Practice Test

Q1) Ministry of tourism with ministry of culture have organise the music festival krishnaveni Sangetha Neerajanam in which state? Show Answer

Q2) Recently, reserve Bank of India has raised the UPI limit for health care and education to how much? Show Answer

Q3) Who has inaugurated the new premises of Central administrative tribunal Mumbai bench? Show Answer

Q4) Which country has become Pioneer lead country for international Maritime organisations green voyage 2050 project? Show Answer

Q5) India's rank at what position in climate change performance index 2023? Show Answer

Q6) The ministry of defence has partner with which company for the Indian Coast Guard's Digital Coast Guard (DCG) project? Show Answer

Q7) What is the name of recently appointed Telangana health Minister? Show Answer

Q8) Who has been chosen as the new chief minister of Chhattisgarh? Show Answer

Q9) Who has named "2023 International anti corruption campaign" by the US government? Show Answer

Q10) What is the theme of international mountain day 2023?? Show Answer