Practice Test

Q1) Who has been taken over as Southern Command Chief ? Show Answer

Q2) Which country has recently launched " Mengtian " , the last module its permanent space station ? Show Answer

Q3) Who has conferred with Karnataka Ratna Award posthumously ? Show Answer

Q4) Mangarh Dham is located in which state, which has been declared as National Monument recently ? Show Answer

Q5) Which ministry has established a Carbon Credit Market to help the country meet its Nationally Determined Contributions ? Show Answer

Q6) Recently , the third edition of the National Tribal Dance Festival has inaugurated on the foundation day of which state? Show Answer

Q7) Which country has recently assumed the rotating monthly Presidency of the United Nations Security Council ? Show Answer

Q8) Who has become the first woman director of ICAR - SBI ? Show Answer

Q9) Which state government has set up committee to implement Uniform Civil Code ? Show Answer

Q10) Bangladesh Prime Minister has conferred the prestigious " Friends of Liberation War " honour to whom ? Show Answer