Practice Test

Q1) What is the expansion of 'Regtech', which has been found in the news recently? Show Answer

Q2) Which state has passed the Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill, to reform Input Credit Tax? Show Answer

Q3) Which Indian PSU has signed MoU with Brazilian oil major Petrobras, to diversify its crude oil sourcing? Show Answer

Q4) As per the IMF's recent World Economic Outlook report (October 2022), what is India's 2022-23 GDP forecast? Show Answer

Q5) Which global index provider has recently added six Indian stocks to its standard index? Show Answer

Q6) Tata Group has announced to merge which airline with Air India? Show Answer

Q7) The first consignment under the India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) was flagged off which state? Show Answer

Q8) Sam Bankman-Fried, who was in the news recently, was the founder of which company? Show Answer

Q9) Who is the head of the panel set up to revamp Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA)? Show Answer

Q10) Which company is set to acquire clinker, cement and power plants from Jaiprakash group? Show Answer

Q11) Fitch Ratings recently affirmed India's sovereign credit rating at which position? Show Answer

Q12) As per IMF's recent Article IV Consultation report, what is the forecast for India's economic growth in FY24? Show Answer

Q13) Which country emerged as the India's third largest exports destination after the US and UAE during April-December 2022? Show Answer

Q14) Competition (Amendment) 2022 Bill, which was passed recently, allows CCI to impose penalties on entities based on their which turn-over? Show Answer

Q15) What is the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) - based inflation in India in February 2023? Show Answer

Q16) Which department launched the 'AIS for Taxpayer' Mobile App? Show Answer

Q17) Rafael Nadal has been named as the ambassador for which Indian technology brand? Show Answer

Q18) Which is the first e-commerce company to set up solar farms in India? Show Answer

Q19) Which company has partnered with the Spain-based Stark Future SL, in the field of electric motorcycles? Show Answer

Q20) Which Union Ministry is associated with which Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code? Show Answer

Q21) Which Indian Conglomerate is setting up endowment funding entities? Show Answer

Q22) Which is the first Fintech Company to launch cross-border transaction facility through UPI? Show Answer

Q23) As per the Union Budget 2023, what is the per capita income in India, as of date? Show Answer

Q24) What is the expansion of 'CDMDF' which was launched by the Union Finance Minister recently? Show Answer

Q25) As per the Finance Ministry's notification, what is the limit up to which airlines can avail loan under ECLGS? Show Answer

Q26) What is the CPI-based retail inflation in India, as per official data? Show Answer

Q27) Which company is set to acquire the packaged water giant Bisleri? Show Answer

Q28) What is the gross GST revenue collected in the month of November 2022? Show Answer

Q29) As of January 2023, which category of the direct tax mopped up the highest collection? Show Answer

Q30) What is the position of India in the global ranking for direct selling, as per a study by WFDSA? Show Answer

Q31) As per the Economic Survey, what is the budgeted expenditure on healthcare, as a percentage of GDP in FY23? Show Answer

Q32) After China, which is the second country in the world to start the 'trade-plus-one' (T+1) settlement cycle? Show Answer

Q33) The customary Halwa ceremony, is associated with releasing of which document? Show Answer

Q34) What is the Securities Transaction Tax (STT) on futures and options contracts in the stock market? Show Answer

Q35) CESTAT is an Appellate Tribunal set up under which Act? Show Answer

Q36) Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) was enacted in which year? Show Answer

Q37) Which institution has proposed special rights for Unitholders of REITs and InvITs? Show Answer

Q38) What was the Goods & Services Tax (GST) revenue collected in the month of May 2023? Show Answer

Q39) As on 17.06.23, the gross direct tax collections for financial year 2023-24, has grown by what percentage? Show Answer

Q40) Which institution plans to set up ‘Research Analyst Administration and Supervisory Body (RAASB)’? Show Answer

Q41) What is India's GDP growth projection for 2022-23, as per UNCTAD Annual Trade and Development Report? Show Answer

Q42) Which institution has got an approval from SEBI for introducing Social stock exchange as a separate segment? Show Answer

Q43) Which stock exchange has launched Electronic Gold Receipt (EGR) on its platform? Show Answer

Q44) As per the recent data, India has how many active unicorns, as of October 2022? Show Answer

Q45) An empowered committee headed by NITI Aayog CEO has approved Rs 357 crore for which company under PLI scheme? Show Answer

Q46) What is the target for agricultural and processed food products from India for 2022-23? Show Answer

Q47) As per the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects Report, what is the expected economic growth of India in 2023-24? Show Answer

Q48) What is the GST collection in India in January 2023? Show Answer

Q49) Which institution has released operational guidelines on green bonds? Show Answer

