Practice Test

Q1) Who has been elected as the news chief Minister of Rajasthan? Show Answer

Q2) In which state is the annual "Shar Amartala Torgya" has recently celebrated? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, who has been elected as the prime minister of Poland? Show Answer

Q4) What is the depth of the recently launched underground lab by China in Sichuan on province? Show Answer

Q5) Who has got the game changing innovator award at COP28 summit? Show Answer

Q6) Whose memorial "yaadein, yaadein aur yaadein" has been selected for 33rd Vyas Samman award 2023? Show Answer

Q7) Who has been awarded by the Italy's civilian honour 'order of merit'? Show Answer

Q8) Which country has emerged as world's largest source of opium in the year 2023? Show Answer

Q9) International day of neutrality has been observed on which day of December 2023? Show Answer

Q10) Which bank has recently launched "nari Shakti savings account for women"? Show Answer