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Q1) who is first woman Chairperson of SEBI ? Show Answer

Q2) How much NSO projects GDP growth for India in 2021-22 ? Show Answer

Q3) Zero Discrimination Day observed on Show Answer

Q4) India has launched which operation to bring back its nationals from Ukraine ? Show Answer

Q5) Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was formerly a part of which industry? Show Answer

Q6) Which sports federation has suspended Vladimir Putin as Honorary President? Show Answer

Q7) Which cricket team arrived in Pakistan for first tour in 24 years on February 27, 2022? Show Answer

Q8) ICC Women's World Cup 2022 has hosted by which country ?
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Q9) Which nation besides Russia has breached the Olympic Truce?
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Q10) Who is Appointed as Twitter’s public policy and philanthropy efforts in India and South Asia.?
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