Practice Test

Q1) Statement :
In case of any difficulty about this case, you may contact our company's lawyer.
Assumptions :
(I) Each company has a lawyer of its own.
(II) The company's lawyer is thoroughly briefed about this case. Show Answer

Q2) Statement :
" The programme will start at 6 p.m. but you come there upto 7 p.m. also and still there is no problem.
Assumptions :
(I) The programme will continue even after 7 p.m.
(II) The programme may not even start by that time. Show Answer

Q3) Statement :
Health is the foundation of well-being, virtue, prosperity, wealth, happiness and salvation.
Assumptions :
(I) Happiness results in health and well-being.
(II) People desire to be happy, prosperous and virtuous. Show Answer

Q4) Statements :
Last century was the century of fundamental rights and let the forthcoming century become that of excellence. -- An appeal from a noted lawyer.
Assumptions :
(I) Every century should be marked for a particular purpose.
(II) The human race is ready to focus its attention on aiming an excellence in every sphere of life. Show Answer

Q5) Statement :
The private bus services in the city has virtually collapsed because of the ongoing strike of its employees.
Assumptions :
(I) Going on strikes has become the right of every employee.
(II) People no more require the services of private bus operators. Show Answer

Q6) Statement :
Nobody can predict as to how long our country would take to contain the unfortunate and disastrous terrorist activities.
Assumptions :
(I) It is impossible to put an end to terrorist activities.
(II) Efforts to control the terrorist activities are on.
Show Answer

Q7) Statement :
You know that your suit is excellent when people ask about your tailor who tailored the suit.
Assumptions :
(I) People do not ask about your tailor if your suit is not good.
(II) The people want to know the criteria of an excellent suit. Show Answer

Q8) Statement :
Even with the increase in the number of sugar factories in India, we still continue to import sugar.
Assumptions :
(I) The consumption of sugar per capita has increased in India.
(II) Many of the factories are not in a position to produce sugar to their fullest capacity. Show Answer

Q9) Statement :
Highly brilliant and industrious students do not always excel in the written examination.
Assumption :
(I) The written examination is good mainly for mediocre students.
(II) The brilliant and industrious students cannot always write good answer in the exam. Show Answer

Q10) Statement :
The coffee powder of company X is quite better in taste than the much advertised coffee of company Y.
Assumptions :
(I) If your product is not good, you spend more on advertisement.
(II) Some people are tempted to buy a product by the advertisement. Show Answer

Q11) Statement :
I can take you quickly from Kanpur to Lucknow by my cab but then you must pay me double the normal charges.
Assumptions :
(I) Normally, it will take more time to reach Lucknow from Kanpur.
(II) People want to reach quickly but they will not pay extra money for it. Show Answer

Q12) Statement :
The civic authority appealed to the people for reduction in usage of water as there may be an acute shortage during the coming weeks.
Assumptions :
(I) There will be no rain in recent future.
(II) The people are ready to follow the advice of the civic authority. Show Answer

Q13) Statement :
If the city bus which runs between Cheka Naka and Vande Park is extended to Shrmanagar, it will be convenient. -- Appeal of residents of Cheka Naka to the city bus company.
Assumptions :
(I) The convenience of the city bus company is much more important than the needs of the consumer.
(II) The city bus company is indifferent to the aspirations of the residents of Shrmanagar. Show Answer

Q14) Statement :
When is Manohar's birthday ?
Assumptions :
(I) Manohar'a father was born on 15-8-1947.
(II) Manohar is 25 years younger to his mother. Show Answer

Q15) Statement :
Like a mad man, I decided to follow him.
Assumptions :
(I) I am not a mad man.
(II) I am a mad man. Show Answer

Q16) Statement :
All the employees are notified that the organisation will provide transport facilities at half the cost from the nearby railway station to the office except those who have been provided with travelling allowance.
Assumptions :
(I) Most of the employees will travel by the office transport.
(II) Those who are provided with travelling allowance will not read such notice. Show Answer

Q17) Statement :
An advertisement of a Bank " Want to open a bank account ! Just dial our 'room service' and we will come at your doorsteps. "
Assumptions :
(I)There is a section of people who require such service at their home.
(II) Now-a-days banking has become very competitive. Show Answer

Q18) Statement :
Government has permitted unaided colleges to increase their fees.
Assumptions :
(I) Unaided colleges are in financial difficulties.
(II) Aided colleges do not need to increase fees. Show Answer

Q19) Statement :
The civic authority appealed to the people for reduction in usage of water as there may be an acute shortage during the coming weeks.
Assumptions :
(I) There will be no rain in the immediate future.
(II) The people are ready to follow the advice of the civic authority. Show Answer

