Practice Test

Q1) Which Indian Institute of Technology has won Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Awards 2022? Show Answer

Q2) In December 2022, Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement between Indian and which country has come into force? Show Answer

Q3) Which state government launched SBI Foundation and HESCO's Project to promote equitable economic and ecological development? Show Answer

Q4) President Draupadi Murmu has laid foundation stone of two temples in which state under PRASHAD Project? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been awarded by the Atal Samman Award for his excellence in field of science & research? Show Answer

Q6) Which company has ranked as top consulting firm by the Asian Development Bank? Show Answer

Q7) Which state government has inaugurated "E-Sushrut" HMIS in State's medical colleges? Show Answer

Q8) Which state government has set up World-class Kayaking-Canoeing Academy? Show Answer

Q9) Which government entity has launched the "City Finance Rankings 2022"? Show Answer

Q10) Nitin Manmohan, who has passed away recently, was associated with which field? Show Answer