Practice Test

Q1) What is the name of the survey vessel, which has recently delivered to Indian Navy? Show Answer

Q2) What awarded ISRO and the chandrayaan 3 team receive recently? l Show Answer

Q3) President Joe Biden has nominated whom as a member of IDFC board? Show Answer

Q4) Which English word has been chosen as the Oxford word of the year 2023? Show Answer

Q5) The 11th edition of Bangladesh book fair has begun in which city? Show Answer

Q6) Which ministry has launched geographic information system application "Gram Manchitra"? Show Answer

Q7) Olympian Murali SreeShankar, who has won the 35th Jimmy George foundation award, associated with which sport? Show Answer

Q8) Who has become the new vice chief of Naval staff? Show Answer

Q9) Where has the IBL junior World boxing championship 2023 held? Show Answer

Q10) Who has taken charge as executive director of insolvency and bankruptcy board of India? Show Answer