Practice Test

1) On an application made in this behalf ,the registrar shall furnish a copy of an entry or a portion thereof in the register of the firms duly certified under his hand

2) Which of the following to be given in an Application for registration

3) Registration of a firm is covered in sec____of the partnership act ,1932

4) A firm is the name of

5) In the absence of agreement to the contrary all partners are

6) Registration of a firm is

7) An unregistered firm cannot claim

8) Which of the following is not true,about registration of firm

9) As per the accepted view ,the registration of the firm is considered complete when

10) Which of the following is not disability of an unregistered firm ?

11) Registration of a firm

12) Contract of Partnership

13) Right of partner

14) The name under which the partnership business is carried is called the

15) Application for the registration of a firm shall be made to

16) The name of a firm shall not contain words like

17) Registration of firm is to be done

18) In case of an unregistered firm

19) Registration of a partnership is complete

20) Registration of a partnership is

21) The location of the firm has been changed .State what the firm shall do

22) The mistake in the register of the firms may be rectified by

23) Amendment in the registrar of the firm may be made by

24) When a place not being its principal place of business has been changed ,a statement shall be filled with the registrar of firm by

25) The register of firm shall be open to inspection by

26) A partnership firm is required to register

27) Non-registration of a partnership firm is

28) When any partner in a registered firm alters his name or permanent address intimation of the alteration be send by

29) Partners are to render true account & full information of all things affecting the firm to

30) Which of the following is not required to be given in an application for registration of a firm

31) Intimation to registrar of any change in names & address of partners of registered firms ,should be signed by

32) After the registration of a firm a change in the firm name & principle of business requires almost a new registration

33) Unless agreed otherwise ,every partner can have access to inspect & take copy of any of the books of accounts of the firm

34) Neither the firm nor the partners of an unregistered firm,what sued ,can claim a set-off

35) A partner of an unregistered firm cannot sue for his dues from the firm or from other partners

36) Which of the following cannot be altered by the partners by making contract among themselves ?

37) Is registeration of firms compulsory in India ?

38) Which of the following words are not permissible in a firm's name ?

39) Registration of firm a becomes effective

40) Registration of a firm becomes effected

41) A partnership firm may be registered with

42) In case of an unregistered partnership firm,

43) An unregistered firm wants to enforce a right arising from a contract against a third party. It

44) Which of the following requires new registration of a firm?

45) An unregistered firm has sold some goods to a customer. A suit against the customer for the recovery of price of goods is

46) For registration, the application for registration should be filed

47) A partner of a unregistered firm can file a suit for

48) Which of the following essential elements of contract is not required for partnership?

49) Partnership deed may be

50) The partnership deed must be signed by

51) The terms laid down in the partnership deed may be varied by the consent of

52) Partnership deed must be properly drafted and stamped as per ____

53) Which of the following is not an essential feature of partnership?

54) The particulars of a registered firm is entered in

55) The Registrar of firms is appointed by

56) Intimation to the Registrar, of a change in the constitution of registered firms may be given by

57) Application for rectification of mistake in the documents of the Registrar of Firms Shall be made by

58) There is _____ for the non registration of the firm

59) ______ is not an essential element of partnership

60) If any person supplies false or incomplete information to the Registrar, he is punishable with

61) Grant of copies can be obtained by

62) Intimation to the registrar of firms, of the decision of a minor to continue or withdraw from a registered firm, may be given by

63) The right of third parties to sue the firm or any partner is applicable only when the firm is registered under the partnership act 1932

64) Grant of copies of any entry or portion thereof in the register of firms, is dealt under Sec ____ of partnership act.

65) Severing a copy of the public notice to the registrar of firms is not necessary in respect of unregistered firms

66) Any person signing any statement notice or intimation who knows the particulars stated in the document to be false, shall be punishable