Practice Test

Q1) Shelter is a site for Show Answer

Q2) Comb is a house / shelter of which organism from the following ? Show Answer

Q3) Termitoria is a shelter of which of the organism ? Show Answer

Q4) Tall tree provide the shelter to Show Answer

Q5) Is a shelter, a place for hunt ? Show Answer

Q6) Den is a shelter of which animal? Show Answer

Q7) Endemic species are Show Answer

Q8) Shelters are build which denotes that animals are Show Answer

Q9) Shelters are habitat built by Show Answer

Q10) The shelter for fish is Show Answer

Q11) National parks are which type of shelters? Show Answer

Q12) A crocodile has a shelter .... but can live on land as well as water Show Answer

Q13) Earthworm lives in the Show Answer

Q14) The place where it rains too much, there the houses are made up of Show Answer

Q15) A places where there is too much of heat and temperature, the houses are made of Show Answer

Q16) Shelters in the ice covered region are made up of ice, what are they called as? Show Answer

Q17) In big cities the shelters are in the form of Show Answer

Q18) House boats are seen at Show Answer

Q19) In big cities most of the people have no shelter because Show Answer

Q20) Shelter is a measure problem of Show Answer

Q21) Select from the following characteristics of the houses of Leh and Ladakh.
A. Slanting wooden roofs made of tree trunks.
B. Ground floor without window.
C. Thick walls made of stones, mud and lime.
D. Wooden floors. Show Answer

Q22) Who makes the plan and design of the hose? Show Answer

Q23) Whose duty is to defended and maintain the hive? Show Answer

Q24) A house made of mud, bamboo and straw is called Show Answer

Q25) Shelters saves from Show Answer

Q26) Consider the following statements
A. The shelter of Bedovins is known as Khaimas.
B. The shelter of Kirgiz is called as Kraals.
C. The cattle-shed of the Bakarwals of Jammu and Kashmir is known as Kothas.
D. The Innuits shelters are known as Igloos.
Which of these statements are correct? Show Answer

Q27) The basic distinction between urban and rural shelter and settlement is the Show Answer

Q28) Stilt houses are made of Show Answer

Q29) A tailor bird sews .... together with its beak Show Answer

Q30) Birds make nests in different places such as Show Answer

Q31) Some animals live in their Show Answer

Q32) Read the statements.
A. Horses live in stable
B. Monkeys live on trees
C. Birds live in cages.
D. Rabbits live in burrows.
Which of the following statements are correct? Show Answer

Q33) A bulbul makes its nest in the Show Answer

Q34) Houses made of concrete are called Show Answer

Q35) Floating houses are called Show Answer