Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following is the main goal of Mathematics education in School ? Show Answer

Q2) At a nursery stage, which method of teaching and writing is appropriate to use? Show Answer

Q3) A teacher asks the students to draw many 4 by 4 squares and shade half of each, in as many different ways they can think of .
Which type of the given task is assigned to the students? Show Answer

Q4) The best way to assess teacher's classroom behaviour is to Show Answer

Q5) Internal qualities of a good mathematics book are Show Answer

Q6) The introductory questions should Show Answer

Q7) We, as mathematics teacher, evaluate pupil performance for Show Answer

Q8) The devices used to make teaching method more effective are known as Show Answer

Q9) Which is not a method of teaching Mathematics? Show Answer

Q10) According to NCF 2005, the mathematics curriculum must be Show Answer

Q11) Giving assignment to the student is a Show Answer

Q12) Which is the first step in system analysis ? Show Answer

Q13) What should formative assessment ensure? Show Answer

Q14) What are the point of formative and summative assessment ? Show Answer

Q15) Defective questions are Show Answer

Q16) The teacher should ask the questions Show Answer

Q17) Which problem in classroom is due to curriculum? Show Answer

Q18) The curriculum means Show Answer

Q19) Curriculum includes the environment Show Answer

Q20) The main component (s) is (are) of curriculum development is (are) Show Answer

Q21) Type of curriculum used in our education should be Show Answer

Q22) BS Bloom educational process includes Show Answer

Q23) The curriculum is developed in view of Show Answer

Q24) The curriculum is developed in view of Show Answer

Q25) A lesson plan means a detailed description which a teacher completes in a Show Answer

Q26) The development of a lesson planning occurred as a result of Show Answer

Q27) Micro-teaching is based on which the following assumption ? Show Answer

Q28) Micro-teaching components are Show Answer

Q29) The first step of micro-teaching cycle is Show Answer

Q30) An ideal lesson plan is Show Answer

Q31) NCF-2005 emphasizes that Show Answer

Q32) The administration of a teaching unit involves Show Answer

Q33) The unit approach gives importance to Show Answer

Q34) Teaching and learning geometry at the primary level aims to develop in a child Show Answer

Q35) Class room teaching skills are developed by using as feed back device Show Answer

Q36) Micro-teaching is a system of Show Answer

Q37) Which work is not related with a teacher? Show Answer

Q38) Which point is not included in the professional skills of teacher? Show Answer

Q39) In the scope of education, diagnosis is made of Show Answer

Q40) Meaning of the word 'Heurisco" is Show Answer

Q41) The method based on scientific method is Show Answer

Q42) The nature of mathematics is Show Answer

Q43) Which of the following is a dimension of learning measurement? Show Answer

Q44) Mathematics is the science of Show Answer

Q45) According to Hogben, "Mathematics is the mirror of civilization" this statement corresponds to which value of mathematics? Show Answer

Q46) Achievement test for Show Answer

Q47) When the aim of testing is to compare the classes, then use is made of Show Answer

Q48) Achievement tests are Show Answer

Q49) The five stepped system of lesson planning was started by Show Answer

Q50) Preparation of daily lesson planning includes Show Answer

Q51) According to RCEM, approach the correct order is Show Answer

Q52) Essential features of a unit plan are Show Answer

Q53) A unit plan should Show Answer

Q54) The more comprehensive plan is Show Answer

Q55) Which of the following has/have been emphasised by NCP 2005 that Show Answer

Q56) RCEM approach is used to write the objectives of Show Answer

Q57) A good objective should be Show Answer

Q58) Evaluation is done by Show Answer

Q59) The most use of teaching aids is in Show Answer

Q60) The most useful teaching aid in mathematics is Show Answer

Q61) The most effective teaching aid is Show Answer

Q62) The element(s) of a teaching model is/are Show Answer

Q63) The basic teaching model is developed by Show Answer

Q64) Operant Conditioning Model of teaching is developed by Show Answer

Q65) NCF 2005 emphasizes that Show Answer

Q66) Interaction model of teaching is developed by Show Answer

Q67) What is the basis of teaching method ? Show Answer

Q68) Who developed question-answer method? Show Answer

Q69) "If you know that 325 + 367 = 602, how much is 234+ 369 ? How did you find the answer ?"
As per NCF 2005, a teacher gives the above mentioned sum to the children. Through this sum what kind of ability he wants to develop in the children ? Show Answer

