Practice Test

Q1) Who has sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka for his second term? Show Answer

Q2) International Day for Biological Diversity 2023 has been observed on which day of May? Show Answer

Q3) Campaign "Meri Life, Mera Swachh Shehar" has been launched by which Minstry? Show Answer

Q4) Union Minister Amit Shah has laid the foundation stone of National Academy of Coastal Policing Campus in which state? Show Answer

Q5) Who has won the Italian Open by beating Holger Rune by 7-5? Show Answer

Q6) Who has clinched a bronze medal at the Golden Grand Prix 2023 athletics meet in the women's long jump event? Show Answer

Q7) Which country will host Quad summit in 2024? Show Answer

Q8) Which state has recently become the first to provide government funded air travel for pilgrimage under the Mukhyanmantri Teerth-Darshan Yojana? Show Answer

Q9) What is the name of Europe's most active volcano which has been erupted recently? Show Answer

Q10) The government has proposed a modification to the Foreign Exchange Management (Current Account Transaction) Rules in collaboration with the whom? Show Answer