Practice Test

Q1) Statements :
A) All Scientist are whimsical.
B) All whimsical persons are egoistic.
Conclusion :
I) All Scientist are egoistic.
II) Some egoistic persons are scientists. Show Answer

Q2) Statements : A) All typists are stenographers
B) Some stenographers are
Conclustion :
I) Some girls are typists.
II) No typist is a girl. Show Answer

Q3) Statements : A) All flowers are stems.
B) All stems are roots.
Conclusions : I) All roots are flowers.
II) All stems are flowers. Show Answer

Q4) Statements : A) All apples are oranges.
B) Some oranges are

Conclusions : I) Some apples are papayas.
II) Some papayas are
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Q5) Statements : A) Some players are singers.
B) All singers are tall.
Conclusions : I) Some players are tall.
II) All players are tall. Show Answer

Q6) Statements : A) All coins are crows.
B) Some crows are pens.

Conclusions : I) No pen is coin.
II) Some coins are pens. Show Answer

Q7) Statements :
All travellers are men. All men are graduates.
Conclusions :
(I) All men are travellers.
(II) All travellers are graduates. Show Answer

Q8) Statements :
All radios are transistors. Some transistors are imported.
Conclusions :
(I) All radios are imported.
(II) All transistors are not radios. Show Answer

Q9) Statements :
Some men are wolves. All wolves are hungry.
Conclusions :
(I) Men are hungry wolves.
(II) All those who are hungry are wolves. Show Answer

Q10) Statements :
Some cooks are bores. All boys are bores.
Conclusion :
(I) Some boys are cooks.
(II) Some cooks are boys. Show Answer

Q11) Statements :
Some dogs bite. All dogs bark.
Conclusions :
(I) Dogs which bite also bark.
(II) Dogs which bark do not necessarily bite. Show Answer

Q12) When Indian cricket team returned from England after the World Cup series, the entire Maharashtra cabinet was at the Wankhede Stadium to applaud. The President and the Prime minister spent considerable time with the team in Delhi.
Conclusions :
(I) The Indian Government initially did not attach much importance to participation of the Indian cricketers in the World Cup.
(II) The Indian cricket team got a rousing reception on their return to India. Show Answer

Q13) Dr. Chandrashekhar was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983 for his work in the 1930's when he was only in his twenties. It dealt with the structure of the so - called ' white dwarfs' the steller bodies left after the collapse of a star.
Conclusions :
(I)The work done by Dr. Chandrashekhar
in the 1930's is still topical.
(II) Outstanding work gets immediate recognition. Show Answer

Q14) " Bombay Doordarshan will telecast the first agency - produced and sponsored ghazal series featuring the country's most popular ghazals from the 12th November 1985" - News item.
Conclusions :
(I) Before this programme, Bombay Doordarshan was not telecasting any ghazal programmes.
(II) Earlier, no agency was willing to get its programmes sponsored on Bombay Doordarshan. Show Answer

Q15) In our Country there are millions of people who watch cricket and millions who talk about it. If so many people are lovers of sports, what is the standard of physical fitness in our country ?
Conclusions :
(I) The standard of physical fitness in our country is very high.
(II) People in our country are more watchers than players. Show Answer

Q16) In 1980, Bombay hosted the Asian boxing Tournament. Indian Boxers were obliged to spend the night on the platform at the Bombay Central station, whereas in 1983 the Indian Cricketers refused to play at Kolhapur because there is no five star hotel there.
Conclusions :
(I) Asian boxing Tournament was poorly organised.
(II) Indian Boxers are not as skillful at boxing as the Indian cricketers at cricket. Show Answer

Q17) Statement I :
John is a cricketer.
Statement II :
Cricketers are athletes.
Conclusion :
So John is an athlete. Show Answer

Q18) Statement I :
Water is a liquid.
Statement II :
This jug contains liquid.
Conclusion :
So this jug contains water. Show Answer

Q19) Statement I :
Amritsar is in Punjab.
Statement II :
Punjab is in India.
Conclusion :
So Amritsar is in India. Show Answer

