Practice Test

Q1) IDFC Mutual Fund (MF) has recently rebranded itself as Show Answer

Q2) A bilateral armour training exercise "Operation Bold Kurukshetra" has recently concluded in which state between India and Singapore? Show Answer

Q3) International Day of Mathematics or Pi Day has recently observed globally on which day of March? Show Answer

Q4) Which country has been hosted SCO International Conference on "Shared Buddhist Heritage"? Show Answer

Q5) What is the name of comprehensive self monitoring framework which has been launched by Atal Innovation Mission to strengthen the ever growing ecosystem of Atal Tinkering Labs? Show Answer

Q6) Who has won the ICC Men's Player of the Month title for February 2023? Show Answer

Q7) India's retail inflation has dropped to what percent in February 2023? Show Answer

Q8) Recently, India has signed a loan agreement for construction of Green National Highway Corridors Project in 4 States with which international entity? Show Answer

Q9) According to SIPRI report 2023, which country has emerged as world's largest arms importer? Show Answer

Q10) Asia's biggest International Food and Hospitality Fair "AAHAR 2023" has begun in which state/UT? Show Answer