Practice Test

Q1) Showcasing adivasis as wearing colorful costumes, headgear and dancing often results in Show Answer

Q2) "It was something deeper and within its fold, the widest tolerance of belief and custom was practiced and every variety acknowledged and even encouraged".This statement was given by Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following religions is not practiced in Kerala? Show Answer

Q4) A song on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 was composed by IPTA (Indian People's Theatre Associated). Which of the following lines from that song reflects India's essential unity? Show Answer

Q5) Out of the following statements, which one is the stereotype typical of urban persons? Show Answer

Q6) Children who were earlier called as 'disbled ' are now called Show Answer

Q7) Anti-discrimination can be defined as Show Answer

Q8) Who coined the phrase for India , 'unity in diversity'? Show Answer

Q9) Cross- Cultural misunderstandings occur when Show Answer

Q10) Which of the following can be considered barriers to communication? Show Answer

Q11) Employers can help avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings by Show Answer

Q12) Working persons can help avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings by Show Answer

Q13) In which state of India is the literacy of Muslim persons the highest because the state has taken steps to reach education to the poor people? Show Answer

Q14) In earlier days, which of the following activities in a village could not by an 'untouchables'? Show Answer

Q15) Cultural diversity can defined as Show Answer

Q16) In the story narrated by Dr Ambedkar, why did the bullock cart owners refuse to transport him? Show Answer

Q17) The former Apartheid system in South Africa and the separate public facilities that existed in the South part of USA unit the 1960s illustrate the type of intergroup relations referred to as Show Answer

Q18) The negative treatment of one person by another on the basic of personal characteristics is Show Answer

Q19) Institutional discrimination is reflected in which of the following examples? Show Answer

Q20) In the story 'The lights changed', in what ways were Samir EK and Samir Do different? Show Answer

Q21) What is the main cause for inequality in society? Show Answer

Q22) Decide which of the following are valid reasons for people to migrate and settle in a new place. Accordingly select the correct alternative.
A. Drought or famine where they were living
B. Better clothes to wear are available in the new place.
C. Due to war where they were originally staying
D. Better work opportunities at the new place. Show Answer

Q23) Which of the following are the correct differences between Kerala and Ladakh, due to which their people lead totally different lives? Show Answer

Q24) Which of the following was not one of the achievements of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar? Show Answer

Q25) When one particular image is fixed with an individual or group, it is known as Show Answer

Q26) Which one the following is demerit of democracy? Show Answer

Q27) Rule by a religious elite can be called as Show Answer

Q28) Rule by a small group of people or by a dominant class or clique is called? Show Answer

Q29) The Type of government which has a king, but who is limited in law by a formal constitution, is called Show Answer

Q30) Which one of the following is not a part of government? Show Answer

Q31) Decide which of the following statements is not correct and select the correct alternative accordingly.
A. India is a poor example of a representative democracy.
B. Voting is one of the mechanisms guiding a democracy.
C.People 's representatives in India are chosen through nominations to the legislature. Show Answer

Q32) Which of the following early civilizations had a democratic government? Show Answer

Q33) What are the three levels of government arranged in order from the highest to the lowest? Show Answer

Q34) Which of the following statements is a decision belonging to the 'Local' level of government? Show Answer

Q35) In which years did woman get the Right to Vote in Britain and the USA? Show Answer

Q36) In the Kaveri river dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, what is the basic issue which has led to the dispute? Show Answer

Q37) Which of the following is not a function of government? Show Answer

Q38) Which of the following is not a function of government? Show Answer

Q39) For the common people access to court is Show Answer

Q40) We have judicial system Show Answer

Q41) During Apartheid in South Africa, the people were divided on the basis of race into which groups? Show Answer

Q42) Which of the three wings of government need to have a balance of power? Show Answer

Q43) Which of the following is not an example of 'independence of the judiciary'? Show Answer

Q44) Which of the following is not a 'human and political right'? Show Answer

Q45) What was is the meaning of the phrase 'above the law'? Show Answer

Q46) Judiciary system provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between Show Answer

Q47) What is the meaning of 'transparency' in a democracy? Show Answer

Q48) Which of the following is the meaning of a free, independent and pluralistic media? Show Answer

Q49) Judiciary plays a crucial role because it is Show Answer

Q50) Which of the following will not be considered as 'people's participation in government'? Show Answer

Q51) When did all adult Indians get the right to vote? Show Answer

Q52) The highest law making body in India is the Show Answer

Q53) Which of the following bodies is at apex of the local self-government system? Show Answer

