Practice Test

Q1) The teacher is a sociable one, which means he is Show Answer

Q2) As a result of his teaching the students Show Answer

Q3) Modestly means Show Answer

Q4) If Hindi is our Mother Tongue, then English is our Show Answer

Q5) His teaching skills are aided by Show Answer

Q6) What is his method of teaching? Show Answer

Q7) Which class has he been appointed to teach Show Answer

Q8) The children could not say anything because Show Answer

Q9) In the class room what is that teacher's only medium of instruction? Show Answer

Q10) What is the language mother newly acquired? Show Answer

Q11) What changes are seen in mother ? Show Answer

Q12) With whom did the mother used to play earlier? Show Answer

Q13) What did the author learned form her mother? Show Answer

Q14) The author's mother played scrabble Show Answer

Q15) Why did author and her husband decide to give a computer to the mother? Show Answer

Q16) The author was not sure whether her mother would use a computer because Show Answer

Q17) The author's mother was interested in learning about the computer as Show Answer

Q18) The author realised that age Show Answer

Q19) What is the impact of acid rain? Show Answer

Q20) Premature deaths are being caused because of hike in Show Answer

Q21) By what percentage has the sunlight been cut? Show Answer

Q22) Which part of the world is under the greatest threat? Show Answer

Q23) What has been aggravated by ash falling? Show Answer

Q24) What does blanket mean over here? Show Answer

Q25) What is the meaning of falter? Show Answer

Q26) Winter harvest has also cut down due to Show Answer

Q27) Haze is made up of Show Answer

Q28) After whom was the temple named? Show Answer

Q29) What would the word 'maize' mean here Show Answer

Q30) What is the most remarkable feature of Hoyasalas sculptures? Show Answer

Q31) What stands on the 24 edges star shaped raised platform? Show Answer

Q32) Who were the builders of Belur and Helebids? Show Answer

Q33) The extraordinary temple built in around 1268AD was made by Show Answer

Q34) Which female deities could also be seen? Show Answer

Q35) The vertical panels are covered by exquisite figures of Show Answer

Q36) Whose incarnations were mainly and mostly seen? Show Answer

Q37) The elderly people are getting neglected Show Answer

Q38) We should behave more responsible and revise our Show Answer

Q39) The only peaceful place left for the aged is Show Answer

Q40) Who were seen as symbols of tradition, respect and experience? Show Answer

Q41) Neglect, lack of respect, verbal taunts, communication gap make the aged feel Show Answer

Q42) What is the main positive point of an old age home? Show Answer

Q43) Under the circumstances stated above there has been an increasing demand for Show Answer

Q44) We all have become subject to Show Answer

Q45) Urbanisation and industrialisation has led to Show Answer

Q46) What advice he always gave to his pupils? Show Answer

Q47) How did Pasteur engage himself in the estate? Show Answer

Q48) How did Pasteur view those who suffered from disease? Show Answer

Q49) Give one word for the phrase - Vote by the people of the country to decide a matter of National importance Show Answer

Q50) Who was ranked fifth after the achievement of Louis Pasteur? Show Answer

Q51) Even accolades and honors did not change the simple man that Pasteur was Show Answer

Q52) Opposite word for humanity is Show Answer

Q53) How did France, the country of his birth, honor this great scientist? Show Answer

Q54) Find the word from passage 1 for the term 'to give up'. Show Answer

Q55) What is the positive aspect of today's generation? Show Answer

Q56) Academic qualification is seen as an achievement, which adds to the problem due to Show Answer

Q57) Frustration, irritation, anger, indiscipline, arrogance, disillusionment and depression are all the result of Show Answer

Q58) Suggest a suitable topic for the extract Show Answer

Q59) But what are lacking behind from? Show Answer

Q60) The problem of educated unemployed can be solved Show Answer

Q61) To get fruitful employment Show Answer

Q62) 'Students should not follow and imitate their counterparts' find a phrase related to this meaning. Show Answer

Q63) Many young boys and girls do not get employment Show Answer

Q64) The head master's reaction to Swami's pleading is Show Answer

Q65) The passage is about Show Answer

Q66) In the end, Swami is Show Answer

Q67) According to the peon, Swami had Show Answer

Q68) If Swami is not 'discreet' he would be Show Answer

Q69) The head master's attitude towards Swami is one of Show Answer

Q70) Swami felt trapped because Show Answer

Q71) The 'sinister look' of the peon indicates that he is Show Answer

Q72) In the passage, Swami is shown to be Show Answer

Q73) The estimated decline in sparrows in UK is Show Answer

Q74) By marking locations on maps, participants will be able to Show Answer

Q75) The reasons for involving the ordinary citizen are that Show Answer

Q76) The trend is that Show Answer

Q77) The passage is about Show Answer

Q78) In the sentence 'findings are intended to feed detailed studies' means Show Answer

