Practice Test

Q1) Which state has received Agasthiyamalai Elephant Reserve as its fifth Elephant Reserve ? Show Answer

Q2) Who has been elected as the President of Kenya? Show Answer

Q3) Who has launched Indias first Companionship startup for senior citizens? Show Answer

Q4) India has gifted Dornier Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft to which neighbouring country ? Show Answer

Q5) Which is the following leader has not been named as amember of the BJP Parliamentry Committee? Show Answer

Q6) Which country has signed a climate change and healthcare bill of 750 billion dollars ? Show Answer

Q7) Sadbhavana Diwas is observed to celebrate the birth annivarsary of which former Prime Minister of India? Show Answer

Q8) State Bank of India has launched its first dedicated branch for Startups in which city? Show Answer

Q9) Which state government has launched the 'Vidya - Rath- Schools on wheels ' project to provide elementary project to provide elementary education to underprivileged children ? Show Answer

Q10) Which countrys museum has signed an agreement with Indian government to repatriate seven stolen artefacts to India in August 2022? Show Answer