Practice Test

1) Assertion (A): It's colder on mountains than it is on plains.
Reason (R): It's colder on mountains than it is on plains.

2) Assertion (A): When lightning strikes, the sound is heard a little after the flash is seen.
Reason (R): The velocity of light is greater than that of the sound.

3) Assertion (A): Inside the earth metals are present in molten state.
Reason (R): Earth absorbs the sun's rays.

4) Assertion (A): A ship rises as it enters the sea from a river.
Reason (R): The density of sea water is higher as compared to river water.

5) Assertion (A): AIDS does not have a vaccine.
Reason (R): The AIDS virus alters its genetic code.

6) Assertion (A): Indian President is the head of the State.
Reason (R): Indian Parliament consists of the President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

7) Assertion (A): Clothes are not washed properly in hot water.
Reason (R): Hard water contains many minerals.

8) Assertion (A): The British sovereignty continued to exist in free India.
Reason (R): The British sovereign appointed the last Governor General of free India.

9) Assertion (A): In India, females have higher life expectancy than the males.
Reason (R): Females receive a better diet.

10) Assertion (A): Sprouting should not be done before consuming the grains.
Reason (R): Sprouting kills many vital vitamins.

11) Assertion (A): On 26th January, 1950, the Indian Constitution came into force.
Reason (R): 26th January is celebrated as the Republic Day.

12) Assertion (A): Appendix is a vestigial organ in human body.
Reason (R): It does not participate in digestion.

13) Assertion (A): Pipes carrying water often burst in cold countries during severe winter.
Reason (R): Water expands on freezing.

14) Assertion (A): Himalayas used to lay under the sea.
Reason (R): Fossils of various marine creatures are traced on the Himalayas.

15) Assertion (A): An electric bulb makes a 'bang’ when it is broken.
Reason (R): The air inside the bulb rushes out immediately on breaking.

16) Assertion (A): Shivaji developed the guerrilla Warfare.
Reason (R): Shivaji feared the Mughals.

17) Assertion (A): Salt is an ingredient used to cook food at higher altitudes.
Reason (R):
Temperature is lower at higher altitudes.

18) Assertion (A): Legumes revive the soil fertility.
Reason (R): Microbes in the root nodules of legumes fix the atmospheric nitrogen.

19) Assertion (A): Carbon monoxide when inhaled causes death.
Reason (R): Carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin.

20) Assertion (A): Pressure cookers are fitted with ebonite handles.
Reason (R): Ebonite is strong.

21) Assertion (A): Diamond is used for cutting glass.
Reason (R): Diamond has a high refractive index.

22) Assertion (A): Pluto is the coldest planet
Reason (R): It receives slanting rays of-the sun.

23) Assertion(A): Bangladesh imports jute from India.
Reason (R): Bangladesh has most of the jute mills.

24) Assertion (A): Eskimos reside in igloos.
Reason (R): No other material except snow is available.

25) Assertion(A): Graphite is slippery and used as a lubricant.
Reason (R): Graphite has free electrons.

26) Assertion (A): We feel comfortable in hot and humid climate.
Reason (R): Sweat evaporates faster in humid climate.

27) Assertion (A): Simla is colder than Delhi.
Reason (R): Simla is at a higher altitude as compared to Delhi.

28) Assertion (A): We prefer to wear white clothes in winter.
Reason (R): White clothes are good reflectors of heat.

29) Assertion (A): Silver is not used to make electric wires.
Reason (R): Silver is a bad conductor.

30) Assertion (A): Legumes revive the soil fertility.
Reason (R): Microbes in the root nodules of legumes fix the atmospheric nitrogen.

31) Assertion(A): Tamil Nadu gets most of the rainfall in winter.
Reason (R): Tamil Nadu gets rainfall from retreating monsoons.

32) Assertion (A): Increase in carbon dioxide would melt polar ice.
Reason (R): Global temperature would rise.

33) Assertion (A): There is no vaccine for AIDS.
Reason (R): The AIDS virus changes its genetic code.

34) Assertion (A): An iron ball floats on mercury but gets immersed in water.
Reason (R): The specific gravity of iron is more than that of mercury.

35) Assertion (A): Himalayas once laid under the sea.
Reason (R): Fossils of marine creatures are traced on the Himalayas.

36) Assertion (A): When the bus starts, the person inside it falls forward.
Reason (R): The bus pushes the man forward.

37) Assertion(A): When common salt is kept open, it absorbs moisture from the air.
Reason (R): Common salt contains magnesium chloride.

38) Assertion (A): Cotton is grown in alluvial soils.
Reason (R): Alluvial soils are very fertile.

39) Assertion (A): Carbon monoxide when inhaled causes death.
Reason (R): Carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin.

40) Assertion (A): Weeds should not be allowed to grow along with the crops.
Reason (R): Weeds leave no space for plants to grow.

41) Assertion (A): Glass tumbler breaks in winter when hot water is poured in it.
Reason (R): When hot water is poured, the outer surface of glass expands.

42) Assertion (A): Leakages in household gas cylinders can be detected.
Reason (R): LPG has a strong smell.

43) Assertion(A): The steam engine was invented by James Watt.
Reason (R): There was a problem of taking out water from flooded mines.

44) Assertion (A): Cut fruits and vegetables should not be kept in open for long.
Reason (R) : Their vitamin content is ruined.

45) Assertion (A): Razia Sultan was the daughter of Iltutmish.
Reason (R): Iltutmish was a rebel.

46) Assertion (A): A little gap is left between iron rails.
Reason (R): Iron expands in summer.

47) Assertion (A): a Vaccines prevent diseases.
Reason (R): Vaccines must be given to children.

48) Assertion (A): a Leaves of plants are green.
Reason (R): Plants contain chromoplasts, the green pigment.

49) Assertion (A): Most of the Himalayan rivers are perennial.
Reason (R): They are fed by melting snow.