Practice Test

Q1) Bola Tinubu has recently sworn in as President of which African country? Show Answer

Q2) The urban unemployment in India has declined to what percent in January to March 2023 quarter? Show Answer

Q3) Equitas Small Finance Bank has collaborated with which tech company to build a digital banking platform? Show Answer

Q4) Who has been sworn in as Central Vigilance Commissioner? Show Answer

Q5) Justice Mamidanna Satya Ratna Sri Ramachandra Rao has become the 28th Chief Justice of the which state's High Court? Show Answer

Q6) Which state will host the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial and 8th Mission Innovation Meeting alongside G20 Energy Transitions Ministerial? Show Answer

Q7) The recently launched book "NTR: A Political Biography" has been authored by whom? Show Answer

Q8) Which country has won the title of NSC-CAVA Women's Volleyball Challenge Cup held in Kathmandu? Show Answer

Q9) World Milk Day 2023 has been observed on which day? Show Answer

Q10) The Indian-EU Connectivity Conference has been concluded in which state on the first day of June 2023? Show Answer