Q79) The function of an 'ecologist' is to Show Answer

Q80) The outcome of the information collected would be to Show Answer

Q81) 'Pan-India' data would imply data Show Answer

Q82) The main idea of this story is that Show Answer

Q83) Choose the correct form of reported speech for the sentence :" We have come to the conclusion" Professor Bright said, "that there is no life on earth." Show Answer

Q84) In the sentence "There are concrete jungles on Earth", the phrase 'concrete jungles' means Show Answer

Q85) The Venusians were excited because Show Answer

Q86) The word 'feasibility' in nearest in meaning to Show Answer

Q87) According to the passage, the scientists on Venus are of the view Show Answer

Q88) The word 'Venusian' is used for inhabitants of the planet Venus. What do Venusians call the inhabitants on Earth? Show Answer

Q89) The information about Earth was obtained by the Venusian scientists by means of Show Answer

Q90) The scientific activities of the Venusians show that Show Answer

Q91) The example of how old ideas are mixed to create new once is Show Answer

Q92) The best summary of Para 3 is Show Answer

Q93) The word 'catalyst' in Para 1 means Show Answer

Q94) 'Stay put' in para 2 means Show Answer

Q95) A suitable title for this passage would be Show Answer

Q96) The expression, 'thinking out of the box' means Show Answer

Q97) The passage is an extract from Show Answer

Q98) New ideas are born from Show Answer

Q99) Invention is explained as Show Answer

Q100) How long did it take to resolve things? Show Answer

Q101) His dad felt guilty for Show Answer

Q102) The incident has been related to which days? Show Answer

Q103) His father could not enjoy cricket those days due to lack of Show Answer

Q104) What had happened in 1983? Show Answer

Q105) Sitaram felt guilty for Show Answer

Q106) I was dumbfounded means Show Answer

Q107) Which game was Sitaram's son interested in? Show Answer

Q108) Which date was D-day? Show Answer

Q109) 'School of thought' can be explained as Show Answer

Q110) Broad general knowledge is necessary because Show Answer

Q111) The idea of a first school of thought in the passage is that Show Answer

Q112) Supporters of the first theory say that Show Answer

Q113) According to the second school of thought, education will not be very effective if pupils Show Answer

Q114) Which is similar in meaning to the word 'subsequent' as used in the passage? Show Answer

Q115) 'Contend' in the passage means Show Answer

Q116) 'Unless' in the passage is used as Show Answer

Q117) Pick out a word from the passage, that means ' to find a way of dealing with two or more things'. Show Answer

Q118) A human attitude on the part of the supervisor towards his staff is necessary to Show Answer

Q119) Responsibility and accountability make a worker Show Answer

Q120) Supervisors do not delegate responsibility and authority to their subordinates because Show Answer

Q121) Orientation of subordinates of common objectives and how to achieve them is Show Answer

Q122) The greatest motivator is Show Answer

Q123) The word 'execute' in the passage means Show Answer

Q124) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word 'vast' Show Answer

Q125) The author's motive is to Show Answer

Q126) Pick out a word from the passage that means 'to understand or think of something in a particular way'. Show Answer

Q127) Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage? Show Answer

Q128) Why did Raghu visit the sweet shop? Show Answer

Q129) Which of the following cannot be said about the king?
A. His decision in Raghu's case was a just a one.
B. He was too lenient and gave people a second chance.
C. His subjects took advantage of his kindness. Show Answer

Q130) Why did the boy allow Raghu to leave without paying of the sweets?
A. He did not want to offend a good customer by insisting on payment.
B. He did not want to start an argument and wake up the owner.
C. He saw How hungry Raghu was and felt sorry for him. Show Answer

Q131) Why did the owner leave the young boy in charge of the sweet shop? Show Answer

Q132) Why did Raghu ask Mahadev for the empty sweet boxes? Show Answer

Q133) Why did Mahadev's wife refuse to give Raghu two gold coins at first? Show Answer

Q134) What made Raghu gift Mahadev two boxes of sweets? Show Answer

Q135) Why was Raghu brought before the king? Show Answer

Q136) What does the passage mainly discuss? Show Answer

Q137) The word 'potential' could best be replaced by which of the following? Show Answer

Q138) According the passage, which of the following is not a possible cause of many heart attacks? Show Answer

Q139) Which of the following is cited as a possible risk factor? Show Answer

Q140) As used in the passage, which of the following could be replace the word 'reveal'? Show Answer

Q141) Which of the following does the passage infer? Show Answer

Q142) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word 'intense' as used in the passage Show Answer

Q143) Pick out a word from the passage, which means 'very likely to be influenced or affected' Show Answer

