Practice Test

Q1) Which country has signed an agreement on Migration and Green Hydrogen Task Force with India? Show Answer

Q2) Which state has become India's first fully e-Governed state? Show Answer

Q3) Which state government has launched "Shasan Aplya Dari" initiative to bring government schemes to citizens doorstep? Show Answer

Q4) World Thyroid Awareness Day 2023 has been observed on which day of May? Show Answer

Q5) Which company has launched "GAINS 2023" Startup Challenge in Kolkata? Show Answer

Q6) Who has recently conquered Mount Everest using prosthetic leg? Show Answer

Q7) Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov has won International Booker Prize for which of her novel? Show Answer

Q8) Which tech giant has launched "Jugalbandi", a multilingual AI-chat boy for rural India? Show Answer

Q9) The Government of Goa has singed a MoU with which state government to enhance tourism in both states? Show Answer

Q10) Which institution released the "Global Annual to Decadal Climate Update"? Show Answer