Q20) Statement I :
Water is liquid.
Statement II :
Rice is of the colour of water.
Conclusion :
So rice is water. Show Answer

Q21) Statement I :
All cell phones are ships.
Statement II :
No coaches are cell phones.
Conclusion :
Therefore, no coaches are ships. Show Answer

Q22) Statement I :
Only those who can score a duck can be great cricketers.
Statement II :
Don Bradman cannot score a duck.
Conclusion :
Therefore, Don Bradman is not a great cricketer. Show Answer

Q23) Statement I :
Bears have cold blood.
Statement II :
Deers have warm blood and can run very fast.
Conclusion :
So, bears are not fast runners. Show Answer

Q24) Statement I :
Most apples are eggs.
Statement II :
Most eggs are bananas.
Conclusion :
Therefore, some apples are bananas. Show Answer

Q25) Statement I :
All Sikhs are Hindus.
Statement II :
No Hindu is a Muslim.
Statement III :
Every Muslim is an Indian.
Conclusion :
Therefore, some Indians are not Sikhs. Show Answer

Q26) Statement I :
If crow's eggs were unreal, men would have horns.
Statement II :
crow's eggs are unreal.
Conclusion :
Therefore, men have no horns. Show Answer

Q27) Statement I :
All stars are made of lime stones.
Statement II :
All stars are satellite of moon.
Conclusion :
Therefore, all satellites of moon are made of limestones. Show Answer

Q28) Statement I :
Most models are beautiful.
Statement II :
Most models have good figure.
Conclusion :
Therefore, some beautiful models have good figure. Show Answer

Q29) Statement I :
Dolly is punjabi.
Statement II :
Dolly dances very well.
Conclusion :
So, punjabis dance very well.
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Q30) Statement I :
I know a football player.
Statement II :
He is bald.
Conclusion :
So, all football players are bald. Show Answer

Q31) Statement I :
No good mathematicians have intelligence.
Statement II :
Almost all crows have intelligence.
Conclusion :
Therefore, most crows are not good mathematicians. Show Answer

Q32) Statement I :
Some swimmers can sing and dance.
Statement II :
No swimmer can weep.
Conclusion :
So, all swimmers who can sing can weep. Show Answer

Q33) Statement I :
If you laugh loudly, you will be punished.
Statement II :
If you do not laugh you will be rewarded.
Conclusion :
So, one should not laugh. Show Answer

Q34) Statement I :
Religion is based on humour.
Statement II :
Humour has nothing to do with hatred.
Conclusion :
So, religion is opposed to hatred. Show Answer

Q35) Statement I :
No cow is black.
Statement II :
Some cows are not white.
Conclusion :
So, some cows are white. Show Answer

Q36) Statement I :
All girls are shy.
Statement II :
She is a girl.
Conclusion :
She is shy. Show Answer

Q37) Statement I :
Master of Arts is a Post-graduate degree.
Statement II :
This pick-pocket is the master of his art.
Conclusion :
So, this pick - pocket is a post-graduate. Show Answer

Q38) Statement I :
Cycles have no pedals.
Statement II :
Ships have no pedals.
Conclusion :
So, ships are cycles. Show Answer

Q39) Statement I :
Every boss is a subordinate.
Statement II :
Every subordinate is a singer.
Conclusion :
So, every boss is a singer. Show Answer

Q40) Statement I :
If the kings of clubs were fat, the queens of heart would be beautiful lass.
Statement II :
The Queens of heart is a beautiful lass.
Conclusion :
Therefore, the Kings of clubs is fat. Show Answer

Q41) Statement I :
No citizen over eighteen can vote.
Statement II :
Shalloo voted.
Conclusion :
So, she is not over eighteen. Show Answer

Q42) Statement I :
Education instils false value.
Statement II :
These values makes man unhappy.
Conclusion :
So, education makes man unhappy. Show Answer

Q43) Statement I :
If India was a communist state, we would all be dead.
Statement II :
We are not all dead.
Conclusion :
Therefore, India is not a communist state. Show Answer

