Practice Test

Q1) The first G20 Sherpa meeting under India's presidency begins in which state? Show Answer

Q2) 7th edition of US-India Naval Exercise Sangam begins in which coastal state? Show Answer

Q3) Which company has become World's Largest Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Developer? Show Answer

Q4) Airtel has collaborated with which tech company to accelerate India's digital ecosystem? Show Answer

Q5) Opencube Technologies has launched its first Gold ATM in which city, described it India's first Gold ATM? Show Answer

Q6) 65th foundation day of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence has recently observed on which day? Show Answer

Q7) Which state government has launched "One District One Sport" scheme? Show Answer

Q8) Parakram Diwas has recently celebrated on the occasion of 51st anniversary of which battle on 05 December? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, India has signed a comprehensive migration and mobility partnership with which country in December 2022? Show Answer

Q10) International Cheetah Day and Wildlife Conservation Day has recently observed on which day of December?

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