Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following is/are the highlights of the Union Budget 2009-10 ? The Finance Minister promised
[A] to bring fiscal deficit under control,institutional reforms will be initiated during the year.
[B] banks and insurance companies will remain in public sector and government will provide full support to these institutions to remain competitive by capital infusion,wherever necessary.
[C] banks will be allowed to set up offsite ATMs without prior approval from RBI. Show Answer

Q2) As per the reports published in various newspapers/magazines and journals ,the year 2008 was an important milestone in the evolution of human settlements.For the first time in human history ,the population living in urban areas exceeded that in rural areas.What is India's position in this regard ?
[A] India is relatively less urbanised country with only 30% of its total population living in cities.
[B] The size of its urban population is the second largest in the world.
[C] India has more than 100 biggest cities in the world. Show Answer

Q3) According to Mr. Mohammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize Winner Economist, a particular type of financing undertaken by the banks,has created a miraculous situation where every year about 5 per cent clients of the Grammeen Banks come out of their poverty and joined the main stream of the socio-economic development in poor/developing countries.This financing activity of the banks is known as Show Answer

Q4) As per the reports published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the developing economies across the world are holding a massive stockpile of foreign exchange reserves.Which of the following is/are the resultant consequences of this type of stockpilings by various nations ?
[A] A trade imbalance (vast difference in value of imports/exports) is generated between the developing and and emerging economies and the rich countries .It is not a healthy sign.
[B] Many economist are of the opinion that these imbalances created the underpinning of the current global economic crises.
[C] This stockpiling is responsible not only for problems in trade imbalances but has also created a problem of money laundering. Show Answer

Q5) Which of the following is/are true about the railway budget 2009-10 ?
[A] Railway tickets to be made available through post offices and mobile vans.
[B] Long distance trains will have on-board doctors and infotainment services.
[C] Tatkal scheme of booking is modified. Instead of booking tickets under the scheme five day in advance,it can now be done only two days in advance. Show Answer

Q6) The Govt. of India has set up a special group to devise along term pricing formula,so that it can cope up with the prevailing global volatility in the prices of which of the following commodities ? Show Answer

Q7) Which of the following is not included in the core sectors of Indian Economy ? Show Answer

Q8) As we all know India has three-tier structure of tax administration. There are taxes levied by Central govt.State Govt. and Local Govt. Which of the following taxes is levied by local government Bodies ? Show Answer

Q9) What was the amount sanctioned by the Govt of India during 2008-09 for providing drinking water to rural parts of India ? Show Answer

Q10) The Reserve bank of India has reconstituted the Technical Advisory Committee ( TAC ) on monetary policy with effect from 1 st July 2009. Who is the Chairperson of the same ? Show Answer

Q11) Which of the following statement about the "State of Indian Economy", during 2008-09 is/are true ?
[A] The growth of real GDP during 2008-09 was recorded at 6.7 %, compared to 9 % during 2007-08.
[B] The fiscal deficit was the greatest cause of concern as it exceeded the budget estimates and stood at 13 %.
[C] Forex reserves were at a very comfortable position as India got a lot of FDIs and FIIs during the year. However, 60 % of the reserves were deployed to manage oil and petroleum imports and subsidies on all such products. Show Answer

Q12) Many times we see a term 'PPP' in financial newspapers. One full form of it is "Private Public Partnership". What is another version of the same also used in the financial world ? Show Answer

Q13) As per the announcement made recently, the Govt. of India is going to launch a National Mission for which of the following in near future ? Show Answer

Q14) Which of the following is one of the most successful programmes under Bharat Nirman ? Show Answer

Q15) As we all know 'Mobile Banking ' is comparatively a new mode of banking all over the world , what is its status in India ?
[A] The willingness to conduct banking through mobile devices is higher in India.
[B] About 4 % of total m-commerce transactions have taken place in the first few months of the current fiscal year in India.
[C] Since,RBI's permission is needed for offering mobile banking ,only two private banks are providing this service at present. Show Answer

Q16) Which of the following is/are true about the Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY) to be launched soon ?
[A] The scheme will be launched in one village of each district in UP, Bihar and Rajasthan as a pilot project .
[B] The scheme is only for villages where the 50 per cent population is of scheduled Castes.
[C] An amount of Rs 100000 crore is provided for the scheme out of which 50 % will come as grant-in-aid from the UNO. Show Answer

Q17) As per the recent announcement made by Govt. of India , a special One Time Grant of Rs 100 crore is given to which of the following organizations ? Show Answer

