Practice Test

Q1) What should be connected with family education, so as to enhance the results? Show Answer

Q2) Which of the following is necessary in photosynthesis? Show Answer

Q3) From the following, what is the reason for cyber-relationships and other such conditions? Show Answer

Q4) Individualistic family pattern is fastly increasing because of the following ? Show Answer

Q5) What is the basic unit of the society? Show Answer

Q6) Among the following types potato is a Show Answer

Q7) The behavior seen now-a-days in school Show Answer

Q8) In the ecosystem, humans and animals are Show Answer

Q9) A good teaching and learning process can be said when Show Answer

Q10) An EVS teacher wants to disperse the knowledge about Bhopal gas tragedy and its ill effects. What teaching aid should be used here? Show Answer

Q11) While teaching the topic 'Friction' to class V students, a teacher gave a number of examples to explain that friction is also useful to us in many ways. Which one of the following examples was quoted by her incorrectly? Show Answer

Q12) Example of primary consumer is Show Answer

Q13) While teaching the topic 'Air is everywhere" a teacher asks following questions to the students
A. is the air in soil?
B. is the air inside water ?
C. Is the air in our body?
D. is the air inside the bones?
Which one of the following skills is the teacher trying to develop in learners? Show Answer

Q14) Which one of the following teaching strategies will be most effective for maximum involvement of students in teaching the concept of food chain ? Show Answer

Q15) Which of the following bird makes its nest in a hole of tree trunk? Show Answer

Q16) Which of the following bird has a feet for catching the prey? Show Answer

Q17) An EVS teacher wants to disperse the knowledge about germination of seeds. What approach among is more useful ? Show Answer

Q18) There are four below average students in the class. Which one of the following strategies will be most effective to bring them at par with other students ? Show Answer

Q19) I am a bird that suck the nector from the flowers. Who am I? Show Answer

Q20) Which one of the following is a carnivorous plant? Show Answer

Q21) Why is it necessary to make museum visits for school children? Show Answer

Q22) Who comes first in the food chain ? Show Answer

Q23) Pick out the odd animal out of the given Show Answer

Q24) Animals living dual life are known as Show Answer

Q25) Which of the following pairs of life processes occur both in plants and animals? Show Answer

Q26) A science teacher administered a test after teaching 'Respiration' and observed that majority of students did not understand the difference between respiration and breathing, this could be due to reason that Show Answer

Q27) Select the correct statements about snakes
A. Only 4 types of poisonous snakes are found in our country
B. Cobra is a poisonous variety of snake.
C. A poisonous snake has four hollow tooth (fangs) through which the poison enters the body of a person when the snake bites.
D. Medicine for snake bites is made from the snake's poison. Show Answer

Q28) A teacher uses audio-visual aids and physical activities in her teaching because they Show Answer

Q29) An effective teaching-learning will happen in the class when a teacher helps or facilitates to link the knowledge a student has with the new concept to be taught . The objective behind this is to promote Show Answer

Q30) A public school has about two to three children with special needs in every class. Some children are physically or mentally challenged. These children study with other children while sitting in the same class. The public school mentioned above follows which of the following? Show Answer

Q31) One Pashmina shawl is as warm as ..... Normal sweaters and ...... hours are taken to weave a plain Pashmina shawl. Show Answer

Q32) 'Nepenthes' is a plant which traps and eats frogs, insects and even mice. In our country this plant is found in Show Answer

Q33) Growing the same crop over and over and using so many chemicals makes the soil Show Answer

Q34) The animals that are awake at night can see objects Show Answer

Q35) Select the correct statements about elephants herd
A. an elephant herd has mainly females and baby elephants upto 14-15 years
B. An elephant herd comprises members of a particular family
C. The oldest female is the leader of the herd
D. An elephant herd may accommodate any number of female elephant and young ones. Show Answer

Q36) Inside the petals, in the middle of a flower we find a thin powdery structure, called Show Answer

Q37) The birds move their neck very often because Show Answer

Q38) Nation Curriculum Framework, 2005 strongly recommends that teaching of EVS at primary stage should primarily aim at Show Answer

Q39) Which one of the following is not consistent with the requirements of EVS curriculum at primary stage ? Show Answer

Q40) A school planned an educational trip for class V students to Madhya Pradesh. What would be your expectation from the children during the visit Show Answer

Q41) Which one of the following statements is not correct from the diagram of the given food web? Show Answer

Q42) Which one of the following statements is not correct ? Read the statements and choose the answer. Show Answer