Q50) What is the theme of the 'Financial Literacy Week 2023' ? Show Answer

Q51) What is the estimated amount that the government will borrow for the first half of financial year 2023-24? Show Answer

Q52) Which institution proposed changes to the definition of 'Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI)'? Show Answer

Q53) Which institution announced Risk Disclosure Framework for Individual Traders? Show Answer

Q54) What is India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) percent in the April-June quarter of the current fiscal (2023-2024)? Show Answer

Q55) What is the retain inflation in India during May 2023? Show Answer

Q56) Which entity has been recently brought under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA)? Show Answer

Q57) What is a country's disparity between the exports and imports of goods and services called? Show Answer

Q58) The import of which product has been recently prohibited if its value per unit is less than Rs. 20? Show Answer

Q59) Which country launched a pilot project in South Asia region for tax and financial crime investigation? Show Answer

Q60) What is the new logo of Twitter after replacing the iconic bird logo? Show Answer

Q61) Indian companies have been allowed to list on foreign exchanges through which institution? Show Answer

Q62) Which institution reconstituted intermediary advisory committee for legal framework? Show Answer

Q63) Which institution has unveiled a detailed framework for Social Stock Exchange (SSE)? Show Answer

Q64) As per the recent World Bank report, what is India's GDP projection in the current fiscal year (2022-23)? Show Answer

Q65) Which institution primarily deals with cases of money laundering and violations of foreign exchange laws in India? Show Answer

Q66) What is the brand name of FMCG products introduced by Reliance? Show Answer

Q67) As per the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), India will become a USD 10-trillion economy by which year? Show Answer

Q68) Which company is acquiring Ford India's manufacturing plant? Show Answer

Q69) 'Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)' is related with which institution? Show Answer

Q70) Which institution initiated a study of fees and expenses of Mutual Funds? Show Answer

Q71) What is the name of the entity which facilitates e-commerce sites and merchants to accept payment instruments from customers? Show Answer

Q72) What is the wholesale price inflation in December 2022 in India? Show Answer

Q73) Which country has become India's fourth-largest trading partner due to India's higher imports of crude oil and fertilizers? Show Answer

Q74) Which is the first country to back the debt restructure programme of Sri Lanka? Show Answer

Q75) As per Kantar India Union Budget Survey 2023, what is the concern among consumers regarding budget announcement? Show Answer

Q76) Which institution has been named as the world's largest derivatives exchange in 2022? Show Answer

Q77) Which institution released the 'Spring 2023 Economic Forecast'? Show Answer

Q78) Which Indian budget airline has collapsed and cancelled all flights? Show Answer

Q79) Which institution proposed changes to mutual fund fees to address the issue of mis-selling? Show Answer

Q80) Which Union Ministry implements the Amnesty scheme for traders who have defaulted on their export obligations? Show Answer

Q81) As per NSO data, what is India's GDP growth in the January to March 2023 quarter? Show Answer

Q82) Which institution created an internal model to produce an Export Leading Index (ELI) specifically for India? Show Answer

Q83) What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) collection for the month of June? Show Answer

Q84) How many characters are present in Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? Show Answer

Q85) What is India's GST collection for the month of July 2023? Show Answer

Q86) As per recent data, which country is the largest source of Human Hair (raw material) in the world? Show Answer

Q87) Which institution issued guidelines to strengthen cyber security and cyber resilience framework for stock exchanges? Show Answer

Q88) As per the recent Asian Development Outlook (ADO) update, what is the 2022-23 growth projection for India's economy? Show Answer

Q89) Which organisation has announced USD 14 billion fund to fight food security crisis in Asia Pacific? Show Answer

Q90) Which institution launched the Sustainability Perception Index (SPeX) for MSMEs? Show Answer

Q91) Which institution regulates the credit rating agencies and their functioning in India? Show Answer

Q92) Which insurance company has launched satellite index-based Farm Yield Insurance Policy? Show Answer

Q93) Which institution released the 'Handbook of Statistics on Indian States 2021-22'? Show Answer

Q94) As per the recent OECD report, what is the GDP forecast for India for FY23? Show Answer

Q95) What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI)-based retail inflation for November in India? Show Answer

Q96) What is the total amount raised by the Government through disinvestment and strategic sale of PSEs since 2014? Show Answer

Q97) Which company along with SIDBI launched ranking model for MSMEs to predict their probability of becoming NPA? Show Answer

Q98) As per the Minimum Public Shareholding (MPS) norm, what is the minimum public float for all listed companies? Show Answer

Q99) Which institution announced to issue 'Sovereign Green Bonds'? Show Answer

Q100) India started probe into dumping of which products by China and Hong Kong? Show Answer