Q70) Micro-teaching helps in Show Answer

Q71) The main component of introduction skill is Show Answer

Q72) Which method makes remediation ? Show Answer

Q73) Which is the teacher-centered method ? Show Answer

Q74) A lesson plan develops the possibilities of Show Answer

Q75) The lesson plan helps in Show Answer

Q76) The aim (s) of questioning is / are Show Answer

Q77) Memory questions are used to test Show Answer

Q78) Introductory questions are asked Show Answer

Q79) Thought provoking questions can be asked to develop Show Answer

Q80) Comparison questions can be asked Show Answer

Q81) When the lesson is divided into small units, then the comprehensive questions should be asked Show Answer

Q82) Characteristic (s) of good questions is /are Show Answer

Q83) Recapitulatory questions should be based on Show Answer

Q84) Team teaching can be defined as a Show Answer

Q85) The team teaching is a method of Show Answer

Q86) The step of team teaching is Show Answer

Q87) What is characteristic of the unit approach of curriculum ? Show Answer

Q88) Which is an activity of group centered approach? Show Answer

Q89) NCF 2005 emphasizes that Show Answer

Q90) Where do branching programme provide remediation ? Show Answer

Q91) Evaluation is a process of Show Answer

Q92) Error of evaluation is Show Answer

Q93) The concept of team teaching was first developed in the university Show Answer

Q94) In team teaching, the participant teachers decide their Show Answer

Q95) The function of measurement is Show Answer

Q96) The exponents of behavior modification model of teaching is Show Answer

Q97) What is the basis of remedial teaching? Show Answer

Q98) What is the main remedial instruction ? Show Answer

Q99) Which of the following is not an advantage of a teaching machine? Show Answer

Q100) Which is main remedial teaching strategy? Show Answer

Q101) Which of the following is the key areas of data handling which form the basis of children's experiences to be assessed ? Show Answer

Q102) What are the tests of performance ? Show Answer

Q103) What is the last step in construction of objective test ? Show Answer

Q104) Multiple choice tests require ticking the ..... alternative. Show Answer

Q105) What is the characteristic of essay type examination ? Show Answer

Q106) What is not trait of essay type examination ? Show Answer

Q107) Herbert suggested five steps for preparing a daily lesson plan. The first step being introduction. Morrison also suggested five steps for daily lesson plan. What is the first step suggested by Morrison ? Show Answer

Q108) Seminars, symposium and panel discussion must be used as teaching technique at what stage of teaching ? Show Answer

Q109) In context of NCF 2005 which of the following is true? Show Answer

Q110) For evaluation, teacher should use Show Answer

Q111) At the end of the period, home work is given to the students to Show Answer

Q112) Which teaching technique is not suitable for primary stage? Show Answer

Q113) At primary stage, which method for teaching of writing is useful ? Show Answer

Q114) Which one of the following is not a teaching technique ? Show Answer

Q115) While starting teaching the teacher asks some introductory questions. Such questions are asked for Show Answer

Q116) Reading habit can be best developed by Show Answer

Q117) At primary level, we should use ..... method for teaching reading. Show Answer

Q118) Main defects of essay type questions are that Show Answer

Q119) Solving mistakes takes place due to Show Answer

Q120) Which one of the following is not the principle of teaching ? Show Answer

Q121) NCF 2005 emphasises that Show Answer

Q122) Proceed from analysis to synthesis is a Show Answer

Q123) Structural approach is also known as Show Answer

Q124) The process of assessment in Mathematics includes the following except Show Answer

Q125) Which of the following is the teaching technique ? Show Answer

Q126) According to Edgar Dale, maximum and real knowledge can be gained by Show Answer

Q127) Valuation and examination are the same. Do you agree ? Show Answer

Q128) Which is not related to effective domain ? Show Answer

Q129) Objective type questions have Show Answer

Q130) Substitutional method was initially adopted by Show Answer

Q131) The given question " Fill in the missing numerals : 23, .... , 28, does not judge the children on the parameters of Show Answer

Q132) Blue print is prepared for Show Answer

Q133) Who gave the classification of objectives of cognitive domain ? Show Answer

Q134) To introduce the concept of fractions a teacher can begin with Show Answer

Q135) "Start a discussion in the class on things in the child's environment which roll and slide. Help children to look at their shapes and see how some things roll and others slide."
Source : Math Magic II , NCERT
Suggestions like this have been given in NCERT text book of Class-II to help a teacher understand that Show Answer

