Practice Test

1) _____________ is a socio-economic and political surrounding of the business.

2) There is a _________ relationship between political environment and business environment.

3) _________ environment creates a framework of regulations and regal provisions for business units.

4) Business is very much affected by an uncontrollable ____ environment.

5) The government of India announced its New Industrial Policy of revolutionary nature in _________.

6) _________ means transfer of ownership of public sector either fully or partially.

7) __________ means deregulating and Delicensing of Industry through removing barriers and restrictions.

8) ______________ refers to a process of linking a particular country?s economy with her world economy.

9) WTO is a ________ entity.

10) Private sector means ________ enterprises.

11) Liberalisation measures introduced by the government can be grouped as internal and _________.

12) Environment influences ________ policies.

13) Environment and business __________ go together.

14) _______ means linking National economy to the World economy.

15) World Trade Organisation was established in the year ________.

16) Changes in the judicial system is an aspect of _________ environment.

17) Changes in the fiscal policy of the Government is an aspect of __________ environment.

18) The new industrial policy was formulated in __________.

19) Globalisation is related with ________ market.

20) The World Trade Organisation was established in _______.

21) Business environment develops by ________.

22) Economic environment should be _______ for the growth of business.

23) ______ is a process of development of the world into a single integrated unit.

24) _____ factors of business enviroment can be controlled.

25) Privatisation implies reduction in the role of ______ sector.

26) Business Environment is ________ framework.

27) Enviromental understanding provides _______ base of information.

28) Enviroment awareness provides __________ signal.

29) _______ environment includes air, land, water and surface of earth.

30) ______ evironment is the result of technological development.

31) ________ environment is the result of international events.

32) Business enviroment is of ________ importance.

33) Enviromental awareness helps the organisation to _________ the opportunities.

34) There are two types of business enviroment.

35) W.T.O. has to play a very impotant role in the field of global governance.

36) Liberalisation has to permit more foreign competition and foreign investment in the economy.

37) Privatisation means conversion of State Government Company to Public Ltd. Co.

38) The goal of W.T.O. is to help producers of goods and services, to exporters and importers to conduct their business.

39) Business is the product of different enviromental factors.

40) WTO governs trade only in goods.

41) Prvatisation is the transformation of public sector into privatosation sector either fully or partially.

42) India suffers loss due to WTO.