Q101) Which organisation forecasted the global growth in 2023 to be 2.7%? Show Answer

Q102) What was India's trade deficit with China in the year 2022? Show Answer

Q103) Which institution released the report titled 'State Finances: A Study of Budgets'? Show Answer

Q104) US-based Hindenburg Research published a report accusing which business group for stock manipulation? Show Answer

Q105) The 'Foreign Trade Policy 2023' aims to boost India's merchandise and services exports by 2030 by? Show Answer

Q106) What is the rate of interest payable in General Provident Fund (GPF) for the April to June 2023 quarter? Show Answer

Q107) Which institution launched 'e-Appeal scheme 2023'? Show Answer

Q108) Which Indian organisation is set to become International Social Security Association (ISSA) affiliate? Show Answer

Q109) Which Indian PSU has made significant progress in Forbes' "The Global 2000" List for 2023 by ascending 52 places? Show Answer

Q110) Which Indian institution nudged Google and Apple to secure mobile devices for financial transactions? Show Answer

Q111) The Export Policy of 'Non-Basmati White Rice' has been changed from 'Free with export duty of 20%' to which state? Show Answer

Q112) IMF has raised forecast for India's GDP growth for the current fiscal to? Show Answer

Q113) HSN code 8471, which was seen in the news, includes which category of products in trade? Show Answer

Q114) What is the new timeline for shares to be listed post-IPO closure? Show Answer

Q115) As per a recent SBI Research report, what is the expected per capita income of Indian in FY47? Show Answer

Q116) Which Indian company signed MoU with Skoda Group for a joint venture to produce components for Indian railway and public mobility? Show Answer

Q117) In the August, the number of UPI transactions performed which milestone? Show Answer

Q118) Which institution launched a new 'SupTech initiative' named 'DAKSH'? Show Answer

Q119) As of 2022, what is the estimated insurance penetration in India? Show Answer

Q120) As per the recent RBI guidelines, what is the minimum capital requirement for setting up an asset reconstruction company (ARC)? Show Answer

Q121) Which institution regulates the 'KYC Registration Agencies (KRA)'? Show Answer

Q122) Which month's GST collection reached the second highest mark after April 2022? Show Answer

Q123) Which cryptocurrency exchange recently collapsed leading to loss of billions in crypto market? Show Answer

Q124) As per GST Act, states are assured for compensation for loss of revenue regarding GST, up to how many years? Show Answer

Q125) Who is the chairperson of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council? Show Answer

Q126) Which institution has set up 'Central Excise and Service Tax Settlement Commission'? Show Answer

Q127) Which Department under the 'Ministry of Finance' notifies changes in rates on small savings schemes? Show Answer

Q128) One 97 Communications is the parent entity of which financial service company? Show Answer

Q129) Which institution issues the Sovereign Green Bonds (SGrBs) on behalf of the government? Show Answer

Q130) What is the disinvestment target of the Finance ministry for the year 2023-24? Show Answer

Q131) Which institution along with the UN Women launched a new programme called 'FinEMPOWER'? Show Answer

Q132) Who was appointed as the chairman of Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA)? Show Answer

Q133) Which institution along with Bank for International Settlements (BIS) launched 'G20 TechSprint'? Show Answer

Q134) 'PMJJBY, PMSBY and APY' were launched in which year? Show Answer

Q135) Which institution proposed a 'Framework for Unexplained Suspicious Trading Pattern'? Show Answer

Q136) What is the name of tariff levied on imported goods to offset subsidies given to producers of the goods in exporting country? Show Answer

Q137) Which institution announced a framework for acceptance of Green Deposits? Show Answer

Q138) Which company has been recently upgraded to the status of Navratna CPSE (in May 2023)? Show Answer

Q139) Which institution introduced a comprehensive testing framework for IT systems of stock exchanges? Show Answer

Q140) Which organisation introduced six new mutual fund strategies under ESG theme? Show Answer

Q141) As of 2023, how many people were declared as Fugitive Economic Offenders in India? Show Answer

Q142) What is the new brand identity of Tata for its electric vehicle business? Show Answer

Q143) What is the name of the blockchain-based project launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)? Show Answer

Q144) Which company has undertaken India's largest ever acquisition in infrastructure and materials sector by acquiring Ambuja Cements and ACC? Show Answer

Q145) As of 2022, what is the average time of conclusion of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Processes (CIRPs) in India? Show Answer

Q146) What is the upper limit of the 'UPI Lite' payment transaction? Show Answer

Q147) 'Dilip Asbe' has been reappointed as the MD & CEO of which institution? Show Answer

Q148) Which company signed agreements to acquire Metro Cash & Carry? Show Answer

Q149) Which institution released the regulatory framework for online bond platform providers? Show Answer

