Practice Test

Q1) A teacher wants to teach the difference between 2-D figure and 3-D figure using a kite and book. Is it possible? Show Answer

Q2) Which of the following is an example of closed curve? Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following is not an example of two dimensional (2-D) figure? Show Answer

Q4) Hemi-sphere is a Show Answer

Q5) If a curve doesn't intersect itself, it is called Show Answer

Q6) Height of hemi-sphere is equal to its Show Answer

Q7) The longest chord of a circle is its Show Answer

Q8) In a quadrilateral EFGH, if EF || HG and HE || GF, then the quadrilateral is called Show Answer

Q9) Tonu and Vishu start walking together on a circular path in opposite directions. If they meet after sometime at a particular point, what is the sum of distances covered by them? Given that r is the radius of path. Show Answer

Q10) Which of the following is not a 3-D figure? Show Answer

Q11) Which of the following group of angles represents the angles of a triangle? Show Answer

Q12) How many faces are there in a triangular based pyramid? Show Answer

Q13) A triangular prism is usually as the shape of a kaleidoscope. It's base and top are triangles. How many faces are there in it? Show Answer

Q14) Which of the following is an open curve shape? Show Answer

Q15) Base of right angle triangle is
Show Answer

Q16) How many distinct points lie on a line? Show Answer

Q17) Which of the following statements is false Show Answer

Q18) How many sides are there in a polygon? Show Answer

Q19) Which of the following is an example of quadrilateral(s)? Show Answer

Q20) An angle is two-third of its complement.Find the angle. Show Answer

Q21) The sum of angles of a right angled triangle is Show Answer

Q22) Which of the following is the true statement? Show Answer

Q23) Which of the following is true? Show Answer

Q24) What shape is your instrument box? Show Answer

Q25) The measures of the four angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio of 1: 2 : 3 : 4 . What is the measure of the greatest angle? Show Answer

Q26) Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 4 cm and 7 cm long. Find its perimeter. Show Answer

Q27) The length of a diagonal of a rectangle whose sides are 12 cm and 5 cm, is Show Answer

Q28) Look at this pattern of numbers and take it forward
1 = 1 x 1
121 = 11 x 11
12321 = 111 x 111
1234321 = ? Show Answer

Q29) A triangle has all the sides of different length, then what type of that triangle is ? Show Answer

Q30) The reflex angle is equivalent to Show Answer

Q31) A man goes 10 m due East and then 24 m due North. Find the distance from the starting point? Show Answer

Q32) The number of tangents that can be drawn to two non-intersecting circles is Show Answer

Q33) If an angle is its own complementary angle, then its measure is Show Answer

Q34) If two parallel lines are cut by twp distinct transversals, then the quadrilateral formed by these four lines will always be a Show Answer

Q35) If the angles of a triangles are in the ratio 5 : 3 : 2 , then the triangle could be Show Answer

Q36) The lengths of three sides of a triangle are known. In which of the cases given below, it is impossible to construct a triangle? Show Answer

Q37) How many cubes are there in the following figure? Show Answer

Q38) A cube is painted white on all sides. It is, then cut into 64 smaller cubes of equal size. How many of these smaller cubes have no paint on any side? Show Answer

Q39) In a dice, the numbers on the opposite faces add upto 7. Which amongst the following will fold into a dice? Show Answer

Q40) Number of degrees in three and one half right angles is Show Answer

Q41) The number of degrees in four and one third right angles is Show Answer

Q42) Find the highest and the lowest marks obtained by the students. Show Answer

Q43) Find the range of marks obtained Show Answer

Q44) Find the mean marks obtained by the group. Show Answer

Q45) The enrollments in a school during six consecutive years are as follows.
1555, 1670, 1750, 2013, 2540, 2820
Find the mean enrollment of the school for the period Show Answer

Q46) Find the range of the rainfall in the above data. Show Answer

Q47) Find the mean rainfall for the week. Show Answer

Q48) For how many days the rainfall was less than the mean rainfall ? Show Answer