Practice Test

Q1) which of the following persons are not competent to contract ? Show Answer

Q2) Generally the stranger to a contract cannot sue Show Answer

Q3) An agreement with a minor can be ratified after he attains majority Show Answer

Q4) Minor entering into contracts of apprenticeship ,or for training or instruction in a special art ,education ,etc are permissible since Show Answer

Q5) In case of necessaries supplied to a person incompetent to contract which of the following is true ? Show Answer

Q6) Claim for necessaries supplied to a person incompetent to contract ,from the property of such person is enshrined in_________of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 Show Answer

Q7) A supplies B ,a lunatic with necessaries suitable to his condition in life A is Show Answer

Q8) A person is deemed to be in a position to dominate the will of another if Show Answer

Q9) A contract with the minor is Show Answer

Q10) Ordinary ,a minor 's agreement is Show Answer

Q11) A minor's liability for 'necessaries' supplied to him Show Answer

Q12) Which of the following is not true about minor's position in a firm ? Show Answer

Q13) Which of the following is true ? Show Answer

Q14) For the purpose of entering into a contract ,a minor is a person who has not completed the age of Show Answer

Q15) A contract with the minor ,which is beneficial for him ,is Show Answer

Q16) Which of the following persons do not fall under the category of the persons of unsound mind ? Show Answer

Q17) Can a person who is usually of unsound mind ,but occasionally of sound mind ,make a contract ? Show Answer

Q18) A minor's estate liable for the_____supplied to him Show Answer

Q19) Who among the following is not disqualified by the law to enter into contract. 1.A major person , 2. A lunatic. 3.An Insolvent person , 4.Diplomatic staff of Foreign states. Show Answer

Q20) Which of the following is true with respect to minor entering a contract ? 1. An agreement with or by a minor is void-ab-initio , 2.A minor can be a beneficiary of a contract , 3. The contract involving a minor as a beneficiary may be enforced at the option of the third party , 4. A minor can ratify a contract on attaining majority. Show Answer

Q21) Who can never ever enter into a contract Show Answer

Q22) A ,aged 17 years ,falsely representing himself to be of 22 years , enters into an agreement to sell his property to P & receives from P a sum Rs.10,00,000 in advance .Out of this sum A buys an important car worth Rs.5,50,000 & spends the rest on a pleasure trip to France. After A attained majority ,P sues him for the conveyance of the property or in the alternative for the refund of Rs.10,00,000 & damages .The agreement between A & P is Show Answer

Q23) Competenence of a party to enter the contract Show Answer

Q24) A person is said to be of sound mind, if at the time of contracting . Show Answer

Q25) A contract with an idiot is Show Answer

Q26) A person who is usually of sound mind, but occasionally of unsound mind.Then, Show Answer

Q27) a patient in a lunatic asylum who is at sound mind Show Answer

Q28) A person can be appointed as guardian of minor's property under. Show Answer

Q29) An agreement is not a contract if it is entered into by Show Answer

Q30) Every person is competent to contract if he Show Answer

Q31) A agreement with a minor is Show Answer

Q32) In India,the age of majority is regulated by--------------- Show Answer

Q33) A minor enters into a the contract for the purchase of certain necessaries. In such a case Show Answer

Q34) The age of majority for the purpose of the Indian contract act is Show Answer

Q35) S, a minor by fraudulently representing himself to be major, induced L to lend him Rs.4 Lakhs. He refused to repay it and L sued him for the money The contract is Show Answer

Q36) A mortgage was executed if favour of a minor. Can the minor get a Decree for the enforcement of the Moetgage? Show Answer

Q37) The leading case, on the point that a minor's agreement is void ab initio, was stated in the case : Show Answer

Q38) The person providing necessaries to minor is entitled to be reimbursed from minor's property. This is because of which type of contract. Show Answer

Q39) A minor speculated in the Stock Exchanges and become liable to Stock Brokers for Rs.1 lakh. Subsequent to attaining majority, he gave two bills of exchanges for Rs.45,000 each in satisfaction of the original debt Show Answer

Q40) Which of these is a not a "necessary" for a Minor? Show Answer

Q41) Whether a party to a contract, at the time of entering into a contract, is of sound mind or not is a question of fact to be decided by the Court. Show Answer

Q42) Parents or guardian ---------- for the breach of a contract by a minor. Show Answer

Q43) The "capacity to contract" means the Show Answer

Q44) Which of the following is not correct ?

Show Answer

Q45) M a minor aged 17,broke his right arm in hockey game.He engaged a physician to set it. Against whom the physician have a valid claim for his services.

Show Answer

Q46) A convict when undergoing imprisonment.