Q150) As per the recent NSO data, what is India's gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the July-September quarter of 2022-23? Show Answer

Q151) As per a recent report by PayNearby, UPI transactions rose by how much percent in semi-urban and urban sectors? Show Answer

Q152) Which is the fund manager of the Bharat Bond ETF (exchange traded fund)? Show Answer

Q153) What is the GDP forecast for 2022-23 for India, as per the World Bank India Development Update? Show Answer

Q154) Which institution has recently cautioned that India's fiscal space is at risk? Show Answer

Q155) Which Insurance company launched an 'Organ donation initiative' and relay marathon called Zindagi Express? Show Answer

Q156) Which institution developed the Unified payments interface (UPI) payment system? Show Answer

Q157) Which company has signed a 3 billion euro contract to supply and service freight trains in India? Show Answer

Q158) Which institution introduced a blocking of funds facility for trading in secondary markets? Show Answer

Q159) Which institution released the 'Stressed Assets Securitisation Framework'? Show Answer

Q160) WAPCOS, an engineering consultancy and construction services firm under which Union Ministry? Show Answer

Q161) Which public sector enterprise announced financial support of Rs. 3,045 crores to Bangalore Metro? Show Answer

Q162) Which institution has filed papers with SEBI for IPO? Show Answer

Q163) India recently launched the trade transaction in rupees with which country? Show Answer

Q164) What is the Retail inflation, based on Consumer Price Index (CPI), in June 2023? Show Answer

Q165) What per cent of GST is levied on cancer-fighting drugs, medicines for rare diseases, and food products for special medical purposes? Show Answer

Q166) Advance Authorization Scheme, is implemented and administered by which institution? Show Answer

Q167) Foxconn subsidiary inked Rs. 1,600 crore deal with which state to set up electronic components manufacturing facility? Show Answer

Q168) What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on full face value of online gaming? Show Answer

Q169) Which institution introduces a new online dispute resolution (ODR) system? Show Answer

Q170) India has settled its first-ever crude oil payment to which country in local currency? Show Answer

Q171) Which institution launched Centralised Web Portal 'UDGAM'? Show Answer

Q172) What is the recent rating on India, as per Moody's Investors Service? Show Answer

Q173) Which institution has invited comments on the proposed common ITR form? Show Answer

Q174) Who regulates the Credit information companies (CICs) in India? Show Answer

Q175) Which Department of the Finance Ministry releases the Post Devolution Revenue Deficit (PDRD) Grant? Show Answer

Q176) BSNL has received approval for a deal with which company to launch 4G services in India? Show Answer

Q177) Which institution launched 'NPS Prosperity Planner' to calculate retirement Income? Show Answer

Q178) What is the name given to a business with a value more than USD 10 billion? Show Answer

Q179) International Finance Corporation (IFC) has extended a USD 400-million loan to which company in India? Show Answer

Q180) 'Financial Stability report (FSR)' is a flagship publication of which institution? Show Answer

Q181) Which institution releases the 'Digital Payments Index'? Show Answer

Q182) 'TReDS' is an electronic platform that facilitates the transactions for which entitites? Show Answer

Q183) QR Code-based Coin Vending Machine, which was announced recently, dispenses coins using which technology? Show Answer

Q184) Which institution recently released guidelines on climate risk and sustainable finance? Show Answer

Q185) Which institution launched the 'Country Partnership Strategy' for India? Show Answer

Q186) What is the maximum limit of instant transactions made using UPI LITE wallet? Show Answer

Q187) Which Indian has been selected as External Auditor of International Labour Organization (ILO)? Show Answer

Q188) What is the Wholesale Price Index (WPI)-based inflation in India in February 2023? Show Answer

Q189) Which is the first platform to launch 'UPI LITE payments'? Show Answer

Q190) Which institution launched the 'Government Securities Lending Directions, 2023'? Show Answer

Q191) 'SCORES' is the grievance redressing platform of which institution? Show Answer

Q192) Which institution released a consultation paper on Consolidated Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework (CSCRF)? Show Answer

Q193) Which Union Ministry launched the CRCS Sahara Portal? Show Answer

Q194) Which Indian company has received claims worth INR 240 billion rupees (USD 2.9 billion) from creditors? Show Answer

Q195) What number of Income Tax Returns were filed for AY 2023-2024 in India? Show Answer

Q196) Which company has introduced India's first UPI-ATM in partnership with NPCI? Show Answer

Q197) Who is the head of the FPI Advisory Committee (FAC), recently formed by SEBI? Show Answer

Q198) What is the new deadline for third party apps to comply with UPI Market share guidelines? Show Answer