Q136) The chapters in the NCERT textbook of Mathematics of Class-IV have titles like "The Junk Seller", "Trip to Bhopal", "The Way the World Looks". This shift has been done to Show Answer

Q137) "Problem Solving" as a strategy of doing Mathematics involves Show Answer

Q138) Use of Abacus in Class II does not help the students to Show Answer

Q139) 'Recognition of patterns and their completion' is an essential part of Mathematics curriculum at primary stage as it Show Answer

Q140) Most appropriate strategy that can be used to internalize the skill of addition of money is Show Answer

Q141) A teacher uses the following riddle in a class while developing the concept of base 10 and place value
'I am less than 8 tens and 4 ones.'
The objective of this activity is Show Answer

Q142) The objective teaching number system to Class III students is to enable the students Show Answer

Q143) The most appropriate tool to expose the students of class II to plane figures, its vertices and edges is Show Answer

Q144) Following is the problem from text book of class V "There are 4 poles of measure 105 cm, 215 cm, 150 cm and 235 cm respectively. If they have to be cut into pieces of equal length, what is the maximum length of each piece?"
This question is asked to Show Answer

Q145) Following is the problem from text book Class III " Which mathematical operation will be used to solve the following problem?" A milkman sold 1410 L milk in 10 days. How many litres of milk did he sell in a day ?"
Which competence of Bloom's cognitive domain is referred in the above question? Show Answer

Q146) Rashid is studying in Class V. He can classify various types of triangles in different categories but has difficulty in understanding the abstract proof for the sum of three angles in a triangle to be always 180. According to Piaget Cognitive Theory, Rashid is at Show Answer

Q147) According to NCF 2005 "Developing children's abilities for mathematisation is the main goal of mathematics education. The narrow aim of school mathematics is to develop 'useful' capabilities." Here mathematisation refers to develop child's abilities Show Answer

Q148) The highlights of a good textbook are that
A. They contain numerous exercises to give rigorous practice.
B. All concepts can be introduced through situations.
C. Only solved examples are included
D. They must be thick and heavy Show Answer

Q149) NCF 2005 emphasises that Show Answer

Q150) Students often make a mistake in comparing the decimal numbers. For example 0.50 is larger than 0.5. The most probable reason for this error is Show Answer

Q151) A child displays difficulty in differentiating between numbers, operations and symbols, two clock hands, different coins etc. This implies that the specific barrier affecting his learning is Show Answer

Q152) Which material can you use for teaching reading at primary stage ? Show Answer

Q153) Teaching aids or material aids are used to make teaching Show Answer

Q154) A successful assessment should address Show Answer

Q155) NCF 2005 emphasises on constructivist approach of learning as it focuses on Show Answer

Q156) Following are array diagram using bindies to represent 15 . fig. The way of representing 15 or any other number in the above manner can be used to teach concept of Show Answer

Q157) A teacher prompts the students to prepare mathematical journal with theme " application of Mathematics in daily life." this activity is Show Answer

Q158) Shailaja can express a number in different way, e.g., 4 = 2 + 2 or 4 = 1 + 3etc. In which developmental phase of number is she ? Show Answer

Q159) A child of class III reads 482 as four hundred eighty two but writes it as 40082. What does this indicate for a teacher ? Show Answer

Q160) To introduce subtraction of two digit numbers in Class III , a teacher proceeded in the following steps
Step I : Revision of two digit numbers with understanding of place value system
Step II : Use of tally marks to show that smaller number can be subtracted from larger number
Step III : Application of subtraction on numbers under each column of place value.
In this case, teacher is developing the lesson Show Answer

Q161) "Which two numbers when multiplied give the product 24 ?" this question Show Answer

Q162) The most appropriate tool to expose the students of class II to plane figures,its vertices and edges is Show Answer

Q163) As per NCF 2005, teaching of numbers and operations on them, measurement of quantities, etc., at primary level caters to the Show Answer

Q164) Which of the following problems from text book of Class IV refers to 'multidisciplinary problem'? Show Answer

Q165) Children at primary stage are able to classify the given shapes based on their appearance. According to Van Hiele levels to geometry, they are at Show Answer

Q166) NCF 2005 emphasizes on constructivist approach of learning as it focuses on Show Answer

Q167) Manipulative models, static pictures, written symbols, spoken and written language, real world situations or context are five ways to represent Show Answer

Q168) Possible indicator pertaining to visual memory barrier hampering with learner's mathematical performance is Show Answer

