Practice Test

Q1) Who has been named as "Person of the Year 2022" by PETA India? Show Answer

Q2) Who has been named the Men's International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Champion 2022 for the 5th time? Show Answer

Q3) Which UNESCO heritage city will host the Urban 20 cycles as part of G-20 meetings between February to July 2022? Show Answer

Q4) What is the tagline of Delhi International Arts Festival 2022 organized by Ministry of Culture in collaboration with Prasiddha Foundation? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, India has completed 70 Years of relationship of Economic, Defence & Trade Development with which country in December 2022? Show Answer

Q6) Which company has won the coveted IEI (Institution of Engineers, India) Industry Excellence Award 2022? Show Answer

Q7) Which Indian Navy's sailboat will participate in the 50th edition of Cape to Rio Race 2023? Show Answer

Q8) Which state government has launched "Friends of Library" programme? Show Answer

Q9) Karim Benzema is associated with which sport, who has announced his retirement? Show Answer

Q10) Who has opened the ICMR-NARFBR (National Animal Resource Facility for Biomedical Research) in Genome Valley in Hyderabad? Show Answer