Q44) Statement I :
If two and two make four then all three - horned goats must be black.
Statement II :
Anything that is black must have three heads.
Statement III :
All three headed goats have only one horn.
Conclusion :
Therefore, two and two do not make four. Show Answer

Q45) Statement I :
Only butterflies can fly.
Statement II :
Anything made with butter is a butterfly.
Statement III :
Parachutes are certainly not made with butter.
Conclusion :
Therefore, parachutes cannot fly.
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Q46) Statement I :
Some Chocolates have no kinetic energy.
Statement II :
Anything with kinetic energy is a bike.
Statement III :
Some bikes are chocolates.
Conclusion :
Therefore, some bikes have no kinetic energy.
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Q47) Statement I :
Men eat cheese.
Statement II :
Cheese is used in puddings.
Conclusion :
So, men can make puddings. Show Answer

Q48) Statement I :
All actors are hypocrites.
Statement II :
All hypocrites eat computers.
Statement III :
Some cycles are actors.
Statement IV :
Only mice are cycles.
Conclusion :
Therefore, some mice eat computers. Show Answer

Q49) Statement I :
Sugar has a sweet taste.
Statement II :
Candy has a sweet taste.
Conclusion :
So, candy has a sugar in it. Show Answer

Q50) Statement I :
Every scientist is a computer.
Statement II :
No computer is a human beings.
Conclusion :
Therefore, no human being is a scientist. Show Answer

Q51) Statement I :
All girls are boys.
Statement II :
All boys are sisters.
Statement III :
Some daughters are girls.
Conclusion :
Therefore, some daughters are sisters. Show Answer

Q52) Statement I :
If all books are epics, we could not study physics.
Statement II :
If we can study physics.
Conclusion :
Therefore, no book is an epic. Show Answer

Q53) Statement I :
All cows sing.
Statement II :
All men sing.
Conclusion :
All men are cows. Show Answer

Q54) Statement I :
Masses are people.
Statement II :
Mass is weight.
Conclusion :
Weight are people. Show Answer

Q55) Statement I :
Some girls are models.
Statement II :
All models are women.
Conclusion :
So, some women are girls.
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Q56) Statement I :
The table touches the ground.
Statement II :
My fingers touch the table.
Conclusion :
So, my fingers touch the ground. Show Answer

Q57) Statement I :
The sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.
Statement II :
PQR is a right angled triangle with angle Q equal to 90 degree.
Conclusion :
Angle R is of 30 degrees. Show Answer

Q58) Statement I :
Some flowers are beautiful.
Statement II :
All beautiful flowers are roses.
Conclusion :
Therefore, All flowers are roses. Show Answer

Q59) Statement I :
Early to bed is good for health.
Statement II :
People who go to bed early are generally healthy.
Statement III :
Gopal generally goes to bed early.
Conclusion :
Therefore, Gopal is healthy. Show Answer

Q60) Statement I :
Romeo and Juliet died for each other.
Statement II :
Laila and Majnu also met the same end.
Conclusion :
Love never has a happy ending. Show Answer

Q61) Statement I :
Cigarette smoking often causes cancer.
Statement II :
It also causes other diseases to lungs.
Conclusion :
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Show Answer

Q62) Statement I :
Laughter is the best medicine.
Statement II :
Suman is suffering from cancer.
Statement III :
Suman has brought a book on jokes.
Conclusion :
Laughter would cure him. Show Answer

Q63) Statement I :
Students generally fail in physics.
Statement II :
Neetu has failed in 8th standard.
Conclusion :
She must have failed in physics. Show Answer

Q64) Statement I :
All men go bald when they reach 70.
Statement II :
Some men go bald even at 35.
Statement III :
Sonu is 50.
Conclusion :
Sonu has gone bald. Show Answer

Q65) Statement I :
Puzzles need an alert mind to be solved.
Statement II :
Rajeev solves difficult puzzles within no time.
Conclusion :
Rajeev must be having an alert mind. Show Answer

