Practice Test

Q1) As per the Economic Survey 2006-07, India's share in World Export has been Show Answer

Q2) How much amount approximately the Government of India is planning to provide for mid day meal scheme? (As per Budget 2007-08) Show Answer

Q3) As per the figures given in the newspapers what is the approximate investment in various 'special Economic zones' till date in India? Show Answer

Q4) who amongest the following is the author of the famous classical book " A Passage to India"? Show Answer

Q5) The Government of India has bought RBI's entire stake Bank Of India is about Rs. 35531 crores. What is the share of the RBI in Total stake of the State Bank? About Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following countries has decided to offer kinghthood to Salman Rushdie? Show Answer

Q7) As per Union Budget 2007-08 how much amount the Government of India has provide for Women Specific Schemes/ programmes for 2007-08?( Approximately) Show Answer

Q8) Prices of iron ore in Global Market registered a substantial rise in last few months (24%). This is attributed to the huge demand of the same in Global Market. which of the following is a major importer of the iron ore? Show Answer

Q9) Which of the following rates is not decided by the Reserve Bank of India? Show Answer

Q10) Who amongst the following actors won the award for the best Actor in 8th "International Indian Film Academy Awards ceremony held recently? Show Answer

Q11) THe Union Minister Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar recently called a Delegation from Thailand to visit Agartala. Guwahati and few other places in North-East to explore the possibilities of thai investment there. why was Mr. Mani Shankar involved in a meeting like this? Show Answer

Q12) Prime Minister of India recently unveiled an agricultural package during his visit to 53rd Meeting of the National Development Council. What is size of the package? Show Answer

Q13) Rafael Nadal won the French Open Men's single title 2007 after defeating whom amongst the following? Show Answer

Q14) Mr. Sharad Pawar while talking to a Group of Minister (GOM) recently mentioned that "The Union and State Governments are preparing plans for the revival of sick mills". He also mentioned that, "there is not a single mill which has not lost some money in last few years." Mr. Sharad Pawar was talking about the revival of which of the following mills? Show Answer

Q15) Which of The following States achieved 100% financial inclusion? (Each and every family in the State has atleast one bank account). Show Answer

Q16) Who amongst the following has taken over as the 18th Law Commission set-up recently? Show Answer

Q17) India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew at Which of the following rates during the year 2005-06? (results were published in January 2007) Show Answer

Q18) Who amongst the following was honoured with the J awaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding given away recently? Show Answer

Q19) Japan PM Shinzo Abe came to office last year with huge support in his favour. But since last few months he is facing problems in his political survival. Which of the following action taken by him does \ do not Japan? (Pick up the correct statements.)
(A) Decision to postpone parliamentary elections,
(B) Failing to control inflation which has gone to the level of 12% unusual phenomenon in the history of Japan
(C) Decision to allow USA to make an Army Base in Some of its islands where US will have its nuclear war-heads. Show Answer

Q20) Madhesi National Liberation Front (MNLF) is an organization active in which of the following counries? Show Answer

Q21) As per the Economic Survey 2006-07 the foodgrain production may not touch the fixed for the year, what is the target of the same set for the period? Show Answer

Q22) Who amongst the following cricketers become the ninth Indian to claim 150 or more wickets? Show Answer

Q23) Which of the following Private sector banks brought its equity share (follow on public issue) for which the price was set as Rs. 940 per equity? Show Answer

Q24) "Rajapaksha threatens to dissolve Lanka Parliament" was the news in leading newspapers a few days back. Which of the following was the reason owing to which president Rajapaksha threatens to take such a srastic step?
(Pick up the correct statements.)
(A) A number of MP's from Sri Lanka Freedom Party are defecting to join another party launched by another group of politicians.
(B) A group of politicians under the leadership of former President Chandrika Kumartunga is demanding the postponement of elections for the post of President due in the month of November 2007 so that Chandrika can come back from exile and contest of the same.
(C) Rajapaksha wants general public and also MP's to support his formula on peace with LTTE which is not acceptable to most of the MP's. Show Answer

Q25) Who amongst the following returned to earth after a long 195 days in space? Show Answer

Q26) "European leaders agree on treaty " was the news in leading news papers in recent past. Which of the following was the treaty on which leaders were of diverse views?
(Pick up the correct statements.)
(A) The treaty was to make EURO Money a universal currency for all financial / monetary transactions done by all the member countries with effect from April 2009.

(B) Treaty was to replace the defunct constitution of the European Union by a new one.

(C) Poland, one of the newest members of the union was threatining to use its veto power if any change is done in the present set-up of the organization. Show Answer

Q27) 'Dausa ' which has been in news recently is a town in Show Answer

Q28) Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Shame' Published recently? Show Answer

Q29) As per the reports published by the ' Organization for Economic Cooperation and Develoment (OECD)' which of the following BRIC countries has generated maximum new jobs in the past few years? Show Answer

Q30) Mr. Digamber V. Kamat has taken over as which of the following a few Months back? Show Answer

Q31) Who amongst the following Indians was recently awarded King Charls II Medal by the U.K ? Show Answer

Q32) Miss Riyo Mori who was crowned as Miss Universe 2007 belongs to which of the following countries? Show Answer

Q33) Which of the following countries has decided to build a road to the base camp of Mt. Everest? Show Answer

Q34) 'Bharti Airtel', the largest mobile company, of India recently joined the elite club of companies earning profits of more then US $ 1 billion. what has been the net profit of the company in the year 2006-07? About- Show Answer

Q35) 'SEBI' bans some companies for their role 'F & O Scam', was the news in some major newspapers. what is the full form off & O? Show Answer

Q36) Which of the following African countries recently launched its communication satellite for the first time? (the satellite was launched from China.) Show Answer

Q37) The president of Brazil was recently on a visit to India where he is signed several trade agreements. Which of the following has been the major area of trade relations between the two countries? Show Answer

Q38) The World Islamic Economic Forum was held recently in- Show Answer

Q39) In a important meeting of the National Development Council held in New Delhi the Prime Minister of India made special mention of a particular sector of Indian economy which in his opinion was suffering from a " Technological Fatigue for lack of breakthrough in production. "He was talking of which of the following sectors? Show Answer

Q40) Which of the following was the major issue of discussion in the G-8 Summit held recently in Germany? Show Answer