Practice Test

Q1) What is the rank of India in World's 'most criminal countries' ranking? Show Answer

Q2) Canara Bank and National Payment Corporation of India have collaborate to introduce cross border bill payment services in which country? Show Answer

Q3) Wotld Chagas Disease Day 2023 has recently been observed on which day of April? Show Answer

Q4) Which country has become first to approve Oxford Malaria vaccine for children? Show Answer

Q5) Business Leader of the Decade Award has been presented to whom? Show Answer

Q6) Which country will host maiden Global Buddhist meet for the first time in 2023? Show Answer

Q7) At Asian Wrestling Championships 2023, eho has won a gold medal in the men's 57kg freestyle category? Show Answer

Q8) Recently, RBI has re-appointed whom as the MD and CEO of AU Small Finance Bank? Show Answer

Q9) Who has launched a program named A-HELP (Accredited Agant for Health and Extension of Livestock Production)? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been appointed as the new Chief Investment Officer of Life Insurance Corporation? Show Answer