Practice Test

Q1) Which institution launched the " Good for you , Good for the Planet " compaign ? Show Answer

Q2) What is the theme of the "World Day Against Trafficking in Persons "? Show Answer

Q3) Who is the head of the task force recently set up by the Centre to monitor monkey pox situation in India ? Show Answer

Q4) Ex VINBAX 2022' is a bilateral army exercie conducted between India and which country ? Show Answer

Q5) Which is the parent company of DeepMind Technologies, that has developed ' AlphaFold' AI tool? Show Answer

Q6) American bullfrog and brown tree snake' which seen in the news are classified as which category of species ? Show Answer

Q7) What is the official slogan of the 2024 Paris Olympic? Show Answer

Q8) Which body maintains the ' Depositor Education and Awareness' (DEA) Fund? Show Answer

Q9) Ibrahim Mohamed Solih , who recently visited India , is the president of which country? Show Answer

Q10) As of August 2022, how many start- ups are registered in India? Show Answer