Q144) The passage is most likely to be Show Answer

Q145) What does Science liberate us from ? It liberates us from Show Answer

Q146) To carve out a bright future a man should Show Answer

Q147) If man's bestial yearning is controlled Show Answer

Q148) Fears and hopes, according to the author Show Answer

Q149) Should Human Sciences be developed because they will Show Answer

Q150) The word 'imperative' means Show Answer

Q151) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word 'superficially'. Show Answer

Q152) 'To keep in leash' means Show Answer

Q153) Pick out a word from the passage that means ' the point just before a new situation begins'. Show Answer

Q154) The pterosaurs flew by Show Answer

Q155) A synonym for 'compressed' from the passage is Show Answer

Q156) The opposite of 'controversial' is Show Answer

Q157) It can be understood from the passage that scientists believe that the Show Answer

Q158) The skeleton of a pterosaur can be distinguished from a birds by the Show Answer

Q159) Which is the characteristic of pterosaur ? Show Answer

Q160) The elongated finger in the ..... supported the outstretched wings Show Answer

Q161) The body of the pterosaurs was covered by Show Answer

Q162) Fossils often left scientists in doubt whether the pterosaur Show Answer

Q163) The use of the word 'cranking' conveys the meaning that Show Answer

Q164) The siblings were 'awful mouths' is the following figure of speech Show Answer

Q165) "Truly, there was not point to these silly endless family dinners." The correct transformation would be Show Answer

Q166) The clock was 'always suspect' The subject thought Show Answer

Q167) The tone of the story is Show Answer

Q168) "The clock face was glowing round and white" This observation is further enhanced by the observation that it was like Show Answer

Q169) " It made Maddy's teeth clench." The idiom ' ti clench one's teeth' can be introduced in an EBL, class by Show Answer

Q170) The word ..... in the story means 'incline'. Show Answer

Q171) "All the time, her mom would smile and hum." This suggests that Maddy Show Answer

Q172) One student the reader understands did not really want to meet Partha, that is Show Answer

Q173) Partha felt lonely because ..... visited him when he was at the hospital. Show Answer

Q174) A synonym for the word 'startled' in the passage is Show Answer

Q175) Parth's feeling of loneliness soon turned to Show Answer

Q176) An antonym for the word 'shakily' in the passage is Show Answer

Q177) Parth would not go back to school to meet his schoolmates and teachers because Show Answer

Q178) The message in the passage is Show Answer

Q179) The change in Parth's attitude is evident when he Show Answer

Q180) A phrase that can replace the words 'ganged up' is Show Answer

Q181) The passage is about the impact of ..... on the environment. Show Answer

Q182) Peatlands are natural Show Answer

Q183) The phrase in the passage which means 'speedy remedy' is Show Answer

Q184) The synonym of the word 'irony' is Show Answer

Q185) The RSPO was convened to Show Answer

Q186) The passage suggests that RSPO's efforts to carry out its responsibility has been Show Answer

Q187) In reading this passage, we learn that the World Animal Day is an/a ....... celebration. Show Answer

Q188) The writer points out that animals are important because they Show Answer

Q189) The launch of the website is to Show Answer

Q190) The writer implies that animals are Show Answer

Q191) Identify the correct statement Show Answer

Q192) The expression: 'a sense of wonder' means Show Answer

Q193) A closest synonym for the word 'sensitivity' as used here is Show Answer

Q194) The antonym of the word 'initiative' is Show Answer

Q195) A word in the essay that means 'impetus' is Show Answer

Q196) The next is a ...... piece of writing Show Answer

Q197) The writer's attitude to mediation is Show Answer

Q198) The writer, by referring to the experiment, suggests that, it is Show Answer

Q199) The 'body scan' is a reference to Show Answer

Q200) An antonym for the word 'stressful' would be Show Answer

Q201) The word that can replace 'perception' in the text is Show Answer

Q202) The author's father would not allow his family to use the jeep because Show Answer

Q203) The author taught his children to Show Answer

Q204) The author was critical of his daughter's friends because their attitude to servants smacked of Show Answer

Q205) The author's attitude towards servants can be described as Show Answer

Q206) The opposite of the word 'refused' is Show Answer

Q207) The word that can replace 'reiterated' is Show Answer

Q208) Merit certificates and prizes awarded to Ramanujan at school are a proof of his Show Answer

Q209) Ramanujan's mother took in college students as boarders because Show Answer

Q210) The turning point in Ramanujan's life came when Show Answer

Q211) The support Ramanujan received from his school suggests that Show Answer

Q212) Identify the correct statement. Show Answer

Q213) The phrasal verb, 'reel off' means to Show Answer

Q214) The closest synonym for the word 'smother' is Show Answer

Q215) The word that can best replace 'nourished' is Show Answer

Q216) The antonym for the word 'recommendation' is Show Answer