Q169) Geo-Board is an effective tool to teach Show Answer

Q170) Proficiency in Mathematical language in classroom can be enhanced by presenting the problems in the following sequence Show Answer

Q171) Procedural fluency in Mathematics implies knowledge of rules, formulae or algorithms and implementing them with accuracy and flexibility and efficiency
Flexibility in Mathematics refers to Show Answer

Q172) A child mentally calculated (27 + 38 ) as 65. When he was asked to explain his method of addition, he responded that 38 is near to 40, so (27 + 40) is 67, then removed 2 to get 65, this strategy of addition is Show Answer

Q173) Mental Math activities are important because they provide a chance to Show Answer

Q174) A child of primary class is not able to differentiate between number, operation symbols, coins and clock hands. This indicates that the child has problem regarding Show Answer

Q175) NCF 2005 states that Mathematics teaching should be ambitious, coherent and important. Here, 'ambitious' refers to achievement of Show Answer

Q176) In Class II concept of even number and odd number was introduced by activity of pairing the given number with concrete objects. Then teacher asked the students to check
(i) whether the total number of crayons in their color boxes is even in number or odd in number
(ii) whether the number of pages in their Maths notebook is odd or even.
This task of finding even or odd number of crayons/pages is Show Answer

Q177) Which of the following activities to meant to enhance problem- solving abilities of students of Class III ? Show Answer

Q178) The recommended key concept in the unit of 'multiplication' in Class III is Show Answer

Q179) From the unit of 'fraction', teacher asked the students to list any five fractions.
The question refers to Show Answer

Q180) A teacher distributed news paper in Class V and asked the students to read the cricket scores of Indian team in latest match. Then, she asked them to draw bar graph of the scores. The teacher is trying to Show Answer

Q181) A student was asked to read the following numbers 306, 408,4008, 4010
He read as follows
Thirty six, forty eight, four hundred eight, forty ten
the reason for error in reading is that Show Answer

Q182) The parameter(s) of assessment for 'time' for Class IV shall be Show Answer

Q183) 'Tall shape of Mathematics' mentioned in NCP, 2005 refers to Show Answer

Q184) Consider the following
5 + 3 = ?
The open-ended question corresponding to the above close-ended question is Show Answer

Q185) Farhan went to school library and found that 100 books kept in story section are spoiled, 20 books are missing. 219 are kept in shelf and 132 were issued to students. How many storybooks were there in the library ?
teacher can teach the following value through this question. Show Answer

Q186) A teacher asks Shailaja of Class V about the perimeter of a figure.
She also asked Shailaja to explain the solution in her words. Shailaja was able to solve the problem correctly but was not able to explain it. This reflects that Shailaja is having Show Answer

Q187) The section, 'Practice Time' included in different topics in Mathematics textbook aims at Show Answer

Q188) Formative assessment in Mathematics at primary stage includes Show Answer

Q189) It is important to conduct mathematical re-recreational activities and challenging geometrical puzzles in the class as Show Answer

Q190) At primary level use of tangram, dot games, patterns etc. helps the students to Show Answer

Q191) Which one of the following does not match curricular expectations of teaching Mathematics at the primary level? Show Answer

Q192) The main goal of Mathematics education is Show Answer

Q193) A teacher uses the exploratory approach, use of manipulative and involvement of students in discussion while giving the concepts of Mathematics. She uses this strategy to Show Answer

Q194) 'Vedic Mathematics' is becoming popular now-a-days especially among primary school children and is used to enhance Show Answer

Q195) Akansha wants to become a good Mathematics teacher. To be a good Mathematics teacher she must have Show Answer

Q196) A teacher introduced multiplication in her class as repeated addition and then by grouping of same number of objects taken multiple times she introduced the 'X' symbol and further conducted a small activity of finding product using crises-cross lines or matchsticks. Here, the teacher is Show Answer

Q197) As per NCF 2005, the narrow aim of teaching Mathematics at school is Show Answer

Q198) A child who is able to perform all number operations and is able to explain the concept of fraction is at Show Answer

Q199) From the unit of 'Shapes' the teacher asked the students to "make / draw any picture by using shapes".
The objective that can be achieved through this activity is Show Answer

Q200) Arjun, a student of class IV, is able to answer all questions related to Number System orally but commits mistakes while writing the solutions of problems based on Number System. The best remedial strategy to remove errors in his writing is Show Answer