Q54) Small law courts at the village level are called Show Answer

Q55) The first Indian state to implement the Panchayati Raj system in October 1959 was Show Answer

Q56) The Panchatat level elections are conducted by Show Answer

Q57) The college of eligible voters in the Panchayati Raj System consists of the members of Show Answer

Q58) Which of the following Constitutional Amendments gave the Panchayats a constitutional status? Show Answer

Q59) The Gram Panchayat is accountable to the Show Answer

Q60) Reservation of seats for woman in Panchayati Raj bodies seeks to ensure Show Answer

Q61) Which of the following features of Panchayati Raj, envisaged under the 73rd amendment of the Constitution are correct? Select the correct alternative accordingly.
A. There is mandatory reservation of seats for weaker sections and women.
B. The Panchayats shall have a fixed term of term of three years and, if dissolved before the expiry of this term, the elections must be held within three months.
C. The elections to the Panchayas will be held by the State Election Commission. Show Answer

Q62) Which one of the following is incorrect regarding Local Government in India? Show Answer

Q63) What is the system of governance in the Panchayati Raj set up as? Show Answer

Q64) In the Panchayati Raj Bill enacted in 1993, there are several fresh provisions deviating from the past. Which one of the following is not such a provision? Show Answer

Q65) Which of the following statements are true about the 73rd constitutional amendment in the area of Panchayati Raj?
Select the correct alternative accordingly.
A. One-third of the seats in all elected rural local bodies will be revered for woman candidates at all levels.
B. The states will constitute their Finance Commissions to allocate resources to Panchayati Raj Institutions.
C.The Panchayati Raj elected functionaries will be disqualified to hold their offices if they have more than two children.
D.If the Panchayati Raj bodies are superseded or dissolved by the State Government, fresh elections to them will be held in six months time. Show Answer

Q66) Which of the following states has no Panchayat raj Institution at all? Show Answer

Q67) A college student desires to get electric top the Municipal Council of his city. The validity of his nomination would depend on the important condition, among others, that Show Answer

Q68) Decide which of the following statements are correct and select the correct alternative accordingly.
A.There will be a Nagar Panchayat (by whatever name it is called) for a transitional area, that is to say, an area in transition from a rural area to an urban area.
B. There will be a Municipal Council for a smaller urban area.
C. There will be a Manicipal Corporation for a larger urban area. Show Answer

Q69) The Municipalities get their grants from the Show Answer

Q70) Which of the following are the features of the 74th amendment which act on municipalities?
A. Constitution for Nagar Panchayat for a smaller urban area.
B. Mandatory periodic every 5 years .
C. Mandatory of seats for SC/ST's in proportion to their population Show Answer

Q71) Which of the following is not the duty of a District Magistrate? Show Answer

Q72) In the story about Harpreet and Vandana, why did the dress designer start a showroom selling readymade clothes? Show Answer

Q73) Decide which of the statements A and B are correct and select the correct alternative accordingly.
A. Part IX of the Constitution of India contains provisions for Panchayats and was inserted by the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act 1992.
B.Part IX A of the Constitution of India contains provisions for municipalities and the Article 243 Q envisages two types of Municipalities-a Municipal Council and a Municipal Corporation for every states. Show Answer

Q74) Which of the following cities had a 'plague' scare in 1994, due to which three lakh people left the city? Show Answer

Q75) There are two columns of dustbins used by some municipalities in India, Blue and Green.What do these colours signify? Show Answer

Q76) Which of the following is not a department of a Municipal Corporation? Show Answer

Q77) Which of the following livelihoods will normally not be available in a rural area? Show Answer

Q78) Which of the following is not a primary occupation? Show Answer

Q79) Which of the following is not a tangible component of livelihood? Show Answer

Q80) Which of the following is not a physical capital? Show Answer

Q81) which of the following is not a natural capital of livelihood? Show Answer

Q82) Which of the following is not a reason for rural-urban migration? Show Answer

Q83) Select the correct alternative after deciding which of the following statements are correct with regard to migration.
A. It leads to creation of a common culture
B. It leads to the redistribution of populations
C. It is in response to the unequal distribution of opportunities at any location Show Answer

Q84) As per NABARD classification, a farmer having an agricultural landholding of 1:5 hectares will be classified as Show Answer

Q85) Which of the following occupations in a rural area can be considered as non-farm work? Show Answer