Q20) Statement :
The government is making efforts to boost tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.
Assumptions :
(I) Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir dropped following political unrest.
(II) Special discount in the air fare have been announced. Show Answer

Q21) Statement :
Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.
Assumptions :
(I) There are unemployed youth in India who need monetary support.
(II) The government has sufficient funds to provide allowance to all unemployed youth. Show Answer

Q22) Statement :
Retired persons should not be appointed for executive posts in other organizations.
Assumptions :
(I) Retired persons may lack the zeal and commitment to carry out executive's work.
(II) Retired persons do not take interest in the work and welfare of the new organizations. Show Answer

Q23) Statement :
Government aided schools should have uniformity in charging various fees.
Assumptions :
(I) The government's subsidy comes from the money collected by way of taxes from people.
(II) The government while giving subsidy may have stipulated certain uniform conditions regarding fees. Show Answer

Q24) Statement :
The KLM company has decided to go for tax-free and taxable bonds to raise its money.
(I) The KLM company has already explored other sources to raise money.
(II) The products of KLM company have little competition in the market. Show Answer

Q25) Statement :
It is felt that when the airline is facing stiff competition coupled with a precarious financial position, the top level posts should be kept open for outside professionals than internal candidates.
Assumptions :
(I) Internal candidates aspire only getting promotions, without much contribution.
(II) Experienced professionals are more likely to handle the problems of the airline. Show Answer

Q26) Statement :
Lack of stimulation in the first four - five years of life can have adverse consequences.
Assumptions :
(I) A great part of the development of observed intelligence occurs in the earliest years of life.
(II) 50 percent of the measurable intelligence at the age of 17 is already predictable by the age of four. Show Answer

Q27) Statement :
Take this 'oven' home and you can prepare very tasty dishes which you were unable to prepare earlier -An advertisement of X brand oven.
Assumptions :
(I) The user knows the procedure recipe of tasty dishes but does not have the proper oven to cook.
(II) Only 'X' brand oven can cook very tasty dishes. Show Answer

Q28) Statement :
Who rises from the prayer a better man, his prayer is answered.
Assumptions :
(I) Prayer makes a man more human.
(II) Prayer atones all of our misdeeds. Show Answer

Q29) Statement :
A notice : " Use of cell phones and pagers is not allowed inside the auditorium. Please switch off such device while you are inside the auditorium.
Assumptions :
(I) All those who have such devices will switch them off before they take their seat in the auditorium.
(II) Generally people do not bring such devices when they come to attend functions in the auditorium. Show Answer

Q30) Statement :
Dengue cannot be eradicated from our city unless we create a special 'Health-squad' for it.
Assumptions :
(I) Dengue is harmful.
(II) Creating Health-squad is impossible. Show Answer

Q31) Statement :
A warning : " Do not smoke in public places as it is a cognizable offence in our country.
Assumptions :
(I) People often neglect such warnings.
(II) People do not understand the implications of committing a cognizable offence. Show Answer

Q32) Statement :
The state government 'X' is committed to restrict smoke levels on the roads of the metropolis as per the desired parameters.
Assumptions :
(I) It is possible to determine the smoke levels.
(II) A committed government can carry forward welfare measures for its people. Show Answer

Q33) Statement :
Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.
Assumptions :
(I) There are unemployed youth in India who need monetary support.
(II) The government has sufficient funds to provide allowance to all unemployed youth. Show Answer

Q34) Statement :
A Notice Board at a ticket window ; 'Please come in queue.'
Assumptions :
(I) Unless instructed people will not form queue.
(II) People any way want to purchase tickets. Show Answer

Q35) Statement :
The Government of India has decided to start a track II dialogue with its neighbour to reduce tension in the area.
Assumptions :
(I) The neighbouring country may agree to participate in the track II dialogue.
(II) The people involved in track II dialogue may be able to persuade their respective Governments. Show Answer

Q36) Statement :
The X-Airlines has temporarily suspended flights to a few destinations for the next four days due to the strike call given by the pilots' Association.
Assumptions :
(I) The airlines may be able to restore all the flights after four days.
(II) The pilots' Association may withdraw the strike call within four days. Show Answer

Q37) Statement :
Try to steal this camera from our store -- a display on a departmental store.
Assumptions :
(I) People want to own a camera.
(II) The store has a video monitoring system to detect stealing. Show Answer

Q38) Statement :
Never before such a lucid book was available on the topic.
Assumptions :
(I) Some other books were available on this topic.
(II) You can write lucid books on very few topics. Show Answer

