Practice Test

Q1) UN panel has recommended which coral reef to be listed as a World Heritage site? Show Answer

Q2) Which space agency has set a new space flight record with Artemis 1 Orion Capsule by traveling 4,01,798 kilometers from Earth? Show Answer

Q3) Which disease name has changed to Mpox by World Health Organization?
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Q4) Who has received Para Sports Person of Year award 2022? Show Answer

Q5) Which city is planning to issue the nation's first local government bond, that target individual investors, with proceeds used to fund a solar power project? Show Answer

Q6) Which movie has won the ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal at the 53rd edition of International Film Festival of India? Show Answer

Q7) Ministry of Power has statrted procurement of aggregate power of 4500 MW for five years under which scheme? Show Answer

Q8) Who will be the head of recently formed 20-member committee by SEBI to Review the Corporate Takeover Rules? Show Answer

Q9) Which district of Bihar has become the first to be declared paperless (e-office)? Show Answer

Q10) Recently, which government agency has released a study report, titled "Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) Policy Framework and its Deployment Mechanism in India"? Show Answer