Q86) Why do fisherman have to borrow money from the trader for some months of the year? Show Answer

Q87) Why does the marginal farmer called Sekar not sell his paddy in the market, so that he can earn more? Show Answer

Q88) In rural India, what is the major reason for people to travel long distances in search of work? Show Answer

Q89) Why do farmers in Nagaland do 'terrace farming' for rice? Show Answer

Q90) Which of the following persons in a town can be considered as 'working on the street'? Show Answer

Q91) Why do small workshops and export factories employ casual workers? Show Answer

Q92) Select the correct alternative after deciding which of the following benefits are given to permanent employees of companies.
A. Savings for old age(PF and Pension.)
B. Overtime wages for working beyond normal working house.
C.Regular salary every month even if the company does not have enough work.
D.Medical facilities for them and their families. Show Answer

Q93) Why do workers at the Labour Chowk pay Rs.6 night for a bed at a nearby night shelter? Show Answer

Q94) Where do the street vendors normally prepare the food items which they sell? Show Answer

Q95) The cycle-rickshaw puller, Bachchu Manjhi, has to think twice before taking a day off from work. Why? Show Answer

Q96) Which of the following works is not done by an agricultural labourer?
Show Answer

Q97) NABARD is a Show Answer

Q98) Which of the following is the most mobile factor for production? Show Answer

Q99) The level of a municipality it terms of Nagar Panchayat, Municipal Council or Municipal Corporation is normally determined by Show Answer

Q100) Which of the following reasons makes the domestic servant Kanta feel that she is not equal to other persons? Show Answer

Q101) Why was Omprakash Valmiki treated unequally by his teacher and his classmate? Show Answer

Q102) Why were the Ansari's treated unequally? Show Answer

Q103) Which was the first state to implement the midday meal programme? Show Answer

Q104) How is the midday meal programme helping to promote greater equality? Show Answer

Q105) Which famous Indian made the following statement: "Nothing is more disgraceful for a brave man than to live life devoid of self -respect." Show Answer

Q106) Which are the two ways by which Article 15 of the Indian Constitution addresses inequality? Show Answer

Q107) Which of the following subjects are covered under Diabilities Act, 1995? Show Answer

Q108) Why do the disadvantaged people like the Tawa Mastasya Sangh refer to the Indian Constitution as a 'living document'? Show Answer

Q109) What issue was the Tawa Matasya Sangh fighting for? Show Answer

Q110) What does the phrase 'power over the ballot box' imply? Show Answer

Q111) What is the meaning of the phrase, 'universal suffrage'? Show Answer

Q112) Which are the two ways through which the governments equality guaranteed by the Constitution? Show Answer

Q113) The midday meal scheme is implemented in which kind of institutions? Show Answer

Q114) What is considered the most important key to eradicate inequality and discrimination? Show Answer

Q115) In which kind of society are the female gender discriminated against? Show Answer

Q116) Which of the following is not a benefit which the highly educated have in our social system? Show Answer

Q117) Why do the elite in society resist any change in he system? Show Answer

Q118) Why did Rose parks not give her seat in the bus to a white man? Show Answer

Q119) The Civil Rights Act, 1964 of USA prohibits discrimination on the basis of Show Answer

Q120) Which of the following types of obstacles do disabled persons encounter all over the word? Show Answer

Q121) A normal person will feel uneasiness in interacting with a disabled person for the first time because of which of the following reasons? Show Answer

Q122) Which of the following is not a method to behave with a blind person? Show Answer

Q123) Which of the following is not a method to behave with a person on a wheelchair? Show Answer

Q124) How should we not behave when meeting a person with AIDS? Show Answer

Q125) When state does not interfere in religions affairs it is called Show Answer

Q126) What does RHC stand for? Show Answer

Q127) In case there is a conflict between the Center and a state in respect of a subject included in the 'Current list'. Show Answer

Q128) Who is the highest Law Officer of a state? Show Answer

Q129) The Legislative Council in a state can be created or disbanded by the Show Answer

Q130) Which one of the following states does not have a bicameral legislature? Show Answer

Q131) Which of the following does not come under the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court? Show Answer

Q132) Which of the following is not a power of the High Court? Show Answer

Q133) The oath of office to a newly appointed High Court Judge is administered by the Show Answer

Q134) Which High Courts were first started in India? Show Answer

Q135) Which state had the distinction of having the first woman Chief Justice in 1991? Show Answer

Q136) The Central Government's exclusive powers to legislate are enumerated in the Show Answer

