Practice Test

Chapter NameAvailable Questions
Basics and Definitions- Income Tax Act, 1961 5/109
Incomes which do not form part of Total Income 5/86
Computation of Total Income Under Various Heads 5/448
Income of Other Persons Included in Assesse's Total Income 179
Computation of Tax Liability of Hindu Undivided Family/Firm/Association of Persons/Co-operative Soci 258
Computation of Tax Liability of Companies & MAT 66
Provision Concerning Procedure for Assessment, Filing Returns, Signatures, etc 129
Tax Planning and Tax Management 60
Basic Concepts of International Taxation, Transfer Pricing 57
Advance Ruling and GAAR 40
Service Tax 271
Value Added Tax 180
Deducting of Tax at Source and Advance Tax 128
Wealth Tax Act, 1956 0
Central Goods and Service Tax 649
Integrated Goods and Services Tax 60
Union Territory Goods and Services Tax 10
GST (Compensation to States) 26