Q43) Select correct statement about wool
A. Pashmina wool is obtained from sheep of Kashmir.
B. Some Himalayan regions, United Kingdom, Scotland and Austria are famous wool producing areas.
C. Wool is long fiber hair and is a protein.
D. Wool is chemically related to meat, while cotton is related to starch and sugar.
Which of the following statements are correct ? Show Answer

Q44) Study the following statements.
A. Livestock animals are often attacked by bacterial and viral diseases.
B. Anthrax is bacterial disease of cattles.
C. Endoparasitic worms infect animals.
D.The process of eliminating in economical breed of livestock is known as weeding.
E. Heading means proper management and care of livestock.
Which of the following statements are correct about livestock? Show Answer

Q45) Study the following statements about relationships.
A. Son-in-low of 'A' is 'B' and sister of 'B' is 'C', 'C' is wife of 'A'.
B. Wife's brother is called brother-in-law.
C. Daughter of 'D' is 'E' and father of 'E' is 'F', F and D are husband wife.
D. The father of 'A' is 'B' and the son of 'B' is 'C', 'C' is brother of 'A'.
Which of the following are correct about relationships? Show Answer

Q46) Land birds like swan has upto 25000 feathers, they use them to flow, birds also use their legs for which of the following works? Show Answer

Q47) Select the true statements from the following.
I. Elephants love to play with muddy water as it keeps their skin cool.
II. Most elephants like to take rest and sleep nearly 10 h a day
III. A 3 month old elephant weighs about 200 kg.
IV. Most adult elephants eat about 100 kg of leaves/twigs in 1 day Show Answer

Q48) A bird makes its nest high up on a tree. This bird could be Show Answer

Q49) Select the correct statements about 'Desert Oak'
I. It is a tree found in Australia.
II. This is a special kind of tree which has its roots growing from its branches.
III. The roots of this tree go deep into the ground till they reach water.
IV. This tree stores water in its trunk. Local people use thin pipe to drink this water. Show Answer

Q50) Select the correct statements from the following
I. Animals that have outside ears and hair on their body give birth to the young ones.
II. Animal that do not have outside ears and hair on their body lay eggs.
III. Animal that do not have outside ears and hair on their body give birth to young ones.
IV. Animal that have outside ears and hair on their body lay eggs Show Answer

Q51) Here in fig. I, a 24 h clock is shown and in Fig. II and Fig. III, sleeping times of two animals X and Y are shown by shaded portions. Select the correct statement about the sleeping times of X and Y.
Show Answer

Q52) "Desert Oak" is a tree whose roots go deep into the ground till they reach water. The depth of these roots is nearly 30 times the height of the tree. This tree is found in Show Answer

Q53) Select the correct statements about the 'Khehadi' tree.
(i) This tree is mainly found in desert areas.
(ii) It grows without much water
(iii) It is a shady tree and children like to play in its shade.
(iv) It stores water in its trunk and people use thin pipes to drink this water Show Answer

Q54) Which one of the following birds can rotate its neck backwards to a large extent? Show Answer

Q55) Some birds can see four times as far as we can see. These birds are Show Answer

Q56) Which one of the following is not a suitable activity at primary stage to sensitize students to the concept of conservation of trees? Show Answer

Q57) Which one of the following characteristics is shared by all the animals given below?
Lizard, Sparrow, Turtle, Snake Show Answer

Q58) This plant has leaves which are used as vegetables. Its seeds are used to produce oil. This plant is Show Answer

Q59) Which one of the following animals front teeth keep on growing throughout its life? It has to keep knawing on things to keep its teeth from becoming too long. Show Answer

Q60) Study the following statements about 'Desert Oak' .
A. Desert Oak is a tree that grows almost as tall as our classrooms i.e. about 4 m
B. The roots of this tree go down nearly 30 times its height till they reach water
C. Water is stored in its trunk of this tree.
D. This tree is found in Abu Dhabi.
The correct statements are Show Answer

Q61) Mahika, a teacher of class V, wants her students to observe the plants in the surroundings. For meaningful learning, what should she encourage the children to do? Show Answer

Q62) I have a sharp teeth to cut and tear the meat and I live in houses. Who am I ? Show Answer

Q63) Which vitamin is responsible for maintaining proper brain function ? Show Answer

Q64) Red flag is a signal for Show Answer

Q65) Al-Biruni came from a country now called Show Answer

Q66) The place where various fruits, vegetables etc. are grown for household purpose is Show Answer

Q67) If we observe birds , we find that most of the bird often move their neck. It is because Show Answer