Practice Test

Q1) Who has won the 2023 Pulitzer Prize in Biography category for making "G-Man : J. Edgar Hoover and Making of the American Century"? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, India has operationalized which port in Myanmar in May 2023? Show Answer

Q3) Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy has recently inaugurated a PM Jan Aushadhi Kendra in which city? Show Answer

Q4) India led as the top source market for which neighbouring country tourism sector for the month of April 2023? Show Answer

Q5) Recently, Lithium reserves have been discovered in which state following the recent discovery in Jammu and Kashmir's Reasi? Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following government scheme has recently completes its 8 years on 9th of May 2023? Show Answer

Q7) International Day of Argania 2023 has recently observed on which day of May? Show Answer

Q8) Who has won the Laureus sportsman of the year 2023? Show Answer

Q9) How much has India recently extended Sri Lanka's credit line? Show Answer

Q10) Name the women cricketer who has been crowned ICC player of the month for April? Show Answer