Practice Test

Q1) Recently, 88th foundation day of Odisha or Utkal Divas has been celebrated on which day? Show Answer

Q2) Which country has recently becomes 31st NATO Member after Turkey's approval? Show Answer

Q3) The government has introduced the Foreign Trade Policy 2023, which aims to increase the country's exports to USD 2 trillion by which year? Show Answer

Q4) Recently, which regulatory body has observed its foundation day on 1st April 2023? Show Answer

Q5) What is the total financial outlay of the recently launched scheme "New India Literacy Programme"? Show Answer

Q6) Which state has become first in India to have 100% electrified railway network? Show Answer

Q7) In March 2023, European Commission has awarded protected geographical indication status to which product of Himachal Pradesh? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been taken over as Chief Managing Director of PTC India? Show Answer

Q9) Who has been appointed as the first chief of NASA's "Moon to Mars Program"? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been appointed as the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources by the US Senate? Show Answer