Q137) The Union Territories are administered by the Show Answer

Q138) Railways is a subject of the Show Answer

Q139) Recognition to a national political party is accorded by the Show Answer

Q140) How many years is the term of a Legislative Council in a state? Show Answer

Q141) Which of the following persons decide the names of the Ministers in a State Government? Show Answer

Q142) In the story of Hakim Sheikh belonging to PBKMS in the NCERT book, why was he not admitted to the government hospitals where he was taken to after his serious accident? Show Answer

Q143) What was the major decision of the Costa Rica Government which allowed them to provide adequate funds for developing the basic health facilities and amenities? Show Answer

Q144) What are 'medical tourists'? Show Answer

Q145) Which one of the following is not a communicable disease? Show Answer

Q146) Which of the following is not the responsibility of an MLA? Show Answer

Q147) Which are the three levels of ministers possible in a states? Show Answer

Q148) Why are private health services much more costly than public health services?
Show Answer

Q149) In India, the Governor of the State is appointed by the Show Answer

Q150) How a chief Minister is chosen? Show Answer

Q151) Which of the following political parties is not a National party? Show Answer

Q152) Which of the following is statements is not an objective of social advertising? Show Answer

Q153) Media is no longer considered independent because of its close links with Show Answer

Q154) 'Putting out system' is Show Answer

Q155) Which of the following is not a responsibility of the media? Show Answer

Q156) Which of the following statements is true? Show Answer

Q157) The term 'press' normally does not include Show Answer

Q158) Which one of the following messages can be communicated to mass audience at the least cost? Show Answer

Q159) Which of these is not a mass communication? Show Answer

Q160) What do we mean by the term 'media brief'? Show Answer

Q161) What is the main purpose of a journal? Show Answer

Q162) Which of the following is not a mass media? Show Answer

Q163) Which of the following will not be considered as a digital media? Show Answer

Q164) What is the purpose of using a 'set top box' in a consumer's home? Show Answer

Q165) Films can be created by which of the following methods? Show Answer

Q166) Which of the following audio recording methods was invented the earliest? Show Answer

Q167) What is the difference between 'Internet' and 'e-mail'? Show Answer

Q168) What method of data transmission is used on the Internet? Show Answer

Q169) What advantage does the medium of mobile phone have over the medium of Television? Show Answer

Q170) What is the basic difference between a magazine and a periodical? Show Answer

Q171) Social advertising targets which kind of audience ? Show Answer

Q172) Which of the following gives the correct meaning of 'brand'? Show Answer

Q173) What is a weaver's co-operative? Show Answer

Q174) By which method do garment exporters meet the tough conditions set by foreign buyers? Show Answer

Q175) An interviews of a film star by a Radio Jockey (RJ) which is being recorded in a studio is a from of Show Answer

Q176) Arrange the statements given below in correct order regarding processing of cotton from the tree to the manufactured cloth and accordingly select the correct alternative (Note:some steps are not mentioned)
A.Trader sells cotton to the Ginning Mill.
B. Weavers weave the cloth and return it to the merchants
C. The farmer sells cotton bolls to the trader
D. Spinning Mill buys the cotton and sells yarn to the yarn dealer. Show Answer

Q177) In a democracy the media plays a very important role in Show Answer

Q178) A system of structure and practice i which men dominate, oppress and exploit woman is called Show Answer

Q179) While discussing gender roles in the classroom, you would assert that Show Answer

Q180) Girls surpass boys in physical development in which period? Show Answer

Q181) Gender bias promulgates the myth that boys are naturally better than girls in which of the following subjects? Show Answer

Q182) What was different about children's lives in Samoan society in the 1920's from Indian society today, today, as given in the NCERT books? Show Answer

Q183) Which of the following activities will make children grow up with ideaidea that they have have different roles to play in life as woman and men? Show Answer

Q184) All over the world, the work that woman do within the home is not recognized as work.why is this so ? Show Answer

Q185) Which of the following works done by a female domestic servant in a rich villager's household is not strenuous or physically demanding? Show Answer

Q186) Teachers can challenge the gender bias in schools through following Show Answer

Q187) When has the Government of India made it mandatory for organizations that employ 30 or more than 30 female employees to provide creche facilities? Show Answer

Q188) When somebody's work is devalued, what does it mean? Show Answer

Q189) You have read the story of Laxmi Lakra, the first woman diesel engine driver of the Northern Railways. What other activities out of the following did she take up which are not stereotyped as activities for woman? Show Answer