Show Answer

Q47) Where a minor has received any benefit under a contract, he--------

Show Answer

Q48) A minor, though incompetent to contract Show Answer

Q49) In case of fraudulent misrepresentation of his age by the minor,the court

Show Answer

Q50) On attaining majority, an agreement with a minor

Show Answer

Q51) Which of these is not a necessary for a minor ? Show Answer

Q52) A minor can ---------- Show Answer

Q53) Which of these is correct ? Show Answer

Q54) Mohiri Bibi Vs.Dharmodas Ghose, (1903) 301 Cal. 539 case deal with Show Answer

Q55) A minor whose property has passed under the superintendence of the Court later attains majority on the completion of Show Answer

Q56) Chotu, a minor borrows Rs. 15,000 from Mr. Big representing himself to be of age 19 and with a promise to pay after one month. Later, Chotu refuses to repay the amount as he had spent all amount. What remedy does Mr. Big have against Chotu ? Show Answer

Q57) If the services rendered to a minor are also continued during minority, then the minor (now a major) liable to pay for the services rendered. Show Answer

Q58) A minor can be held liable ---------- Show Answer

Q59) Amar made a promissory note in favor of Akbar when Akbar was minor. The promissory note was minor.The promissory note was renewed by Amar in favor of Akbar when he attained majority. Akbar bring a suit against Amar on the basic of the second note. What will be the consequence ? Show Answer

Q60) A minor in a partnership firm is liable to the extent of --------- Show Answer

Q61) If a joint agreement is made by a minor and an adult with a third party, the minor----------- liable for damages Show Answer

Q62) The guardian of a minor is liable when -------------- Show Answer

Q63) Minor's agreement is void / voidable /illegal / enforceable at his option under Show Answer

Q64) A contract beneficial to minor can be enforced by him under Show Answer

Q65) Which of the following conditions are to be fulfilled for the recovery of necessary supplied (i) material supplied must be apt to the life of the minor (ii) It must be accounting to his status (iii) It must be supplied to minor or his friend (iv) It can supplied to minor's dependent Show Answer

Q66) Which of these has not been held as necessary Show Answer

Q67) Identify the incorrect sentence from the following Show Answer

Q68) An ----------- is a person whose country is at war with the Union of India Show Answer

Q69) Can a convict enter into a contract ? Show Answer

Q70) A Corporation can enter into contracts that are Show Answer

Q71) The contractual capacity of a Company is regulated by Show Answer

Q72) There was a short period war with alien country In this case, contract entered with person of such country is ----------. Show Answer

Q73) When a person becomes insolvent, his property vests with----------- Show Answer

Q74) A Minor's agreement is void. This was held in the case of - Show Answer

Q75) The famous case law i.e., Mohiri bibee Vs. Dharmodhas Ghosh is related to: Show Answer

Q76) An agreement with or by a Minor is - Show Answer

Q77) Which of the following is not applicable in relation to an agreement by minor? Show Answer

Q78) Parents or Guardian shall ………. for breach of contract by Minor. Show Answer

Q79) Claim for necessaries of life supplied to a minor can be enforced against - Show Answer

Q80) A person incurred expenses of ? 5,000 for the necessaries supplied to a Minor, can recover the said amount from the - Show Answer

Q81) A Minor got injured in his left leg in Football Match. He engaged a doctor for treatment of leg. The doctor's claim for his services under the Indian Contract Act 1872 is - Show Answer

Q82) X is minor who had broken his left arm then doctor had treated him. how can the doctor regain his cost of treatment ------ Show Answer

Q83) Karthik is the coach of Sachin a Minor, who joined for Hockey coaching. The Fees is ? 10,000. The Contract is Show Answer

Q84) A person who is usually of unsound mind, but occasionally of sound mind - Show Answer

Q85) Rules of estoppel cannot be exercised by a minor. Show Answer

Q86) Social agreements are enforceable in the Courts. Show Answer

Q87) An agreement, the meaning of which is not certain or capable of being made certain is not valid. Show Answer

Q88) A person who is usually of unsound mind cannot enter into a contract even when he is of sound mind. Show Answer

Q89) According to the doctrine of “Privity of Contract”, a stranger to a contract, if he is beneficiary, cannot enforce the contract. Show Answer

Q90) A contract to take a loan by a boy of sixteen years of age from a moneylender of 50 years old is a valid contract. Show Answer

Q91) A person who is usually of sound mind, but occasionally of unsound mind is unable to make the contract. Show Answer

Q92) If is a mixed question of law and fact whether time was essence of the contract. Show Answer

Q93) A minor cannot be appointed as an agent, as he is not competent to contract. Show Answer

Q94) A minor can neither undertake a liability nor receive a benefit under a contract. Show Answer

Q95) A stranger to the contract cannot enforce the contract. Show Answer