Practice Test

Q1) The classic quantitative reasoning question:
A man would like to take a new health insurance. An officer taking care of these matters says to the man, " Please tell me how many children you have." The man answer, "I have three of them." The officer, " What are the ages of your children?" The man answer, " The product of the ages is equal to 36." The officer replies, " This is not enough information Sir!". the man replied, " Sorry that I was a little bit unclear, But the sum of the ages is equal to the number of shops in front of your office." The officer: " This still isn't enough information Sir !". The man replies, "My oldest child love chocolate. " The officer: " thanks for your corporation, I now know the ages." Are you as smart as officer? Then give the sum of the ages of the children. Show Answer

Q2) Early one Monday, four snails - Aman, Bubby, Charu and Devi, set off together down the garden path. Aman and Bubby kept the same steady pace, slithering only 8 meters by the time Charu and Devi had already reached the azalea.
Charu was winded and have to stop for an hour to rest. Although Devi was tired, too, she pressed on, but reduced her pace to be the same as Aman's and Bubby's.
Charu started off again just as Aman and Bubbly got even with her. She raced of at her original pace. Aman promptly speed up to the same speed as Charu and kept even with her. Bubbly just kept going at her original pace.
When Aman reached end of the path, she was 1 meter ahead of Bubbly, but she was a half hour late than Devi was.
How many meter long was the path? Show Answer

Q3) Dhiman was admiring the output of her new program to generate random number. She had printed out the first ten number of the result. She soon noticed something interesting. Each of the 10 numbers had exactly one digit, in the proper placement, of the 5 digit code she has to open her car door without a key.
In the first number 14073, for example, Dhiman's car code could not be 34170 (two digits correctly placed) or 92365 (none).
Find Dhinman's car entry from these first 10 randomly generated number: 14073, 79588, 05892, 84771, 63136, 42936, 37145, 50811, 98174, and 29402? Show Answer

Q4) Abe, buddy, Carmen, Dennis and Earl all live on Pine Street which has house number from 10 to 111, both inclusive. Two of them live in the same house. The other all live in other houses. They all have made remarks about where they live, but not all the remarks are true.
Abe said, " My house number is a factor of Buddy's house number. Earl's house number is 10 greater than Dennis."
Buddy said, " My house is greater than 70. Abe's house number. Earl's house is greater than 30."
Carmen said, " My house number is both a cube and a square. Dennis's house number is greater than 50."
Dennis said,m" My house number is square. Buddy's house number is cube."
Earl said, " My house number is twice Buddy's.
But who's telling the truth? it turns out that all statement made by the people living in houses with number greater than 50 were false. All the other statement were true.
Can you tell house number of earl? Show Answer

Q5) During a game of five card poker, played with a standard deck, you are dealt a hand with the following characteristics:
- It contains no acers or face cards.
- No two cards have the same value.
- All four suit are present.
- The total value of the odd cards equals the total value of the even cards.
- There are no three cards straights.
- The total value of the black card is 10.
- The total value of heart is 14.
- The card with lowest value is a spade.
Exactly what are the five cards in your hand? Show Answer

Q6) How many students are both female and excellent? Show Answer

Q7) What proportion of good students are male? Show Answer

Q8) What proportion of female students are good? Show Answer

Q9) How many students are both male and good? Show Answer

Q10) Among average students, what is the ratio of males to female? Show Answer

Q11) How many laddoos, in total did C eat? Show Answer

Q12) How many laddoos, in total did B eat? Show Answer

Q13) How many laddoos, in total did A eat? Show Answer

Q14) How many laddoos were given to A by his Uncle? Show Answer

Q15) How many laddoos did A eat the first time? Show Answer

Q16) How many rows of rose did he planted? Show Answer

Q17) Which of the above information is redundant and can be dispensed with? Show Answer

Q18) What is the sum of the row of Orchids and Marigold he planted? Show Answer

Q19) How many rows of fireball did he planted? Show Answer

Q20) How many boys weigh 40 kg? Show Answer

Q21) How many girls weigh 44 kg? Show Answer

Q22) How many girls weigh 46 kg? Show Answer

Q23) The number of boys weighing 50 kg is: Show Answer

Q24) The number of girls weighing 40 kg is: Show Answer

Q25) The number of students weighing 50 kg is: Show Answer

Q26) The value of A is: Show Answer

Q27) The sum of A and B is : Show Answer

Q28) The greatest number has the value: Show Answer

Q29) The sum of integers is: Show Answer

Q30) The product of the integer is: Show Answer

Q31) What is the positive difference between the lowest and the highest integers? Show Answer

Q32) Who among the following must have two sources? Show Answer

Q33) How many people ( excluding the Don ) needed to make answer keys before R could make his answer key? Show Answer

Q34) Both T and W were sources to: Show Answer

Q35) Which of the following is definitely true? Show Answer

Q36) Which of the group has the same sources?
i. P, S and V ii. T and W Show Answer

Q37) What is X's house number? Show Answer

Q38) What his Y's house number? Show Answer

Q39) What his Z's house number? Show Answer

Q40) What is sum of the house number of all the three X, Y and Z? Show Answer

Q41) What is the sum of the digit of the ID number of my ATM card? Show Answer

Q42) What is the digit sum of the ID number of my ATM? Show Answer

Q43) What is number represented by the letter R? Show Answer

Q44) The number 2 represented which letter? Show Answer

Q45) What are first 5 - digit of the ID number of my ATM card? Show Answer

Q46) What are the last 5 - digits of the ID number of my ATM card? Show Answer

Q47) How many rosogollas did Raj eat? Show Answer

Q48) Jugal and dileep together ate how many rosogollas? Show Answer

Q49) What is the difference between number of rosogollas eaten by Dileep and Raj? Show Answer