Q66) Statement I :
God is one.
Statement II :
People patronizing different religions have faith in God.
Conclusion :
All religions came from the same basic conceptions. Show Answer

Q67) Statement I :
Government employees are politically neutral.
Statement II :
Amit is an IAS officer in Chandigarh.
Statement III :
The Chief Minister in Punjab is a Congressman.
Conclusion :
Amit must join the Congress Party. Show Answer

Q68) Statement I :
Black dogs generally have spotted puppies.
Statement II :
Doddy's father is a black dog.
Conclusion :
Doddy must be spotted. Show Answer

Q69) Statement I :
Nobody knows everything about any other person.
Statement II :
Every man's life is best known to himself.
Conclusion :
Autobiographies are better than biographies. Show Answer

Q70) Statement I :
IAS are permanent government servants.
Statement II :
Ministers are elected to hold office for short term.
Conclusion :
IAS are senior to ministers. Show Answer

Q71) Statement I :
Punjab is the land of rivers.
Statement II :
Boating services are available almost everywhere.
Conclusion :
Punjab needs no river bridges. Show Answer

Q72) Statement I :
Crimes occur due to carelessness of police.
Statement II :
The number of crimes occurring in state is increasing.
Conclusion :
Police force in the city is becoming more and more efficient. Show Answer

Q73) Statement I :
Country " X " is our neighbouring country.
Statement II :
Country " Y " is our neighbour too.
Conclusion :
Country " X" and " Y " must be neighbours. Show Answer

Q74) Statement I :
Rajan reports to Rohan in the office.
Statement II :
Rohan works under Seema.
Conclusion :
Seema is senior to Rajan. Show Answer

Q75) Statement I :
India has won the first game in the world Badminton finals.
Statement II :
Emgland has won the second game.
Statement III :
India has won even the third game.
Conclusion :
England will win the fourth game.
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Q76) Statement I :
Vitamins are good for long hair.
Statement II :
Fruits may contain vitamins.
Statement III :
Vegetables may also contain vitamins.
Statement IV :
Oranges are fruits.
Statement V :
Potatoes are vegetables.
Conclusion :
Therefore, those who want to have long hair should eat apples and peas. Show Answer

Q77) Statement I :
True art has power to move.
Statement II :
Music often moves listeners.
Conclusion :
Music is an art. Show Answer

Q78) Statement I :
Out of a group of 10 boys, 6 boys can sing.
Statement II :
4 boys can dance.
Conclusion :
The boys who can sing cannot dance. Show Answer

Q79) Statement I :
Only tough men join army.
Statement II :
Sahil is a tough guy.
Conclusion :
He is bound to join army. Show Answer

Q80) Statement I :
Reema can paint very well.
Statement II :
Reema has won many prizes in dancing too.
Conclusion :
Reema must be very good athlete. Show Answer

Q81) Statement I :
Too much of liberty spoils children
Statement II :
Mr. Singh never beats his son.
Conclusion :
Mr. Singh's son must be very obedient. Show Answer

Q82) Statements :
All grapes are apples. All apples are nuts.
Inferences :
(1) All grapes are nuts.
(2) Some apples are grapes.
(3) All nuts are grapes.
(4) No grape is a nut. Show Answer

Q83) Statements :
No tan is pan. All cans are tanks.
Inferences :
(1) No pan is can.
(2) All tanks are cans.
(3) Some tanks are pans.
(4) Some pans are not tanks. Show Answer

Q84) Statements :
All swords are guns. All guns are bombs.
Inferences :
(1) Some swords are bombs.
(2) Some bombs are swords.
(3) All swords are bombs.
(4) No gun is a bomb. Show Answer

Q85) Statements :
All socks are shoes. All shoes are slippers.
Inferences :
(1) All socks are slippers.
(2) All shoes are socks.
(3) All slippers are socks.
(4) No shoe is sock. Show Answer

Q86) Statements :
Some chairs are windows. No window is sky.
Inferences :
(1) No windows is chair.
(2) No chair is window.
(3) Some windows are sky.
(4) Some chairs are sky. Show Answer