Q190) Why was Ramabai given the title, 'Pandita'? Show Answer

Q191) Which of the following was the most notable achievement of Ms.Rokeya Sakhawat Hessian of Kolkata in support of the Woman's Movement more than one hundred years ago? Show Answer

Q192) What is the main reason why even today many girls either drop out of school at the primary stage or do not go to school at all? Show Answer

Q193) Why do more children from Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim communities drop out of school than children from other communities? Show Answer

Q194) What is known as the 'Woman's Movement'? Show Answer

Q195) Which of the following methods can woman use to raise public awareness on woman's rights issues? Show Answer

Q196) What is the date of International Woman's Day every year? Show Answer

Q197) What is the meaning of sexual harassment? Show Answer

Q198) Who are the major persons in our life who reinforce our gender roles? Show Answer

Q199) Which of he following shows gender stereotyping? Show Answer

Q200) Accordingly to the Indian Constitution, the Right empowering Citizens to move the High Court or Supreme Court if they believe that any of their fundamental Right has been violated by the State, is Show Answer

Q201) All Indians should have a right to vote irrespective of their socio-economic status. This idea can be associated with Show Answer

Q202) 'Right to Education' is fundamental Right under Article 21 which deals with 'Right to Life' because Show Answer

Q203) The most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution was exercised by Show Answer

Q204) The Constitution of India was promulgated on 26 January, 1950 because Show Answer

Q205) Which of the following statements are true? Select the correct alternative accordingly
A. The Indian Constitution is a written Constitution
B. The constituent Assembly's first meeting was held on 9 December 1947
C.The most essential feature of the Parliamentary Form of Government is the Sovereignty of Parliament Show Answer

Q206) Which of the following was adopted from the Maurya dynasty in the emblem of the Government of India? Show Answer

Q207) The Constitution of India has adopted the concept of 'Fundamental Duties' from the Constitution of which country? Show Answer

Q208) Which of the following is not a condition for becoming a citizen of India? Show Answer

Q209) Any dispute regarding the violation of fundamental Rights can be presented Show Answer

Q210) The elected members of the Constituents Assembly were Show Answer

Q211) The Right to Constitutional Remedies falls under Show Answer

Q212) Which one of the following is not part of the Electoral College for electing the President of India? Show Answer

Q213) Which of the following appointments is not officially made by the President of India? Show Answer

Q214) The President of India is Show Answer

Q215) The Indian Constitution mandates that the Indian State in secular. Which of the following instances violates this? Show Answer

Q216) The government will intervene if a religions group says that their religion allows them to practice female infanticide. On what constitutional basic can the government do so? Show Answer

Q217) Which of the following is nearest in meaning to the word 'sovereign' in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution? Show Answer

Q218) List the following activities regarding the development of the Indian Constitution in Chronological order and select the correct alternative accordingly.
A. Objective Resolution of Indian Constitution adopted by assembly after a comprehensive debate.
B. First meeting of Constituent Assembly- 9-23, December, 1946.
C. Full adoption or rectification of a single unified document
D. Cabinet Mission recommends the establishment of constitution assembly. Show Answer

Q219) Which one of the following provisions in the Indian Constitution has originated from the Constitution of the USA? Show Answer

Q220) How many members of the Rajya Sabha are elected representatives Show Answer

Q221) Article-21 of the Indian Constitution entitles Show Answer

Q222) Which part of the Indian Constitutions is often referred to as the 'Conscience' of the Constitution? Show Answer

Q223) The first hour of every sitting of the LOk Sabha is called Show Answer

Q224) In the parliamentary from of government, the members of the council of Ministers are collectively responsible to whom? Show Answer

Q225) The objective of tabling an adjournment motion in Parliament is to Show Answer

Q226) The President can dismiss a Minister Show Answer

Q227) The members nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the President are from the person Show Answer

Q228) A money Bill can originate in Show Answer

Q229) Why should there be Universal Adult Franchise in a democracy? Show Answer

Q230) Which of the following is a decision made by the Union Government? Show Answer

Q231) Why are the people's representatives to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas elected for a period of only five years and not for life? Show Answer

Q232) Four actions being taken by a Minster are given below. Decide in which of actions he is not misusing his powers and accordingly select the correct alternative.
A. Sends his security staff to beat up his rival in the current election.
B. Phones the local Police Station to tell them not to arrest his nephew who has robbed a bank.
C. Refuses to sanction a project of his ministry for valid technical reasons.
D. Deposes in the Court as a witness to punish a thief who robbed the house. Show Answer

