Practice Test

1) How many passengers were in the Bus in the beginning ?

2) How many passengers were there before alighting the passengers at Tamalwadi ?

3) If the capacity of the Bus is 54 seats, how many passengers were standing ?

4) How many passengers alighted at solapur bus - stand ?

5) How many 6's are there in the above sequence which are immediately
preceded by 3

6) How many 6's are there in the above sequence or number series which are immediately followed by 3 ?

7) In the above number series, how many times the odd numbers occur ?

8) How many couples of numbers are there whose addition become 12 between the consecutive numbers ?

9) How many pairs are there whose product is 27 between the consecutive numbers ?

10) How many 3's are there in the above number series which are neither immediately preceded by 6 nor followed by 9 ?

11) Which is the seventh letter from right to the twelfth of left ?

12) As per question 11's arrangement which is the sixteenth letter from left to the eight of right ?

13) As per question 11's arrangement take fifth, tenth and twentieth letters and prepare a meaningful word and write the first letter of that word.

14) As per arrangement of question II, G letter from JUG is

15) A _railway ticket costs Rs. 17.50 for 2 adults and a child. The child's ticket is half of an adult's ticket. What is the cost of an adult's ticket ?

16) A student multiplied a number by 5, but practically he would have divided it by 5. The student got his answer as 5. What is the correct answer ?

17) By working 10 hours daily, 12 men finish the work in 7 days. If the same work is to be finished by 15 men in 28 days, how many hours have they to work daily ?

18) There are 150 students in a group. 80% students speak English, and the rest of the students speak Hindi. 25% of English speaking students speak Hindi too. What is the total number of Hindi-speaking students ?

19) Multiply
0.092 x 0.04 x 0.04 = ?

20) Govind has two sons. Four years ago Govind 's age was three times of his elder son's age. now after four years his elder son's age will be twice the age of his younger son. If his younger son is 8 years old today, how old is Govind today ?

21) Name the two boys, who play all the games ?

22) Which game play all the boys ?

23) Who doesn't play Football game ?

24) Who doesn't play Basketball game ?

25) Who doesn't play Hockey and Basketball games ?

26) Who doesn't play Hockey game ?

27) Name the two boys, who do not play Basket ball ?

28) Name the two boys, who play only three games ?

29) How many girls are pass in three subjects ?

30) Who does pass in all the four subjects ?

31) Who does fail in English subject ?

32) Who does fail in Science Subject ?

33) Name the three girls, who fail in Hindi subjects ?

34) Who fails in both English and Hindi subjects ?

35) How many girls fail in two subjects ?

36) How many girls fail in only one subjects ?

37) How many girls pass in only two subjects ?

38) In which subject all the girls pass ?

39) How is 'C' related to 'G' ?

40) What is E's profession ?

41) How many male members are in the family ?

42) Which of the following is the married couple ?

43) How is F related to G ?

44) If the team is to be constituted of one male advocate, one male doctor, one lady doctor and two teachers, the team will consist of

45) If the team is to consist of two male advocates, two lady doctors and one teacher, the members of the team will be

46) If the team consists of two advocates, two doctors, two teachers and not more than three ladies, the members of the team will be

47) If the team is to consist of one advocate, two doctors, three teachers and C may not go with T, the members of the team will be

48) If the team is to consist of one advocate, three doctors, one male teacher, the members of the team will be

49) Who is the housewife ?

50) Which is the group of females ?

51) Which of the following statements is true about the granddaughter of the family ?

52) What is the relation between P and R ?

53) How is R related to U ?

54) Which day will the chemistry man perform ?

55) The experiment will start with which discipline ?

56) Which day will be rest day ?

57) Physics will be preceded by which discipline ?

58) Which of the following is the correct sequence of the scientists performing ?

59) Between which of the two disciplines a day's rest will be required ?

60) What is the discipline of F ?

61) How is P related to Q ?

62) Who is the doctor in the group ?

63) Who of the following is the married pair ?

64) Which of the group of two given below represents the husbands ?

65) What is the occupation of T ?

66) Who is A's girl friend ?

67) With whom is P friendly ?

68) Who is S's boy friend ?

69) Who does not like C ?

70) Who does not like 'A' ?

71) Where does Prem live and what is his profession ?

72) What is Trilok by profession ?

73) Who lives in London and what is his profession ?

74) Which is the 6th integer ?

75) P is as much greater than U as which integer is less than V ?

76) The integer A is as much greater than R as R is greater than T ?

77) The greatest possible value of R is how much greater than the smallest possible value of S ?

78) If the value of the greatest integer is 9 what is the value of T ?

79) Which pair of the following letters are on the opposite sides ?

80) The four letters adjacent to the side having letter G are

81) The letter on the top side is

82) If the opposite sides have to be painted of the same colour how many colours are required ?

83) If the opposite sides have to be painted of the same colour and if the side having the letter G is painted green which other side will have the same colour ? The side having the letter ?

84) Who is the tallest ?

85) If arranged heightwise in descending order who is the third ?

86) Which of the following statements is true about F ?

87) Which of the following groups of friends is shorter than A ?

88) Who is the lightest ?

89) Who among the teachers was teaching maximum number of subjects ?

90) More than two teachers were teaching which subject ?

91) Which of the following pairs was teaching both Geography and Hindi ?

92) D, B and A were teaching which of the following subjects ?

93) Who among teachers was teaching less than two subjects ?

94) Four girls are sitting on the bench to be photographed. S is to left of R. M is to the right of T and T is between R and M. Who would be the second from the left.

95) Who is at the extreme left end ?

96) Who is the middle ?

97) Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a closed circle facing the center. A is facing D and C is between A and B. Also F is between E and A. Who is to the immediate left of B ?

98) Compare the knowledge of persons X, Y, Z, A, B and C in relation to each other.
1. X knows more than A.
2. Y knows as much as B.
3. Z knows less than C.
4. A knows more than Y
The best knowledgesable person amongst all is :

99) In a examination Raju got more marks than Mukund but not as many as Priya. Priya got more than Gaurao and Kavita. Gaurao got less marks than Mukund but his marks are not the lowest in the group. Who is the second in the descending order of marks ?

100) Among five boys, Vineet is taller than Manik, but not as tall as Ravi. Jacob is taller than Dilip but shorter than Manik. Who is the tallest in their group ?

101) If (i) P is taller than Q.
(ii) R is shorter than P.
(iii) S is taller than T but shorter than Q, then who among them is the tallest ?

102) Ashish is heavier than Govinnd. Mohit is lighter than Jack. Pawan is heavier than Jack but lighter than Govind. Who among them is the heaviest ?