Q87) Statements :
No parrot is crow. All crows are bats.
Inferences :
(1) Some bats are parrot.
(2) All bats are parrot.
(3) Some bats are crows.
(4) Some bats are not crows. Show Answer

Q88) Statements :
All starts are planets. All planets are trees.
Inferences :
(1) All planets are stars.
(2) All stars are trees.
(3) All trees are planets
(4) Some trees are stars. Show Answer

Q89) Statements :
Some chairs are shoes. Some shoes are sticks.
Inferences :
(1) Some chairs are sticks.
(2) No shoes is stick.
(3) All sticks are shoes.
(4) All shoes are chairs. Show Answer

Q90) Statements :
Some mountains are curtains. All curtains are windows.
Inferences :
(1) Some windows are mountains.
(2) Some curtains are windows.
(3) Some windows are not mountains.
(4) All windows are mountain.
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Q91) Statements :
All beds are sofas. All sofas are chairs.
Inferences :
(1) All beds are chairs
(2) Some sofas are beds.
(3) Some chairs are beds.
(4) Some chairs are not beds. Show Answer

Q92) Statements :
Some spectacles are boxes. No bat is a ball. Some boxes are balls.
Inferences :
(1) Some boxes are not bats.
(2) Some bats are spectacles.
(3) No bat is a box.
(4) No ball is a spectacles. Show Answer

Q93) Statements :
All fans are tubelights. No pen is a bulb. Some bulbs are fans.
Inferences :
(1) Some pens are tubelights.
(2) No pen is tubelights.
(3) Some tubelights are fans.
(4) All tubelights are fans.
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Q94) Statements :
Some fruits are vegetables. All liquids are drinks. All drinks are fruits.
Inferences :
(1) Some drinks are vegetables.
(2) Some fruits are liquids.
(3) All liquids are fruits.
(4) No liquid is vegetable. Show Answer

Q95) Statements :
Some books are papers. All plates are records. Some records are books.
Inferences :
(1) Some plates are books.
(2) Some records are papers.
(3) Some papers are plates.
(4) Some books are records. Show Answer

Q96) Statements :
Some books are pens. All pencils are erasers. Some pens are pencils.
Inferences :
(1) Some pencils are books.
(2) Some books are pencils.
(3) No book is eraser.
(4) Some erasers are pens. Show Answer

Q97) Statements :
All chairs are flowers. All flowers are thorns. Some thorns are plants.
Inferences :
(1) All chairs are thorns.
(2) Some plants are flowers.
(3) Some thorns are chairs.
(4) Some flowers are plants. Show Answer

Q98) In the following question, 2 statements are followed by 4 inferences select the one which is the most appropriate.
Statements : All the bracelets sold in XYZ store are mode of gold.
Some of the bracelets of brand 'A' are sold in that store. Show Answer

Q99) Choose the option that logically follows the given 2 statements.
Statement 1: All ducks are hens.
Statement 2: Some ducks are Parrots
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Q100) Which of the conclusion given as options logically follows the given statements?
(i) All chocolates are cakes
(ii) Some chocolates are ice-cream
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Q101) Which of the conclusion given us options logically follows the given statements?
(I) No rates are cats
(II) All mice are rats
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Q102) Which of the conclusion given us options logically follows the given statements?
i. All books are table.
ii. All tables are desks. Show Answer

Q103) Given below are 2 statements followed by 2 conclusion numbered I and II choose the conclusion that logically follows the given statements by selecting a relevant option.
1. Some bags are laptops.
2. Some laptop are Pencils.
I. Some bags are Pencils.
II. No bag is a Pencil. Show Answer

Q104) Given below are 2 statements followed by 2 conclusion numbered I and II choose the conclusion that logically follows the given statements by selecting a relevant option.
(1) All books are pages.
(2) All pages are papers.
(i) All books are papers.
(ii) No books is a papers.
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Q105) Which of the given conclusions logically follows the given statements?
(i) Some papers are bags.
(ii) Some bags are mobile Show Answer