Practice Test

Chapter NameAvailable Questions
Meaning and Scope of Accounting 5/296
Accounting Concepts and Principles 5/76
Accounting Standards, Policies and Equations 5/76
Journal Ledger and Trial Balance 206
Subsidiary Books 137
Capital and Revenue Exp, Contingent Assets and Liabilities 98
Rectification of Errors 167
Bank Reconciliation Statement 234
Inventories 113
Depriciation 148
Final Accounts of Sole Prop. & Manufacturing Entities 140
Consignment 166
Joint Venture 102
Bills of Exchange and Promissory Note 126
Sale of Good on Approval or Return Basis 64
Introduction to Partnership Accounts 151
Admission of New Partner 157
Retirement and Death of a Partner 101
Issue Forfeiture and Reissue of Shares 151
Redemption of Preference Shares 79
Issue of Debenture 167