Practice Test

Q1) Which women cricket team has won Women's Premier League 2023 final, held at the Brabourne Stadium? Show Answer

Q2) What is the theme of this year's World Theatre Day? Show Answer

Q3) Who has inaugurated Vedic Heritage portal to provide a deeper understanding of the Vedic knowledge tradition? Show Answer

Q4) Under the Aravalli Green Wall Project, how much area around the Aravalli Hill Range in the four states is to be made green? Show Answer

Q5) In March 2023, a team of scientists from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has discovered a new species of Moray Eel fish from which state? Show Answer

Q6) Which General Insurance Company has introduced as industry first feature for health insurance policyholders called "Anywhere Cashless"? Show Answer

Q7) What is the name of Multi-Domain Exercise, which has conducted by Indian Army and Air Force? Show Answer

Q8) Which institute has been honoured with "Best Organizer Award" by Asian Hockey Federation in March 2023? Show Answer

Q9) Which of the following group of female boxers have own Gola medals at IBA Women's World Boxing Championship 2023? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been honoured with the Highest Civilian Award of Assam for the year 2023 "Assam Baibhav"? Show Answer