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Q1) Who has won the British Grand Prix 2023?
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Q2) Reserve Bank has held the 33rd Conference of State Finance Secretaries on which theme? Show Answer

Q3) The National Housing Bank has announced the operationalization of the Urban Infrastructure Development Fund of how much? Show Answer

Q4) Which ministry has released of the Performance Grading Index 2.0 for States/UTs for the year 2021-22? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as New
IFSCA Chairman?
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Q6) Recently, India has permitted potato import from which country till June 2024? Show Answer

Q7) World Population Day 2023 has been
observed on which day of’ July?
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Q8) Third World Hindu Conference will be organized in which city? Show Answer

Q9) Olympic gold medallist Nikki McCray-Penson, who has passed away recently, was related to which sport? Show Answer

Q10) Which space agency has launched "Euclid Space Telescope" to view solar system bodies? Show Answer