Q18) Many times we hear about the "Banking Ombudsman".What is/are the major roles of same ?
[A] Banking Ombudsman is a quasi judicial authority having powers to summon, the banks and the customers both in case of dispute.
[B] The Banking Ombudsman are appointed by the president of India and are retired judges of the high and supreme court .
[C] The decisions/judgements given by the Banking Ombudsman cannot be taken to any court of justice as their decisions are last in case of bank related problems/disputes. Show Answer

Q19) Who amongst the following is the Union Home Minister at present ? Show Answer

Q20) Which of the following is NOT prescribed/recommended by the Economic Survey 2008-09 presented to the Lok Sabha recently ? Show Answer

Q21) The Reliance Power (R -Power) is working on four Hydropower projects in Arunachal pradesh which are "Run-of-River"(R-O-R) type of projects. What is the main characteristic of ROR projects ? Show Answer

Q22) Which of the following countries is planning to launch its first Mars probe in near future ? Show Answer

Q23) India recently inducted Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) platforms in its Air Force. These sophisticated machines are supplied by which of the following countries ? Show Answer

Q24) Dr. Manmohan Singh is the member of the parliament from which of the following constituencies ? Show Answer

Q25) Which of the following pairs of countries are the signatories of a Gas pipeline Deal christened as Peace Pipeline ? Show Answer

Q26) Which of the following countries is at the top of the "World Green Index" compiled by the America's "National Geographic Society" and also through an international polling from "Global Scan" ? Show Answer

Q27) As we all know G -20 has set up a working group to find out the reasons of the recent economic crisis and global slowdown. What according to the reports of the working group was/were the main reasons of the crisis and slowdown ?
[A] Allowing cheap liquidity and sub-prime lending
[B] Poor credit appraisals and securitisation
[C] Excessive dependence on credit ratings Show Answer

Q28) Which of the oil rich gulf countries elected its first women parliamentarians when four women were declared elected in recently held elections ? Show Answer

Q29) Which of the following state Govt. decided to have a 'Mahila Court' in every district of the state ? Show Answer

Q30) 'Mardeka Cup' is associated with game of Show Answer

Q31) Who amongst the following is the author of the book "Faith and Compassion" ? Show Answer

Q32) Which of the following countries has developed "Sajjil-2" missiles, which were test fired recently ? Show Answer

Q33) The first Republic day of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal was celebrated on which of the following days ? Show Answer

Q34) Pankaj Advani has become the world's professional champion player of Show Answer

Q35) We hear a term "Carbon Foot Print" these days very frequently.What does it indicate ?
[A] The amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere every day by an electronic gadget/organization or even by an individual.
[B] The quantity of CO2 released when one tonne of air recycled by an air conditioner, during every hour of its functioning.
[C] The quantity of all green house gases put together required to maintain the temperature of the environment at a fixed level of 30 degrees centigrate at nodal points in a country. Show Answer

Q36) The Letter 'D' stands for which of the following in the abbreviated name OECD ? (Organization of Economic Cooperation and ....... ) Show Answer

Q37) The "8th Annual Asian Security Summit "was organised in which of the following places in May 2009 ? Show Answer

Q38) Which of the following countries is the host of FIFA World Cup 2010 ? Show Answer

Q39) Late Y. S. Rajashekhar Reddy was from which of the following political parties ? Show Answer

Q40) Who amongst the following won women's singles title of "Spanish Open Badminton - 2009" the final for which was played at Madrid in May 2009 ? Show Answer

Q41) Which of the following is the Bank Rate at present ? Show Answer

Q42) P. Mangesh Chandran whose name was in news recently is a famous Show Answer

Q43) Which of the following teams won the Champions League Football 2009,the final of which was played in Rome in May 2009 ? Show Answer

Q44) Which of thw following states is holding a unique summit on Tigers at Global level ? Show Answer

Q45) Which of the following books is not written by Daris Lessing ? Show Answer

Q46) Which of the following is Statutory Liquidity Ratio at present in India ? Show Answer

Q47) Mr. Deep Joshi's name was in news as he has been awarded Show Answer

Q48) Bihar Sugarcane Amendment Bill (Regulation of Supply and purchase) 2007 will enable state Govt. to Show Answer

Q49) Ms.Nirupama Rao has taken over as the new Show Answer

Q50) Who amongst the following is adjudged as the CEO of the year 2009 by the "Global Supply Chain Leaders" ? Show Answer