final Account of Co-operative Housing Society

  • Valuation of Goodwill and Shares

  • Introduction to IFRS

Management Accounting 

  • Analysis & Interpretation Of A/C'S

  • Comparative, Trend and Common Size

  • Ratio

  • Capital Budgeting

  • Working Capital

  • Cash Flow

  • Concepts in MIS in Computer Environment


  • Commercial Banking ( Not in MU)

  • Central Banking (Not in MU)

  • Public Revenue (sem V)

  • Public Expenditure and Public Debt (Sem V)

  • Financial Markets (Sem V)

  • Public Finance (Sem V)

  • International Trade (Sem VI)

  • Foreign Exchange Market (Sem VI)

  • Balance of Payments and WTO (Sem VI)

  • Exchange Rate Management (Sem VI)

Direct Tax 

  • Basic Concept (Sem V)

  • Residential Status (Sem V)

  • Scope of Income (Sem V)

  • Income from Salary (Sem V)

  • Income from House Property (Sem V)

  • Income from Business Profession (Sem V)

  • Income from Capital Gains (Sem V)

  • Income from Other Sources (Sem V)

  • Total Income (Sem V)


  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Consumer Behaviour

  • Marketing Mix

  • Recent Trends in Marketing

  • Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Development

  • Human Relations

  • Current issues in HRM

Indirect Tax 

  • Service Tax

  • MVAT

Cost Accounting 

  • Labour costing

  • Material costing

  • Overheads Costing

  • Cost sheet

  • Contract Costing

  • Cost Control Accounts

  • Process Costing

  • Marginal Costing

  • Standard Costing

  • Reconciliation


  • Data Communication and Networking

  • Networking