Practice Test

Q1) According to Global Carbon Budget 2022 report, the global carbon emissions are expected to reach how much tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2022? Show Answer

Q2) Recently launched websites and applications "protected system" or "Critical Information Infrastructure" is related to - Show Answer

Q3) As per the recent amendment in Electoral Bond Scheme, the sale of electoral bonds has been extended by how many days in the year of general elections? Show Answer

Q4) Which state government has passed a bill to raise the total reservation to how much percent, offered to different categories? Show Answer

Q5) Which ministry has launched the Green Energy Open Access portal? Show Answer

Q6) The 9th Ministerial meeting of India-US Economic & Financial Partnership has held in which city? Show Answer

Q7) Recently, which international organisation has released "Global Vaccine Market Report 2022"? Show Answer

Q8) Recently, Which Railway Station has been awarded by 4 star "Eat Right Station"? Show Answer

Q9) Recently, the birth anniversary of whom, has celebrated on 11th November 2022? Show Answer

Q10) Which year has been declared as ASEAN-India Friendship year? Show Answer