Practice Test

Q1) What has the Indian Railway conference Association changed the name of the railway station "Ayodhya Junction"? Show Answer

Q2) Which bank is recently approved the proposal to raise capital was 7500 crores through QIP or FPO? Show Answer

Q3) Who has been named as International event ambassador for Mumbai marathon mark? Show Answer

Q4) BP gopali ka has recently taken over as new chief secretary of which state? Show Answer

Q5) Life insurance Corporation of India has appointed whom as the new chief risk officer? Show Answer

Q6) Who has been appointed as the new director general of police for West Bengal? Show Answer

Q7) United State launched operation prosperity guardian to secure Show Answer

Q8) India has signed up protocol on consultations with which country for next 4 years? Show Answer

Q9) On which day Indian National Congress was celebrated its 139th foundation day? Show Answer

Q10) Who was the founder of 'Desai Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam' (DMDK) who passed away recently? Show Answer