Practice Test

Q1) Natural resources must be used Show Answer

Q2) What is the work done at the hospitals? Show Answer

Q3) What is the work done at the police station? Show Answer

Q4) How ambulance is helpful for us? Show Answer

Q5) Where do people go to worship God? Show Answer

Q6) What work is done by a mechanic? Show Answer

Q7) What is the work done by a doctor? Show Answer

Q8) The one who sales vegetables and fruits is Show Answer

Q9) Who repairs footwear ? Show Answer

Q10) People watch movies in Show Answer

Q11) Whose activities are responsible for the degradation of environment? Show Answer

Q12) A fire man works in fire station for Show Answer

Q13) Should the adult education be promoted or not ? Show Answer

Q14) Banks work for Show Answer

Q15) A tea staller prepares tea and serves the tea to the people. But he do not get bored.
What according to you is the reason behind this ? Show Answer

Q16) How should we save electric energy at home? Show Answer

Q17) Raju wants to post a letter to his father for money deposit. Where should he go to post the letter ? Show Answer

Q18) Wastes should always be Show Answer

Q19) I give fruits, I give shade, I give wood, Who am I? Show Answer

Q20) When the molecules of a liquid migrates from the surface of a liquid into air without heating the process is called Show Answer

Q21) A gas is the state of matter whose Show Answer

Q22) Temperature at which the vapour pressure of a substance is equal to atmospheric pressure is called Show Answer

Q23) Any icy, small body in the solar system which, when travels close to the Sun, grows giant head and a diffused tail, is called Show Answer

Q24) If a dog bites someone, the wound should be Show Answer