Q39) Statement :
" Get rid of your past for future, get our new-generation fridge at a discount in exchange of old ". -- An advertisement.
Assumptions :
(I) The sales of the new fridge may increase in the coming months.
(II) People prefer to exchange future with past. Show Answer

Q40) Statement :
The party president has directed that no member of the party will give press briefing or interviews to government and private T.V. channels about the discussion in scheduled meeting of the party.
Assumptions :
(I) Party members will observe this directive of the president.
(II) The general public will not come to know about the happenings in the scheduled meeting of the party. Show Answer

Q41) Statement :
The end of a financial year is the ideal time to take a look at the performance of various companies.
Assumptions :
(I) All the companies take such a review at the end of a financial year.
(II) The performance data of various companies is available. Show Answer

Q42) Statement :
" We have the distinction of being the only company in India as well as the second in the world to have won an ISO-9002 quality certification in our line of business" - Statement of company X's Chairman.
Assumptions :
(I) There were not many companies in the line of business of company 'X'.
(II) Getting ISO-9002 in the line of business of Company 'X' is not easy.
(III) The company 'X' desires to expand its business. Show Answer

Q43) Statement :
India's economic growth has come at a terrible price of increased industrial and vehicular pollution.
Assumptions :
(I) Pollution is a part of industrial society.
(II) Indian economic growth is based on only industrial growth.
(III) A country desires economic growth with manageable side-effects. Show Answer

Q44) Statement :
In view of the recent spurt in sugar price in the open market, the government has asked the dealers to release a vast quantity of imported sugar in the open market.
Assumptions :
(I) The dealers will follow the government directive.
(II) The sugar prices will come down.
(III) The price of indigenous sugar will remain unchanged. Show Answer

Q45) Statement :
" Buy pure and natural honey of company X " - an advertisement in a newspaper.
Assumptions :
(I) Artificial honey can be prepared.
(II) People do not mind paying more for pure and natural honey.
(III) No other company supplies pure honey. Show Answer

Q46) Statement :
" Fly with us and experience the pleasure of flying " - an advertisement by an airlines.
Assumptions :
(I) More passengers may be attracted to travel by the airline after reading the advertisement.
(II) People generally may prefer an enjoyable flight.
(III) Other airlines may not be offering the same facilities. Show Answer

Q47) Statement :
" We do not want you to see our product in newspaper, visit our shop to get a full view " - an advertisement.
Assumptions :
(I) People generally decide to purchase any product after seeing the name in the advertisement.
(II) Uncommon appeal may attract the customers.
(III) People may come to see the product. Show Answer

Q48) Statement :
" Use Riya cold cream for fair complexion " - an advertisement.
Assumptions :
(I) People like to use cream for fair complexion.
(II) People are easily fooled.
(III) People respond to advertisements. Show Answer

Q49) Statement :
" Smoking is injurious to health " - a warning printed on the cigarette packets.
Assumptions :
(I) People read printed matter on the cigarette packet.
(II) People take careful note of warning.
(III) Non-smoking promotes health. Show Answer

Q50) Statement :
Despite heavy rains, traffic has not been distributed.
Assumptions :
(I) Rains do not affect traffic movement.
(II) Adequate precautions were taken for traffic management during the rainy season. Show Answer

Q51) Statement :
Many historians have done more harm than good by distorting truth.
Assumptions :
(I) People believe what is written in the history books.
(II) Historians are seldom expected to depict the truth. Show Answer

Q52) Statement :
It is not always truth that adoption of sophisticated technology increases production efficiency.
Assumptions :
(I) Adopting of sophisticated technology is not difficult thing to achieve.
(II) Production efficiency can be achieved by getting rid of sophisticated technology. Show Answer

Q53) Consider the following statement :
" Though quite expensive, television is not a luxury item, as one can learn many things through television."
Which one of the following is a valid inference from the above statement ? Show Answer

Q54) Statement :
An advertisement : "Fly X airway whenever yo decide to go places, Our fares are lesser than train fares".
I. People prefer to travel by air when the fares are reasonable.
II The fares of other airlines are costlier than those of X airways. Show Answer

Q55) Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the statement given below?
Statement: The dietician advised. Eat healthy and avoid Junk food to stay fit.
Assumption (I): Junk food isn't healthy.
Assumption (II): Healthy food habits prevent a person from many diseases.
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Q56) Given below is a statement followed by 2 assumptions. Choose the assumption that is implicit from the given statement by selecting a relevant option.
statement: Central Government has imposed more tax on alcohol and tabacco products in the recently announced budget.
(I) Alcohol and tabacco products are not abundantly available in India.
(II) Alcoholic beverage and tabacco products are very cheap in India. Show Answer