Practice Test

Q1) Convert 42.72574 hm into centimetre. Show Answer

Q2) Convert 72 km /h into m/s Show Answer

Q3) Convert 5 m /s into km/ h. Show Answer

Q4) What is weight of 1 cu cm of a metal in gram, if weight of 1 cu m of the same metal is 4060 kg ? Show Answer

Q5) What is the weight of 3.5 kL water in kilogram, if weight of 1 cu cm water is 1 kg Show Answer

Q6) The density of population in a state is 839 person per sq mile. Define it in per square kilometre, if 1 sq mile = 2. 59 sq km Show Answer

Q7) Convert 10 ream papers into quire. Show Answer

Q8) Convert 1 s into hour Show Answer

Q9) If 1 m = 3.29 ft, How much distance is covered by Anil in 9 h 46 min 40 s, if he is running at the speed of 9 km / h ? Show Answer

Q10) The circumference of the wheel of a cycle is 2 m 4 cm , then how many revolutions will it take in covering 16.83 km distance Show Answer

Q11) In a bucket 3.52 kL of water can be filled . Define the capacity of the bucket ( in mL). Show Answer

Q12) If 1 m = 39.37 inch, then conversion of 1 sq cm in square inch is Show Answer

Q13) Convert eighteen articles into dozens. Show Answer

Q14) The height of Everest peak is 29141 ft, Convert it in metric system Show Answer

Q15) Convert 116 h in days. Show Answer

Q16) Convert 1 dg into kilogram Show Answer

Q17) The area of a rectangle whose length and breadth are 18 cm and 9 cm respectively, is Show Answer

Q18) The area of a square whose side is 2.5 cm is Show Answer

Q19) The circumference of a circle whose diameter is 35 cm, is Show Answer

Q20) The difference between the circumference and the radius of a circle is 37 cm. The area of the circle will be Show Answer

Q21) If 1 foot = 0.3048 m, 1 cubic foot will be equal to Show Answer

Q22) Shami drinks 12 glasses of water everyday. If capacity of 1 glass is 250 mL. How many litres of water he drinks in 30 days? Show Answer

Q23) The circumference of a wheel of a cycle is 2 m 20 cm. How many revolution will it take in covering 16.83 km? Show Answer

Q24) Harry takes 4 round of a circular path of radius 70 m daily. How many kilometres he walks daily? Show Answer

Q25) Annu reads a book having 108 pages. If she reads 12 number of pages everyday, how many days will she take to read all the book? Show Answer

Q26) A father is twice as old as his son. 20 yrs ago, the age of father was 12 times the age of the son. Find the present age of son. Show Answer

Q27) After 3 yrs , Arun will be thrice of his age 3 yr ago. The present age of Arun is Show Answer

Q28) How many kilometres will a car cover in 6 h when it is moving 50 mile / h ? Show Answer

Q29) How many days will a cow take to graze the grass of a square field of side 30 m , if it grazes 25 square meter area everyday? Show Answer

Q30) Bhavana rides her cycle around the circular park everyday. The length of the park is 20 m and breadth is half of the length. How many meters she rides daily if she takes 5 rounds daily ? Show Answer

Q31) The weight of some mangoes is 2 kg 600 g and that of some apples is 1 kg 450 g. The weight of the mangoes is greater than that of the apples by Show Answer

Q32) The length of a rectangle is 'l' and its width is half of its length. What will be the perimeter of the rectangle if the length is doubled keeping the width same? Show Answer

Q33) A rhombus has diagonals of length 8 cm and 6 cm. Find its perimeter. Show Answer

Q34) A pencil costs two and half rupees. Amit buys one and half dozen pencils and gives a Rs 100 note to the shopkeeper. The money he will get back is Show Answer

Q35) If the time now is 2 : 17 pm, what will be the time 11 h and 59 min from now ? Show Answer

Q36) Perimeter of a square is 24 cm and length of a rectangle is 8 cm. If the perimeters of the square and the rectangle are equal, then the area ( in sq cm) of the rectangle is Show Answer

Q37) The speed of a boat in a river is 20 km / h and the speed of another boat is 23 km / h. They travel in the same direction from the same place at the same time. The distance between the boats after three and half hours is Show Answer

Q38) Internal length , breadth and depth of a (rectangular) box are 4 cm, 3 cm and 2 cm respectively. How many such boxes are needed to pack 8664 cm cubes. Show Answer

Q39) Number of hours and minutes from 6 : 14 am to 8 : 02 pm on the same day is Show Answer

Q40) Floor of a square room of side 10 m is to be completely covered with square tiles, each having length 50 cm. The smallest number of tiles needed is Show Answer

Q41) The perimeter of two squares is 12 cm and 24 cm. The area of the bigger square is how many times that of the smaller. Show Answer

Q42) Internal length, breadth and height of a rectangular box are 10 cm, 8 cm and 6 cm, respectively. How many boxes are needed to pack 6240 cm cubes? Show Answer

Q43) The perimeter of a square is 20 cm. A rectangle has the same width as the square. The length of the rectangle is double its width. The area, ( in sq cm) of the rectangle is Show Answer

Q44) The internal length, breadth and height of a rectangular Box A are 20 cm, 18 cm and 15 cm respectively and that of Box B are 18 cm, 12 cm and 5 cm respectively. The volume of Box A is how many times that of Box B Show Answer

Q45) Which of the following is not correct ? Show Answer

Q46) A train leaves station P at 8.18 am and reaches Station Q at 10.28 pm on the same day. The time taken by the train to reach Station Q is Show Answer

Q47) 14 L 280 mL of orange juice and 18 L 830 mL of carrot juice were mixed together . This mixture was filled in 15 bottles each containing 1.5 L. How much mixture was left ? Show Answer

Q48) The number of seconds in 6 h equals the number of minutes in Show Answer

Q49) Perimeter of a rectangle and a square are equal . Perimeter of the square is 96 cm and breadth of the rectangle is 4 cm less than the side of the square. Then, two times the area (in sq cm) of the rectangle is Show Answer

Q50) Which of the following is not correct ? Show Answer

Q51) A tank contains 240 litres (L) 128 mililitres (mL) of milk which can be filled completely in 16 jars of the same size . How much milk will be their in 22 such jars? Show Answer

Q52) A water tank is 11 m long , 10 m wide and 9 m high. It is filled with water to a level of 6 m . What part of the tank is empty? Show Answer

Q53) A train leaves a station at 6 : 14 am and reaches its destination after 13 h 48 min. The time at the destination is Show Answer

Q54) A 1 L carton of juice is in shape of a cuboid and has a square base of size 8 cm by 8 cm. The depth of juice in the carton ( in cm), is closest to Show Answer

Q55) Perimeter of a square is 44 cm. The perimeter of a rectangle is equal to the perimeter of this square. The length of the rectangle is 5 cm more than the side of the square. The sum of areas ( in cm square) of the square and the rectangle is Show Answer

Q56) Which of the following is not correct ? Show Answer