Practice Test

Q1) Which union has approved world’s first Green Bond standards to combat greenwashing? Show Answer

Q2) Which state has recently created three district Malpura, Sujangarh, and Kuchaman City? Show Answer

Q3) NITI Aayog has organized first state workshop on women-Led Development in which state? Show Answer

Q4) Who has become the First Asian Games Gold Medalist from Nagpur? Show Answer

Q5) World Cotton Day has been observed on which day of October? Show Answer

Q6) Who has won gold medal in the women’s individual archery at the 19th Asian Games? Show Answer

Q7) Who has recently inaugurated International Research Conference in New Delhi? Show Answer

Q8) India has began ferry service to the Sri Lanka from which district? Show Answer

Q9) Which Union Ministry organised the ‘Technology and Bharatiya Bhasha Summit’? Show Answer

Q10) Which country is the host of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Travel Mart 2023? Show Answer