Practice Test

Q1) Which bank partnered with ID to implement digital Know Your Customer (KYC) ? Show Answer

Q2) Which among the following states has removed all COVID-19 restrictions? Show Answer

Q3) When is Gudi Padwa Festival celebrated? Show Answer

Q4) Which among the following countries is facing its worst economic crisis with extreme fuel, food and electricity shortages? Show Answer

Q5) How much tax will be imposed on the transfer of virtual assets from April 1st? Show Answer

Q6) When is World Autism Awareness Day observed? Show Answer

Q7) How many Rajya Sabha MPs are set to retire between March-July 2022? Show Answer

Q8) How much year RBI extended the deadline for banks to utilise lockable cassettes in ATMs?
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Q9) NV Ramana, the Chief Justice, launches a software named FASTER. What is the full form of FASTER ?
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Q10) Which state government tie-up with Samsung to start Sports Digital Experience Centre ?
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