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Q1) Which country has joined hands with player? Show Answer

Q2) Name the Cabinet Secretary who has
recently got one-year extension?
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Q3) Assam govt has decided to recognize marriages of which religion under Amand Marriage Act 1909? Show Answer

Q4) The Indian Air Force has received Spike Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) anti- tank guided missiles from which country? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, Finance ministry has approved "navratna" status for which company? Show Answer

Q6) D Gukesh has recently overtaken whom as India's top-ranked chess Circle Founders Club to solve India’s water challenge? Show Answer

Q7) Union Minister of Steel Jyotiraditya Scindia has recently unveiled the new logo of which company in August 2023?
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Q8) In August 2023, which state has passed bill to prevent cheating in competitive exams?
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Q9) Who has earned title "The Forest Man Of India."?
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Q10) The Assam government has planned to set up a National Centre of Excellence for which sport? Show Answer