Q233) What is the differences between the terms 'State' and 'Government? Show Answer

Q234) Which fundamental Right is violated if a 12 year old child is working in a carpet manufacturing factory? Show Answer

Q235) Which of the following statements are incorrect regarding the Lok Sabha?
A. The electorate which elects the members consists of all citizen above the age of 21 years.
B. The Deputy Speaker presides in the absences of the Speaker
C. Some members are nominated
D. Members must be 21 years of age or above when they are elected. Show Answer

Q236) Which members of the Executive are also members of the Legislature? Show Answer

Q237) Which of the following responsibilities of Parliaments ensures that the Executive performs its duties satisfactority? Show Answer

Q238) Under which of the following conditions does the term of a government come to an end? Show Answer

Q239) By What procedure are documents issued by the Government circulated to the MP's ? Show Answer

Q240) What is the main purpose of faming a Parliamentary Committee to pass a legislation? Show Answer

Q241) Which of the following Committees of Parliament will be classified as an 'Ad hoc Committee' and a 'Standing Committee'? Show Answer

Q242) For those Union Territories, which have no Legislative Assemblies of their own, laws are passed by Show Answer

Q243) Which of the following types of bills cannot be introduced first in the Rajya Sabha? Show Answer

Q244) The President can promulgated an ordinance when Show Answer

Q245) Vice President of India presides over Show Answer

Q246) Considered the following two statements
Assertion (A) Right and duties are two sides of the same coin.
Reason (R) It is not the duty of the state to maintain the rights of the citizens.
Now select the correct answer from the choices given below Show Answer

Q247) Which of the following statements are incorrect regarding the Rajya Sabha?
A. The House has a maximum of 250 members.
B. One third of the members serve a term of two years.
C.Some members are nominated.
D. It has equal legislative powers as the Lok Sabha. Show Answer

Q248) How many member can be nominated to the Lok Sabha? Show Answer

Q249) Showcasing adivasis as wearing colourful costumes, headgear and dancing often resuls in Show Answer

Q250) CK Janu is a very eminent? Show Answer

Q251) The Government of India appointed a committee headed by Justice Rajinder Sachar to examine the social, economic and educational status of which of the following communities? Show Answer

Q252) To ensure the independence of the judiciary in India, Show Answer

Q253) A Lok Adalat is generally presided over by Show Answer

Q254) Although there are 28 states in the Union, there are only .....High Courts. Show Answer

Q255) An individual can approach the Supreme Court to appeal against the judgment of the Show Answer

Q256) The Concept of public Interest Litigation (PIL) was initiated by Show Answer

Q257) Which is the only Union Territory which has its own High Court? Show Answer

Q258) Which of the following statements are correct regarding the rights of a person who is facing arrest?
A. She/ he has to be informed the reason for arrest at the time of arrest.
B. The arrested person has to be presented before a magistrate within 24 hourse of the arrest.
C. Confessions made, while in police custody, are not evidence and cannot be used in court
D. A boy below the 15 years of age or a woman cannot be called interrogation to the police station., Show Answer

Q259) Civil cases are related to Show Answer

Q260) A judge of the High Court retires at the age of Show Answer

Q261) Which of the following is not correct about 'open court'? Show Answer

Q262) F I R stands for Show Answer

Q263) Which of the following statements correctly identifiers a "cognisable offence"? Show Answer

Q264) Which of the following is not true about an FIR? Show Answer

Q265) Which of the following is not the responsibility of the Public Prosecutor Show Answer

Q266) Which one of the following is not correct regarding displacement of Adivasis from their land? Show Answer

Q267) 'Basic facilities' include the supply of which of the following? Select the correct alternative accordingly.
A. Public transport.
B. Water and Electricity.
C. Shop and Markets.
D. Schools and Hospitals. Show Answer

Q268) The important characteristic of a 'Public facility' is that Show Answer

Q269) Which of the following diseases is not caused due to polluted drinking water? Show Answer

Q270) The main source of water for the poor people is Show Answer

Q271) Proper sanitation means Show Answer

Q272) If water from a borewell is brackish, it should not be used for Show Answer

Q273) Which of the following measures do governments adopt to meet the expenses of public facilities? Select the correct alternative accordingly.
A.Ask people to pay using the facilities
B. Takes donations
C.Collect taxes
D.Takes endowments Show Answer