Q50) If the cost of each rosogollas is rs 2, What was the total amount they had to pay? Show Answer

Q51) For how many Indian players is it possible to calculated the exact M- Index? Show Answer

Q52) Among the players mentioned, who can have the lowest R- index from the tournament? Show Answer

Q53) How many players among those listed definitely scored less than Yuvraj in the tournament? Show Answer

Q54) Which of the players had the best M - Index from the tournament? Show Answer

Q55) The woman who spent Rs. 1193 is: Show Answer

Q56) What was the amount spent by Helen? Show Answer

Q57) Which of the following amounts was spent by one of them? Show Answer

Q58) Three travelers are sitting around a fire, and are about to eat a meal. One of them has five small loaves of bread, the second has three small loaves of bread. The third has no food, but has eight coins. He offers to pay for some bread. They agree to share the eight loaves equally among the three travelers, and the third traveler will pay eight coins for his share of the eight loaves. All loaves were of the same size. The second traveler ( who had three loaves ) suggests that he be paid three coins, and that the first traveler he be paid five coins. The first traveler says that he should get more than five coins. How much the first traveler should get? Show Answer

Q59) My bag can carry no more than ten books. I must carry at least one book each of management, Mathematics, Physics and fiction. Also, for every management book I carry I must carry two or more fiction books, and for every mathematics book I carry I must carry two or more physics books. I earn 4, 3, 2, and 1 points for each management, Mathematics.physics and fiction book, respectively, I carry in my bag. I want to maximize the points I can earn by carrying the most appropriate combination of books in my bag.
The maximum points that I can earn: Show Answer

Q60) Eighty kilograms (Kg) of store material is to be transport to a location 10 km away. Any number of couriers can be used to transport the material. The material can be packed in any number units of 10, 20, or 40 Kg. Courier charges are Rs.10 per hour. Couriers travel at the speed of 10 Km/hr if they are not carrying any load, at 5 Km/hr if carrying 10 Kg, at 2 Km/hr if carrying 20 Kg and at 1 Km/hr if carrying 40 Kg. A courier cannot carry more than 40 Kg of load.
The minimum cost at which 80 Kg of store material can be transport to its destination will be : Show Answer

Q61) Which of the following can be inferred? Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following will be sufficient to estimate Elle's age? Show Answer

Q63) On the walk through park, Hamsa collected 50 coloured leaves, all either maple or oak. She sorted them by category when she got home, and found the following:
i. The number of red oak leaves with spot is even and positive.
ii. The number of red oak leaves without any spot equals the number of red maple leaves without spots.
iii. All non- red oak leaves have spots, and there are five times as many of them as there are red spotted oak leaves.
iv. There are no spotted maple leaves that are not red.
v. There are exactly 6 red spotted maple leaves.
vi. There are exactly 22 maple leaves that are neither spotted nor red.
How many oak leaves did she collect? Show Answer

Q64) I have a total of Rs. 1000. Item A costs Rs.110, item B costs Rs.90, item C costs Rs.70, item D costs Rs.40 and item E costs Rs.45. For every item D that I purchase, I must buy one item of C. For every item, E, I must also buy two of them D and one of item B. For every item purchased I earn 1000 points and for every rupee not spent I earn a penalty of 1500 points. My objective is to maximize the points earned. What is the number of items that I must purchase to maximize my points? Show Answer

Q65) Four friends Ashok, Bashir, Chirag and deepak are out shopping. Ashok has less money than three times the amount that Bashir has. Chirag has more money than Bashir. Deepak has an amount equal to the difference of amount with Bashir and Chirag. Ashok has three times the money with Deepak. Each of them have to buy at least one shirt, or one shawl, or one sweater, or one jacket that are priced Rs.200, Rs.400, Rs.600, and Rs.1000 a piece, respectively. Chirag borrows Rs.300 from Ashok and buys the jacket. Bashir buys the sweater after borrowing Rs.100 from Ashok and is left with no money. Ashok buys three shirts.
What is the costliest item that Deepak could buy with his own money? Show Answer

Q66) If the Ghosh Babu stopped playing the game when his gain would be maximized, the gain in rupees would have been: Show Answer

Q67) The initial money Ghosh Babu had ( before the beginning of the game session ) was rs X. At no point did he have to borrow any money. What is the minimum possible value of X? Show Answer

Q68) If the final amount of the money that Ghosh Babu had with him was rs 100, what was the initial amount he had with him? Show Answer

Q69) What is the color of Kapil's trousers? Show Answer

Q70) What is the liking of Sarvesh? Show Answer

Q71) Which of the following combination of person's color- liking is correct? Show Answer

Q72) If A is to be moved as one of the senior faculty, which of the following cannot be a possible working unit? Show Answer

Q73) If C and W are moved to the new office, how many teams are possible? Show Answer

Q74) If C is sent to the new office, which member cannot go with C? Show Answer

Q75) Given the conditios in the passage, which of the following must go to the new office? Show Answer

Q76) If U goes to the new office, which of the following is/ are true?
I. X cannot go with him.
II. A cannot go with him.
III. B is another faculty to go with him. Show Answer

Q77) How many cubes have all the three faces colored? Show Answer

Q78) How many cubes have two faces colored? Show Answer

Q79) How many cubes have one face colored? Show Answer

Q80) How many cubes have no face colored? Show Answer

Q81) How many cubes have two faces colored, that too Red and Green? Show Answer